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AVG Antivirus is unarguably one of the most popular free plans on the market. With over 20 years in the antivirus landscape, AVG is a reliable solution. In 2016, it was acquired by another big antivirus software player Avast. Since the acquisition, AVG has only become better. If you aren’t ready to pay and you want essential protection to keep away hackers and viruses, AVG Free Antivirus can serve you quite decently.

The popular question is: Is it better than the paid packages? Well, it’s certainly not better than the commercial packages. However, it’s better than nothing or other free antivirus software on the market.

This unbiased AVG antivirus review attempts to expose or rather highlight the strengths and weaknesses of this antivirus.

Powerful Interface

First impressions beget reality, don’t they? AVGs interface comes out bold and powerful, yet it’s easy to comprehend even for the new users. As far as the user experience is concerned, AVG surely not only meets but exceeds the expectations. You can see that more work has been put in creating such a perfect and aesthetically pleasing interface.


The software’s user-friendliness comes across as a bonus point for the users. Think of their tiny 8MB package, which completes its installation in less than a minute! During its installation process, you get the chance to customize it to fit your specific needs. Even better, the muscular package has more features and offers webcam protection.

Their five modules make it easy for a user to read and learn about this software program and the extent to which they will be covered.

Furthermore, they have a placed SCAN button on their screen, which allows you to start scanning for viruses. Anyone can use AVG, and there is no expertise required. Truly, AVG is a consumer-oriented design.

Customer Support

AVG offers phone and live chat support for clients making it easy to get instant help about their services. Their forum is an active community on its own. A knowledgebase as a supporting feature is certainly icing in the cake. The direct contact options, an active forum, plus a knowledge base, ensure quality customer care service at all times.

The only downside to the AVGs knowledge base is the low readability of the text. It can also be confusing, considering the operating system classifies it and then the product, which makes it harder to find some of the case-specific problems. Therefore, in a bid to offer top-notch support service, they ended up with a complex customer supporting system, which can be confusing for some users.

Unlimited Devices

As part of their product offering, their plans do not limit the number of devices that can use the antivirus. You will find that all your devices, mobile devices, laptops, and tablets fit within that small package, which is so much more, for so much less! A great bargain.

Aggressive Marketing Approach

As part of its model, AVG uses an almost aggressive marketing approach. Whether this is part of their model, or it’s out of the sheer desire to succeed, it downplays their efforts in some way! Clients must not feel obliged to upgrade their plans. Their experience and a desire to experience even more features and benefits should determine when the upgrade will happen.

They mostly apply this aggressive strategy on their free plans, continually reminding the users that they should upgrade to a better option.

Therefore, you are left with an antivirus software program that does pretty well under the free plan packages, at least in the industry, but not comparable to the industry’s paid solutions. So far the only catches are:

  • Excellent user experience
  • An unlimited number of devices that can log in to the account.

There is so much control you can get from the antivirus program under the free plan. However, we have to admit that the paid solutions are worth the effort. There are a couple of affordable paid antivirus solutions on the market that can ensure your maximum protection. AVG is one among them; it offers an affordable three-year plan that guarantees you the best service you can think of.

You may feel like not restricting your internet activity, sharing, and downloading files anywhere around the web after acquiring this package.

Bottom Line

Cybercrime is at its peak, and having an antivirus solution is non-negotiable. Whether you opt for the free version or the paid version, it’s necessary to choose at least of the two to ensure your security in 2020. Both will provide some level of security: leverage this unbiased AVG antivirus review to gain more insight and make an informed and regret-free decision.

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