Art Of Sprucing Up Your Home Décor With Trinkets And Accents


The quest for small, affordable tweaks and changes that modify and transform a room never ceases to stop. However, if you want creative décor stuff, the idea of home accents and trinkets may appear to be polarizing and confining.

Whether you’ve an obsession for decorative materials or want them for practical applications, you have countless options to match your needs.

  • A unique agate piece, resembling a colorful quartz is simply gorgeous. Its frame makes it convenient and special. 
  • If you’re looking for some unique and affordable décor, enhancing your room with the finest natural components is always a safe bet.
  • A ceramic doll vase (nesting), which cost you around $20-$28, can add a dash of whimsy and dream to even the smallest room.
  • You can put it in makeup brushes, a single sprig, or keep them aloof. These vases are the best addition to a space that requires a pop.
  • Your bookshelf may need a creative touch with A-Z ceramic book stands/ends. 
  • Regardless of you wanting to alphabetize your furniture, the ceramic items remain a designer’s dream.
  • The marbled look syncs perfectly with a minimalist space. It also adds some flare if your book collection isn’t that huge.
  • A handheld tieback for your curtain is both creepy and appealing. It’s the perfect accent for those who want to bedeck their space sans any clutter.
  • These shiny, handmade brass hands hold back your spotless curtains and initiate conversations.
  • For the sparsely decked room, they are the perfect addition.
  • Maple birch pillar sets are also great for home décor. They are unique and their perfectly clean and smooth surface can showcase more trinkets.
  • You can use them as accent pieces as well. Quartz candle holders and jewelry storage are other good options.

Transforming Your Trinkets Into Stylish Home Décor

There are numerous ways to transform your travel mementos into happening décor pieces.

  • Textiles are a perpetual choice to incorporate travel souvenirs into your home. There are many local weaving and textile traditions. 
  • Transforming a table linen, scarf, or throw into an accent pillow adds a functional and unique touch to your space.
  • Coffee table books are great too. You can stash them on a bookshelf or display the table in a stack.
  • You can rotate your favorite objects on the coffee table, giving honorary positions to them as per the seasonal décor.
  • Display and frame artwork are another marvelous idea. You can print photos on new mediums like wood, acrylic and metal to get an elevated feel. 

The Gold Accents

You cannot burn every candle in the world. You can a few glittery and stylish gold candles to your table and watch that little shine last long.

  • If you don’t like candles, you can accessorize a tabletop with a quality runner, covering it in glitzy gold fabric. 
  • Put a glass vase with gold decorative strings and balls to create a glamorous and glitzy centerpiece. Don’t forget to cover the tables with quality furniture covers

Gold hardware is back in the garb of brass. Unlike the fixtures from 1980s, these new ones are shiny. They are best for kitchens as they add a more formal and bright touch to a simple kitchen.

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