Are Slot Machines Rigged Against the Player?

Since the earliest communities in mankind’s history, people have played games of chance, with examples dating back some 4000 years ago in China. The tradition keeps going strong to this day as we become an ever more cyber-based culture, and more and more of our hobbies move online. And gambling is no different. In the past 2 decades, online casinos have opened their proverbial doors, and recently they have become a lot more accepted by the public. Modern players are savvier than ever before, with detailed reviews, guides, and user feedback at their disposal to dig into before making an informed decision of which operator to play with, that’s why players choose to play the online slots at Casumo.

Slot Machines

Still, fears remain that many of these casinos are rigged against the player. So, is this true? Are online slots rigged in favor of the house? And if so, is that any different from a land-based, brick-and-mortar casino? In this article, we explore this question and attempt to give an answer.

Rigged Online Slots

When people are suggested to play slots online, inevitably the question is asked. “Are slot machines rigged?” This is a fair question to ask. After all, money is a big part of our culture and society, and you don’t want to be throwing it away in a system that is rigged against it. However, the answer to the question is not as simple as one would like it to be. It is not a simple yes or no question. In many ways, it is a spectrum.

For one, there are quite a lot of online casino websites, which work without having been licensed by any authority in the gambling world. These casinos operate illegally and are unregulated. Meaning that they can do whatever they want with their games, including rigging them in a way that they siphon money, without ever giving a payout.

Is Lady Luck on Your Side?

However, what about perfectly legal, licensed, and regulated online casinos? Can they be trusted? Plainly put, yes, online slots which are reputable, licensed, and regulated are trustworthy. However, understand that there is a caveat to this. While these websites set their slots to a much fairer percentage of RTP and volatility, they are still more advantageous to the house. This is done, so the website can see a profit from their product. So, is this fair?

Well, fair or not, the truth is, that all slot machines are made so that they are advantageous to the house. Whether they are land-based or online, the phrase “The house always wins” is a popular saying among gamblers for a reason. So, the question then becomes “Can the player ever win?” The simple answer to that question is “kind of”. Let’s look at the long answer.

The best way to win at gambling is to know your budget, place smart bets, exploit the game’s mechanics, and know when you’ve had enough. When you strike big, walk away. If you are feeling lucky, come back another day. Look into using the bonuses that the slots offer, especially the free spins bonuses. This is the best way that a simple player can win over the house.


As you can see, the answer to the question “Are Online Slots rigged?” is a long and complicated one. There are untrustworthy slots providers, that absolutely rig their games, and they are to be avoided like the plague. However, the machines that are reputable, tested and regulated all still put the player at a disadvantage, as the primary goal of the website is to make a profit from their product. The house will always make money. However, if the gamblers are savvy in the way, they place bets, exploit mechanics, and know when to walk, they will also turn quite a bit of a profit. Of course, it isn’t a guarantee, but it is a possibility.

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