Avoid These Rookie Mistakes at the Casino

Casino gaming has never been more popular, or more accessible. Online casino apps make it easy to try out slots or table games like blackjack and roulette from the comfort of your home, and many players then feel more relaxed about setting foot in a real world casino to put their new gambling skills to the test.

Mistakes at the Casino

Whether you are playing in Las Vegas or online or at your local casino, the games on offer provide great entertainment with the added incentive that you might get lucky and win some money. But when you are playing with real money, there’s also the potential for things to go south rapidly. If you are new to casino gaming, be careful to avoid these common rookie errors.

Assuming all Casinos are the Same

This is particularly common when playing online. There are so many platforms out there, and at first glance, they all seem to offer much the same in terms of games. However, each one has its own rules in terms of payment methods and processing times, different bonuses and promos and many other factors. Make use of resources like the Gamble Online review site to ensure you choose a casino that is legitimate and is offering the best deal.

Chasing Losses

Casino gaming is all about runs. If things went evenly and strictly in accordance with the law of averages, betting progressions would always work and life would be so much easier. But it is the seemingly improbable runs that catch you out in the end. That’s why it’s vital to stick to your bankroll, only bet what you can afford to lose and if you lose it, walk away. If red has come up eight times in a row on the roulette wheel, you are not “due a black” at all. The wheel neither knows nor cares what has come before, each spin is an independent event and the odds of red or black are equal.

Overdoing it on the Comps

This one is specific to physical casinos, especially those in Las Vegas. Free drinks are great, but always remember, the casino isn’t giving away those vodka martinis because it loves you and wants you to have a great time. It is doing so because it makes business sense. Alcohol impairs your judgment and makes you reckless so the number one rule here is to have a limit and a strategy when you start the evening and never succumb to the temptation to alter it, regardless of how well or badly your luck might go.

Choosing the Wrong Game

Blackjack, roulette and video poker are casino classics, but each has its own elephant traps waiting for the unwary. Triple zero roulette, for example, might look cool, but the more zeros, the greater the house edge. Likewise, watch out for 6:5 blackjack games and play conventional 3:2 instead. With video poker, it’s a case of examining the pay table before you start and researching your game. For example, Jacks or Better should pay out nine to one for a full house and six to one for a flush. Steer clear of games offering anything less.

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