Benefits of Cloud Computing for Schools and Education

Cloud computing: Has revolutionised the way many businesses operate by allowing them the flexibility and the freedom to store, process and manage their data off-site. By utilising the cloud, they have been able to free up valuable physical office space typically used to house servers and computers and has streamlined the solutions for millions of businesses

However, it’s not only businesses that have been able to benefit from the wonders of the cloud. Indeed, it has also been used heavily within the public sector, but many schools are still up in the air about cloud computing. Here, however, we’ll underline exactly why more schools and educational establishments should have their heads in the cloud.


When it comes down to it, most educational establishments today are run like businesses and for any business, the bottom line is always of vital importance. Migrating to the cloud for schools means reducing licensing costs to the best free-to-use cloud services, tools and applications and cutting down on the costs of physical IT infrastructure (not to mention the energy savings associated with going off-site with your servers). Not only that, but cloud solutions can be used on a pay-as-you-go basis, which means you won’t be paying for features and services you’re not using.

Streamlined and simplified

Not only does moving to the cloud mean less work for your own IT staff but it also means that teachers and other staff will be able to access school services from wherever they are from a multitude of devices. They can use these tools to share documents and research and even more, which is particularly relevant given the current situation we find ourselves in with the COVID-19 pandemic.


The cost for maintaining physical servers can be prohibitive, particularly if you’re a smaller school that perhaps only has one verified IT professional on staff to look after them. By moving your data to the cloud, meanwhile, what you’re effectively doing is outsourcing the maintenance workload on to a company that will have a rigid maintenance routine in place. This means the servers are not only better maintained but are cheaper to maintain too.

Bespoke solutions

Of course, alongside cloud-based servers, schools will need to use modern, tailor-made software to smoothly transition into the digital age. Companies such as Servelec provide tailor-made synergetic software solutions that integrate directly and completely with social care systems. These solutions also exist to make the cloud migration process as seamless and painless as possible, so there really is no good reason not to at least consider taking that leap today and helping your school join the wave of the future.

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