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Parents in the digital age are concerned about children online activities on their android mobile phone devices. Internet of things these days are common in children’s lives and even three or four years old toddler can use contemporary digital android cell phone or tablet connected to the cyberspace.

The screen –addiction in terms of text messaging, making long phone calls and checking social media apps activities have become common in children’s life. Besides, children that have individual android devices can get access to the websites containing distressing content and at the end of the day become addicted to it.

So, parents, these days want to make sure the protection of the children from social media dangers, obsession and to prevent shaming online. Therefore, parents these days desperately looking forward to track child phone activities.

However, parents have to have such kind of high –tech tool that enables parents to monitor kids cell phone activities, So, in my opinion, they should find out android surveillance app to spy on kid’s phone. Let’s get to know how they can get the job done.

How to get android monitoring App to track the kid’s phone?

Gone are the days when parents have to sit idle and they won’t be able to keep an eye on children’s mobile phone activities. All they need to do is to get their hands on their mobile phone device and use the browser having internet access. Now you need to visit the official webpage of the android monitoring software. Further, you need to perform the following mentioned steps.

Step1: Subscribe for phone monitoring app to monitor kids

The very first things you need to do is to visit the official webpage of the phone surveillance software and once you are on it then subscribe for cell phone tracking app. Besides, you should visit your email inbox that provides your credentials.

Step2: Get Physical access to the targeted device

Now you need to get your hands-on kid’s cell phone for a while to get physical access and instantly start the process of installation. Once you have ended up with the process of installation then you need to activate it on the target cell phone.

Step3: Use Credentials & get access to the electronic web portal

Use the passcode and ID to get access to the electronic web portal where you can use plenty of tools to track a cell phone. Let’s discuss all the powerful tools of cell phone monitoring spyware that help out parents to keep an eye on kid’s phone activities with the complete timestamp, in real-time and as well as with accuracy and efficiency.

Live Screen recording

The end user can perform live screen recording on kid’s android phone using live screen recorder software. User can record live short back to back videos of the screen and send to the online control panel. User can see live recorded short videos of the screen in terms of chrome screen recording, Email, YouTube, SMS, social media and last but not the least applied passwords.

IM’s logs without rooting

User can remotely get access to the mobile phone of children and get to know about the installed social messaging apps and instant messengers logs using social media messenger spy app for android. User can get the logs of text messages, chats conversations, shared photos, video audio video conversations, and voice messages logs.

GPS location tracker

You can remotely track the kid’s cell phone GPS location by using GPS location tracker software. User can get to know the current and pinpoint the location of the android cell phone and further empowers you to monitor location history with GPS history track app for android. However, you can mark safe and restricted areas for target phone user on the MAP.

Call recording

User can record live android phone calls incoming and outgoing using secret call recorder for android and further you can save the data on the web.

Browsing activities

You can visit the android device browser to get to know visited apps, websites, and as well as bookmarks.

Email monitoring

The end-user can track sent received emails on android using email monitoring app.


Cell phone spying app for android is the best tool that empowers parents to track kid’s cell phone activities to the fullest.

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