Evolution Of Bed Sheet Sets Over Time You Should Know

Bed sheets sets may seem to be a mere piece of cloth, but the history and the evolution of this piece of cloth is quite interesting. There was a time when the bed wasn’t invented and man used to sleep on the floor. Then, the man started making piles of leaves, twigs and such things and slept on them. Therefore, at that time, the concept of the bed sheet was a foreign idea. The idea of bed sheets took birth in the 15th century and has been evaluated quite a lot since then.

Evolution of bed sheets sets

Louis XlV, also called the sun king of France, was supposedly so much in love with beds that he used to spend most of his time in bed. Reportedly, he bought around 413 beds for Versailles and decided to hold his royal court from the bed. If this sounds like an unbelievable story, the story behind bed sheets sets will amaze you too.

Story of the flat and fitted sheet

The purpose of bed sheets sets is to protect the blanket and provide a comfortable surface for sleeping or lying. If you think that you can buy one piece of bed sheets sets and you are good to go, think twice. There are two types of bed sheets you need to know about. The first one is a flat sheet and the second one is a fitted variant.

The flat sheet, also called the top sheet, is basically a rectangular cloth. However, the purpose of a flat sheet has changed over the years. In recent years, people have started using duvet covers, which can make flat sheets unnecessary. But, flat sheets are still used to make the bedding more comfortable.

On the other hand, a fitted sheet, also called the bottom sheet, is used as a protective layer for the mattress. It also adds smoothness and comfort to the bed. To buy the right size of the fitted sheet, one needs to know the correct size of their mattress because if the size is not right, the corners of the fitted sheet will not go in place.

Are both flat and fitted sheets necessary?

There was a time when people had only flat sheets. The bedding style changed in 1959 when the design for a fitted sheet was created.

The style of American-bedding is different from European bedding. European bedding generally has a duvet and a fitted bed sheet. Contrarily, American-style bedding has both flat and fitted bed sheets sets. They like to add an extra layer of a sheet for adding comfort. However, this extra layer adds more complication than comfort. Adding one more sheet means it will take more time to make the bedding. The people using duvet cover tend to avoid the top sheet. However, not using the top sheet can easily make the blanket or duvet dirty. Using or not using a top sheet is an individual preference as, for some, it’s comfort and for others, it is just wasting money.

Battle of the fabrics

Linen was the first material to be used for making bedsheets. This material was derived from flax plants, which were used in textile production. Therefore, linen was the most convenient option at that point. It became a popular choice quite fast as it became smoother and softer with use. The cultivation of linen was a difficult task. In the 19th century, when the cotton gin was invented, the cultivation of cotton became easier. The dyeing of cotton became easier with British cotton techniques. So, cotton became a more preferred choice for making bed sheets sets.

Currently, there are various types of cotton sheets. With the continuous advancement in the textile industry, the range of fabrics used for making bedsheets has become wider. In the present time, fabrics such as silk, satin, flannel, percale, brocade, polyester and few others. Man-made fabrics like polyester is a cheaper option and are comparatively easier to handle. Linen bed sheets sets are expensive; however, they remained popular for their high quality. In cotton sheets amazon category, you can find a variety of cotton sheets such as pure cotton, blended with polyester, percale weave, and sateen weave. All these sheets have their own unique features and properties.

Traditional linen was white in color; therefore, the bed sheet sets, in the beginning, were all white. The color of the bedsheets carries important factors too. Earlier white was a preferable choice. But it goes without saying that there are a variety of color options for bed sheets.

The conceptualization of bed sheet sets was a result of necessity. It didn’t take long for this necessity to become a luxury. The matter of comfort has become more and more important day by day. Bed sheets sets were meant to add comfort to the sleeping arrangements, but now the bed sheet of one’s room seems to be an important part of describing their personality and lifestyle. The bedding style of people has become modern and luxurious over time. Everything apart, the various sizes available for bed sheet sets can only amaze anyone. The names such as King size bed sheets and Queen size bed sheets are proof of the evaluation of bed sheet sets over the years.

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