Best 17 AnimeSeason Alternatives to Watch Cartoon Online in 2022

AnimeSeason: 123Anime ─ We present you here the list of best sites like 123Anime to watch Anime online for Free in HD. Anime sites have changed the way to watch Japanese anime movies.

For all cartoon aficionados, AnimeSeason is one of the top repositories of cartoon streaming platforms. Animes, without a doubt, have an intriguing soft edge in our hearts; they are a fantastic tension buster for all age groups. It allows you to view cartoons, movies, and collections online for free.

AnimeSeason hosts a large amount of entertainment content that you may access from anywhere in the world at any time to find your favorite cartoon series. It offers a basic and user-friendly interface that anyone can operate easily. You can use the research bar to look for your favorite cartoon. On this post, we’ll talk about the AnimeSeason alternatives platforms.

As with the official AnimeSeason website, the current domain might face ban sooner or later. But since we are uncertain of when that is going to happen, it won’t be wrong if know about its replacements before the AnimeSeason shutting down come to pass.


AnimeSeason Alternatives

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What happened to Animeseason?

Copyright holders recently shut down the www animeseason com domain, which is currently dormant and does not appear to be coming back OFFICIALLY.

Although the original site is no longer operational, there are some alternate URLs and mirrors sites for AnimeSeason available, which can be found below:

  • animeseason.con

The fact is that even these mirror sites gets ban as well. As a result, we’ve put up a list of the Best AnimeSeason Alternatives.

All of the websites listed here can be accessed from a computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone.

Note: We recommend bookmarking this article to stay informed about the Best AnimeSeason Alternatives. This website is updated regularly for your convenience.

These AnimeSeason Alternative sites, like new punjabi Movies downloading Websites and movie4k Alternatives, are occasionally shut down and change domains.

All of the websites listed below are currently operational and usable as of the writing of this article.

Many of these sites are also included in our Best Anime Streaming Sites list.

17 Best Websites like AnimeSeason – Watch Anime Online Free

AnimeLab – Watch Anime Online

If you want to watch high-quality original Japanese videos, this site is for you. Not only is the service free, but it also includes access to thousands of titles and episodes. The site is constantly updated on a weekly basis, ensuring that you always receive the most recent and most updated stuff.

Finding your favorite films is simple, as the collection is separated into genres, new series, and popular shows. Each category will have its own set of possibilities.

Another unique feature of the site is its lack of registration. Yes, you will not be required to establish an account or register in order to stream the films. However, in order to receive updates, you must register and supply an email address – this is how they will contact you.

Among the most popular titles are Blue Exorcist, Sword Art Online, Gangsta, and Dragon Ball Super. This site is considered one of the top AnimeSeason alternatives due to its combination of high-quality movies, massive libraries, and an easy-to-use user interface.

9Anime – Free Watch Anime Online with Sub, Dub

Similar to AnimeSeason, 9Anime is another famous anime streaming service.

9Anime offers a diverse selection of Anime films and television shows. Due to its popularity, this site has spawned numerous clones, including 4Anime.

Visit the official 9Anime website here for additional information on 9Anime and how to stream the site on any device.

Crunchyroll – The Official Source of Anime and Drama

Crunchyroll is a top contender on our list of AnimeSeason alternatives because to its massive selection of anime films, television shows, and games.

Although this program requires a monthly subscription fee of $7.99/month, new users can take advantage of a 14-day free trial.

With thousands of anime titles available, Crunchyroll’s content is available in high definition and is ad-free, unlike the other services on this list.

Refer to the official Crunchyroll instructions below for additional information on Crunchyroll and how to install the application.


AnimeDao is another renowned anime website that is a popular choice for streaming video online among the anime community.

This service features superior playback, categories, genres, and an intuitive user interface, as well as a discord chat for anime enthusiasts to discuss their favorite stuff.

Funimation – Watch Anime Streaming Online

As with Crunchyroll, Funimation is another premium AnimeSeason alternative on our list that provides an ad-free experience with thousands of titles.

Funimation, according to its website, “creates exceptional anime experiences for tens of millions of fans worldwide.”

Their monthly premium plan begins at $5.99/month and includes a 14-day free trial. A higher tier plan is also available for $7.99/month.

Funimation is available as an application on a variety of platforms, including Fire TV, Android, Roku, and Apple TV.

AnimeFreak – Watch Anime Online for Free [Subbed & Dubbed]

AnimeFreak is a free streaming site that features an abundance of anime content organized by genre.

Ongoing, Summer 2021, Anime List, Genre, Search, Latest Episodes, and Popular Anime are just a few of the categories available.

The sole drawback to AnimeFreak is the site’s commercials, which is typical of free, ad-supported streaming services.

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AnimeFrenzy – Watch Anime Online

AnimeFrenzy is a site similar to AnimeSeason that offers a large number of anime series. It, like other anime websites, is kept up to date with the most recent anime series, with the database being updated daily.

The site’s library also includes an American cartoon series, making it adaptable. The contents are also well-organized for easier sorting, and the home page is free of offensive stuff. It also contains a “Random” button that provides a random Anime recommendation for those who are unsure what to watch. The site also offers an Android app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, so you can watch anime anytime you want.

The site is expected to be a popular with anime fans thanks to its wide content. You can use the chatroom to speak with other anime fans who have re-watched the same series on the page while watching.

Watchop – Watch One piece Episodes Online Subbed

If you like the anime series One Piece, you’ll enjoy as a AnimeSeason substitute. This dedicated One Piece website provides all you need to know about the anime series.

It’s a convenient way to watch a series because it has all of the episodes from the beginning to the end. One Piece is one of Japan’s longest-running anime programs, according to fans.

That is why this website was created: to provide One Piece fans with the content they deserve. The site also has a countdown timer that indicates when the next episode will be posted, giving viewers something to anticipate.


Animedao, similar to AnimeSeason, is another popular anime website where you can watch completed and ongoing anime series. Apart from that, you can read Manga and light novels on this website.

The site is particularly proud of its “Request/Report” feature. Viewers have the option of submitting a string for inclusion on the Animedao website. You may also choose one of their options to see a list of upcoming Anime series that have been added to the site.

Animedao is also a paradise for anime movie fans, as it houses a large library of full-length anime films. In summary, Animedao is an excellent resource for all of your anime needs.

AnimeHeaven – Watch HD Anime Online Free

AnimeHeaven is the next anime streaming platform, similar to AnimeSeason. Users can view the most recent and popular anime series and films from Japan on this website. AnimeHeaven can stream high-quality anime series to those that have a reliable wireless connection.

It also has a section where viewers may watch Japanese anime programs that have been dubbed into English.

This website has the advantage of displaying the release of ongoing anime episodes. Users would not miss any of their favorite series if they chose this option. However, one disadvantage of the website is that it is cluttered with advertisements.

NWAnime – Watch Anime Online in High Quality

We’ve got NWAnime. Like AnimeSeason, it’s another excellent site is for watching anime online. This free anime website has a large number of completed and current anime series to meet your anime needs. The site is seldom late in providing new episodes of the season’s most popular anime shows. The site also includes a night-mode view for those who want to watch from a dark location.

It demonstrates that NWAnime is concerned about its audience. Otherwise, the viewers will be subjected to constant eye strain.

NWAnime offers a simple and well-organized UI with only a few buttons. The anime list is well-organized and categorised to make finding your favorite anime to watch less stressful.


If you like the anime series One Piece, you’ll enjoy AniWatcher as a AnimeSeason alternative. This dedicated One Piece website provides all you need to know about the trending anime series. It’s a convenient way to watch a series because it has all of the episodes from the beginning to the end.

One Piece is one of Japan’s longest-running anime programs, according to fans.

That is why this website was created: to provide One Piece fans with the content they deserve. The site also has a countdown timer that indicates when the next episode will be posted, giving viewers something to anticipate.

AnimeKarma – Watch and Download Anime Online English Subbed

AnimeKarma should be considered one of the top websites for watching anime series online, similar to AnimeSeason. This website has a huge collection of anime series. You can watch a variety of anime shows in high definition here.

The list of tiles may be seen on the tool’s main homepage. You can choose to play from the ones that are being flashed. You may also sort it by genre, release year, and quality.

Unlike the other sites described above, however, this one only has one server link. Pop-up and On-click adverts can also be seen across the site’s main page. Despite this, it is still a viable AnimeSeason replacement because it is free and the site has no restrictions.


Another great site to watch anime online is Anime-Planet. The AnimeSeason alternative website has a one-of-a-kind interface that enhances the browsing experience.

A list of suggestions may be found on the home page, including the newest and most popular Anime currently available. Filter Anime by a variety of criteria, including genre.

The website provides a large selection of anime, including old, new, subtitled, and dubbed shows. You can go right into the content, but if you want to enjoy your experience even more, you can make an account. You may create a watch list and get better recommendations if you establish an account. With the exception of the occasional pop-up ad, this is a fantastic site to watch anime online.

Netflix (Subscription Based)

If you enjoy anime programs, this is already fantastic news for you because you can now watch them on Netflix. Netflix has compiled a list of all of the most popular and well-received anime series ever made.

Because Netflix is known for providing high-quality video streaming, you’ll be able to see your favorite anime in a much clearer and smoother manner.

By subscribing to Netflix Premium for a month, you can begin watching anime shows. If you aren’t sure if you want to upgrade to a premium subscription, you can still watch videos on Netflix for the next 30 days.

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