Are Online Slots Likely To Change In The Next Decade?

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In 1895 a mechanic named Charles Fey developed The Mills Liberty Bell. This was a three reels slot that contained 5 symbols that included horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts and a Liberty Bell. This mechanical wonder of its time, introduced the world to slots. The popularity of this machine led to further slots being created. Although each new invention added something extra to the slot machine, the technological advancements were small. New Yorkers Sittman and Pitt did develop a more sophisticated slot that consisted of 5 drums and a total of 50 card faces, but this used similar technology to the Mills Liberty Bell, however, the result was a UK slots on a larger scale.

Technology On The Rise

1963 was the year where a more pronounced development took place in the slots industry. Technology had advanced far enough for the first electrical slot to be unveiled to the public. This technological breakthrough proved to be the end of the road for traditional mechanical slot machines. In 1976 further tech advancements allowed for the invention of the first video slot. This was the first time slot machines had totally moved away from the mechanical machines of old. The first video slot was crude compared to what we have today. This slot machine used a modified 19-inch Sony TV screen for the display. Las Vegas Hilton Hotel customers were some of the first to take it for a spin. They gave the breakthrough slot game the thumbs up and once it got approval by the Nevada State Gaming Commission, it was rolled out to gamblers across the state.

A Revolution In The Making

1996 will be a year that will never be forgotten in the gambling industry and this is because technology advanced in leaps and bounds. This new technology that accompanied the digital revolution changed the world and the gambling industry. However, where gambling was concerned, the invention of the internet meant that gambling games and casinos could now be accessed on computers in a digital virtual format.

The first online casino offered the public traditional table games like Blackjack and Roulette. However, digital slots were about to explode on the scene and WMS Industries Inc released the first online video slot called Reel Em. This was the first ever slot to feature a second screen bonus round.

What Does The Next Decade Hold

Since the digital revolution occurred technological breakthroughs have become more frequent and the next decade brings limitless scope for more fascinating developments in the slots industry. Computer technology continues to advance and slot developers will no doubt use more sophisticated computer software to create even better slot games. Graphics will continue to improve and virtual reality will eventually enter the equation too. One thing that isn’t clear is what will be the next trend after Megaways slots. One thing that is clear though is that slots will continue to borrow from popular culture, so you can expect the next big thing in the entertainment world to eventually be immortalized in a slot game soon.

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