6 Bachelor Programs Specially Designed For Christian Studies

There are some special courses that have been designed exclusively for Christian students who want to learn and grow in their lives. Here, we will discuss six such bachelor programs that equip those who want to become effective leaders and can articulate and demonstrate the supreme importance of a biblical worldview in different fields. These bachelor programs will help Christians to also edify and expand the horizons through biblical scholarship, evangelism, and services in every field of life.

Bachelor Programs

Bachelor of Christian Ministries 

Bachelor’s degree programs in Christian ministries educate students in Bible studies and theology. Here students will gain the knowledge, means, and hands-on experience of relating the truths of God to the needs of people. This degree provides a solid biblical foundation for ministry and a fundamental understanding of the Christian message and how to correspond it.

Bachelor of General Christian Studies

Bachelor of General Christian Studies (BGCS) will assist you to build up a firm understanding of Christian ministry. This degree will provide you with basics of theology and prepare you to pass on the Christian message clearly. You will gain a thorough understanding and appreciation of the Church and its ministries.

Bachelor of Science in Christian Care giving & Counseling

Bachelor of Science in Christian Care giving & Counseling equips you for lay counseling jobs and related ministries within the framework of the local church and church-related agencies. This program prepares you to help people understand wholeness in every path of their lives. It helps students learn and gain resources appropriate for professional or lay ministry in a wide range of pastoral settings.

Bachelor of Biblical Counseling

Bachelor of Biblical Counseling is a program which looks to set up, prepare and approve students for Christian counseling in the local church, or for graduate studies in counseling or divinity.

Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership and Management

Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership and Management degree program prepares you to incorporate your faith with important business skills. The program offers a firm foundation in the liberal arts as well as giving more focus in theology, church history, and experience in the practice of a variety of characteristics of the ministry.

Bachelor of Philosophy and Theology

You will be able to develop self-awareness and skills to create a difference all the way through a commitment to Anabaptist Mennonite values of cross-cultural understanding, care for creation, and more. This degree is a necessary qualification for those who want to exercise various ministries within the Christian community and to donate to the Church work.


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