Benefits and Bad Effects of Coffee

Coffee is a very popular drink that many of us love a lot. But we do not know its benefits and bad effects. Today we are here with the health benefits of coffee and bad effects of coffee.

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Benefits of Drinking Coffee

The following are what coffee is made of and their benefits.

Coffee Caffeine

It not only raises your system for black circles, but it is very helpful in lightening your eyes. Using aromatic coffee is a wonderful beauty remedy for your skin. You can also use this coffee to remove dark circles from under the eyes.

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With this treatment not only will the dark circles be cleaned but also the swelling from under the eyes will be less. Coffee contains antioxidant and caffeine, which causes the black skin around the eyes to be cleaned.

Coffee as a Scrub

If we all get coffee in the morning then our whole day becomes. Just like if your face gets coffee spray in the morning then your skin will also get energy. The use of coffee reduces the amount of cellulite. Using coffee, you can make scrubs at home. For this you have to mix olive oil and honey in the coffee. You can use this prepared scrub twice a week. Before making a coffee scrub, keep in mind that if you do not have olive oil then do not use any other oil instead.

Do the Oil and Blackheads Away

if your skin is oily then it will also have blackheads. Blackheads are mostly on the nose and forehead. But if you use this coffee, then this blackheads are greatly reduced. The use of coffee not only ends the oil, but it also closes those holes. Using coffee, you can protect your skin from pollution.

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Antioxidant and Active Ingredients

Antioxidant and active ingredients present in the coffee to enhance the color of the skin keep your skin awake and increase the skin color. Therefore, the brightness and color of the skin increases. Using coffee on the skin increases blood circulation and the skin becomes good. With this you can also use the coffee with your desired fruit. Using its masks gives the power to fight the germs and bacteria present in the face.

Get Rid of Body Odor

Get rid of of body odor. It is common for the body to get rid of odor in the summer season. This sometimes becomes the cause of shame for you too. A lot of people take bath even twice a day to remove the stench of the body, but even then the stench is not far away. If you are also struggling with this problem, then you can use the coffee for it so that the odor of than is removed. Soak coffee in warm water and use it in parts of the body where you get enough sweat. After keeping it for a while, clean it with cold water. Regular use of this treatment will get you rid of the odor of the body.

Hair Care

Use of coffee for beautiful hair Coffee is not only good for your skin but also uses it to make your hair shine and bouncy. Due to the use of pc coffee, the beauty of your hair increases, with this, dust, clay and dirt frozen in your hair are also removed. The pH level of coffee is high enough, so that every kind of problem related to scalp gets easily rid of. To use coffee for shining hair, you will need to wash hair by mixing an enhanced spoonful of coffee in the water bottle. By using it your hair will be very soft and shiny.

Relax tired feet

When you want to relax your tired legs, coffee is your best partner. For this, you sit down and sink your coffee into a tub in the tub. Doing so gives your feet satisfaction. With the help of coffee you can scrub your feet, this will clear the feet and remove the dirt and stench. Also, add lukewarm water in a tub and mix it in coffee and keep the feet dipped in the water for some time. In this water you can also add lavender, mint oil.

Bad Effects of Excessive Coffee

Coffee is now one of the most popular drinks. Tens of millions of people around the world start with a cup of hot coffee. Some people drink it because of the taste and flavor, while some people drink it and feel freshness and energy. The reasons can be many. Some people also drink it for health reasons.

Coffee is a seed that is suitable for use after passing through a long process. It contains phytonutrients, polyphenols and many antioxidants. There are also caffeine, reflivin (vitamin B2), pentothanic acid (vitamin B5), manganese, potassium, magnesium and niacin.

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If coffee is taken in a fixed quantity then it has many benefits. It keeps the liver healthy, prevents free radicals from growing, decreases the risk of heart-related diseases and your mood remains good. But when you become addicted to it and consuming more than it needs, it becomes the cause of many health related diseases. Here we are telling you about the huge losses of coffee –

Cholesterol Level Growth

By increasing the amount of coffee or unfiltered coffee, cholesterol increases. Especially bad cholesterol, which is called Low Density lipoprotein (LDL). Unfiltered coffee contains cafestol and kahweol two substances which increase the cholesterol. Increasing the amount of cholesterol in the body increases the risk of obesity and heart disease. If you have high cholesterol problem then start refreshing coffee instead of unfiltered coffee.


Drinking excessive amount of coffee leads to sleep problems or insomnia. Caffeine in the coffee works to stimulate you to the brain and you do not sleep. Due to sleeping in the right way, your temperament becomes irritable and it starts dizzy. : Neem’s medicinal properties are effective in many diseases

Uncertain Anxiety or Nervousness

Caffeine helps you to be alert and concentrated, but with more intake it causes unpleasant anxiety or panic. When you become accustomed to drinking too much coffee, if you do not get it then you start worrying and getting nervous.

Loss of kidney

Coffee has diuretic properties because of this you may have to go to urinate again and again. Caffeine is also harmful to your kidney health in high concentration. It also increases the risk of kidney failure. According to a study conducted in 2004, the oxalate present in large quantities creates calcium oxalate, combined with calcium present in the blood, is the main cause of kidney stones.


Drinking too much coffee is also harmful to your bone health. This causes bone loss and osteoporosis. By taking too much caffeine, bones are also becoming thin.

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