Are the NGOs Getting Benefited from Dynamics 365?

or the NGOs is an umbrella term used for a wide range of companies. Any
organization that works without the aim of making only profit is known as an
NGO. Starting from a small organization to a local school fundraiser, there are
different types of non-profitorganizations. Also, there are a few fundraising
arms of the MNCs which are considered as non-profit initiatives as well. However,
nowadays, there are a wide range of NGOs that are becoming bigger and bigger.
And, in this highly digitalized world, even the NGOs require advanced techniques
and solutions that enable the NGOs to raise funds and manage their operations

the modern NGOs would require world-class tools that allow them to seamlessly
manage their finance and operations. And,
Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is surely one of the top choices of
the non-profit organizations. The solution helps the firms to manage their
various functions including finance and operations, marketing, sales, CRM etc.

of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations


Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is one of the most valuable edition in Dynamics
365. It contains various features that allow the users to make efficient
financial reports. The latest ERP feature of the tool contains all the
functionalities that were offered by NAV and other applications as well. The
solution consists of the basic fund accounting capabilities. Additionally, the
tool is capable of allowing the users to handle even the most intricate payroll
methods. Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations consist of operational activities like
the service management as well as the purchasing management. The tool allows
the users to make the most of the fund-based accounting systems. As,
non-profits would not want to spend a lot on the financial management,
therefore Dynamics 365 is a wonderful option for them.

For every
NGO, it is extremely important to manage the funds. Capital is very important
for the non-profits. Therefore, the NGOs will always require topnotch solution
to intelligently manage their funds. And, there is no doubt about the fact that
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is one of the best solutions to
smartly manage the funds. Also, the non-profits can use the financial analysis
to make better fund management strategies.

of Dynamics CRM

For every
non-profit, it is very important to have wonderful relations with the donors.
Therefore, even for NGOs it is imperative to adopt a world-class CRM solutions.
Dynamics CRM is definitely one of the best choices of the NGOs. The tools
allows the CRM reps to seamlessly manage their donor relations. Also, there are
a lot of insights which can be generated through the CRM solution which would
eventually help to have better relations with the donors. Also, through
Dynamics CRM, the NGOs would be able to answer the donors’ queries and resolve
their problems. The tool can also help them to boost their funds.

of Dynamics 365 Marketing and Sales

organizations would also want to have strong marketing and sales initiatives. As,
their main focus area is to raise more and more funds. Thus, the sales and
marketing campaigns of the NGOs have to be absolutely solid. The campaigns
should be aimed to attract the attention of a wide range of audiences. As, only
when the NGOs would be able to catch the fancy of more and more people, then
only they will have the chance to get more donors and donations.

With the
help of Dynamics 365 Marketing and Sales, the non-profit organizations would be
able to plan a wide range of sales and marketing initiatives. The solution is
aimed to help the NGOs to make sales and marketing strategies for different
platforms. Not only that, the NGOs would be able to also assess the performance
of their marketing and sales initiatives with the help of Dynamics 365 Finance
and Operations. Based on the performance analysis, the NGOs would be able to
enhance the quality of their marketing and sales plans. Also, they would be
able to plan better and make stronger campaigns.

around the world are constantly adopting new technologies to boost their fund
raising. And, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is surely one of the best solutions for
the NGOs as it offers numerous benefits to them. And, they won’t even have to
spend a lot of time and money in utilizing the full potential
of the solution.

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