Attract Customers With Slideshare: 5 Tips To Get It Done

Slideshare is known by anyone who is interested in Online Marketing. It hosts visual presentations of all kinds, and it is already a widely used method to capture leads. In this post, you will learn how to attract customers thanks to a good Slideshare presentation.

Originally, this Slideshare was intended for employees in the business field with the aim of sharing slides between them in an easier and faster way. But now, it is more than that, and besides being an entertainment window, it is a good way to generate quality leads. Keep reading and discover how to attract customers to your company.

If you use the right design and content, your Slideshare presentation can become a powerful marketing tool to generate leads.

One of the great advantages of this platform is that it generates more than 70 million monthly visits. This means that there is a lot of potential in there to redirect some of those visitors to your corporate website. SlideShare is among the 200 most visited websites in the world and approximately 50% of users searching for content on this platform are Executives, CEOS and senior executives, which makes it an excellent place to reach people who have the power to decide in their companies.

In this post, I am going to give you five tips that will help you generate leads for your business using slideshare.

Look for inspiration in other presentations

It is vital to understand what is already being done in Slideshare before investing a lot of time in preparing a presentation that perhaps nobody wants to look at. Search Slideshare to see the most popular and learn about the elements that you should use on your own.

For example, if you have an online mobile store and what you want to achieve is to inform people of your new catalog, you can search in the technology category. Getting to know about other presentations will give you an idea about how to prepare your presentation and avoid unnecessary errors.

Take note of what others do well

Once you have chosen a few popular presentations related to your sector, write down the following points to guide you and attract clients:

• Elements of the slide (graphics, the quantity of letter, type of letter)

• Number of slides

• Font size and number of words per slide

• Color range

• The content type of each slide

• How and when images are used

• Tone and style of communication

Create your content

Before you start, do not dedicate yourself to copying and pasting texts into a Powerpoint template. Take a little time to think about what information is most important to your audience.

Consider how you will attract customers: how will you encourage people to click through your presentation? In addition to text and images in the slides, consider the possibility of uploading an infographic or any other file that may be interesting. You should create quality content that will make your audience believe in you.

Recommendations when uploading content:

Be brief, do not make a presentation of too many slides. It is very important not to bore your audience, so it is advisable to limit the text of each slide to the length of a tweet: 140 characters.

Try to generate some intrigue (as much as possible). If, for example, you want to upload a presentation about next-generation mobiles, a good title would be: What is special about the best mobile phones in the world?

Use the design, but with pleasure. There are many tacky and non-visual presentations that some people often use. Try to be neutral when uploading images or graphics, or if you are interested in a little more design, try to accompany the text with beautiful visual elements that draw attention. This is very important when it comes to attracting customers.

It provides some added value. Try to provide information that your reader did not know. Leave the topics and general information, and discuss topics of interest, always providing data that may be unknown to those who read.

If you follow these simple guidelines, it will be easier to attract clients with your presentations. By doing so, you are a step closer to having an excellent presentation.

As always, it includes a call to action

We’ve already talked about the importance of Call to Action in this post. To attract customers, the inclusion of links is very important. Include them in your presentation and ask your audience to click on them.

Take care of the design

Choose the colors well, but they should be used with a lot of moderation. Use the color palette of your brand, the 2 or 3 main colors, and an additional tone. Try to get contrasting colors so that your text does not mix with the background. Most of the existing content on the internet are articles. There are also people who create infographics. And many others make videos. But the presentations are much less frequent, so you can turn them into a differentiating element that can also bring traffic to your website.

Write titles are awesome. To attract customers, you must get attention from the beginning. The choice of the right words and the design of the cover is what your presentation is really going to sell.

SlideShare allows you to include a title, a description, and tags in your presentation, which helps to position it. But you can also include a link to your website both between the tags and in the description, which makes this platform in very interesting within your link building strategy.

Be thematic. If for example, you talk about a specific brand, try to include some recognizable element of that brand. Thus, at a glance, the reader can know what the subject is about. And it will help you attract customers.

As you can see, Slideshare is a great tool that you just have to know how to use to attract customers. Start thinking about topics that may interest your audience and take advantage of that to advertise your business. Always in a subtle way and adding much value to the reader. Ready to attract customers with your presentations?

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