Benefits of working in Corporates

Corporate firms

A corporate is a separate entity that is governed by the Board of Directors who may or may not be the promoters of the company. A holistic approach can hence be adopted while running the company and that benefits all of its employees equally be it the CEO or an entry-level employee. Today let’s discuss the advantages of working in a corporate.

  • Corporate firms typically have a well-defined career trajectory and offer better career prospects. 
  • The pre-defined hierarchy ensures that the employees are well aware of the next possible position and hence can prepare themselves accordingly by inculcating the required skillsets.
  • The induction programs are well-structured so as to ensure that the new employees sync into the new culture easily. 
  • Mentors or buddies as they call it these days are assigned to all new employees right from day one. 
  • Pre-defined Key Responsibility Areas make sure that there is no surprise element in store for you.
  • Employees can create a niche for themselves by testing their skills at work time and again on a variety of assignments.
  • Corporate houses definitely have better pay packages. 
  • Some big corporate houses also sponsor their employees for higher education. This is a win-win situation for both the employee and the company.
  • The interdepartmental transfers facilitate the employees to test their capabilities in related fields; thus widening the breadth of their profile.
  • Perks and benefits that the employees of a corporate enjoy are way better than smaller firms. Health insurance plans for the employee and his family, daycare facilities, indoor sports, company sponsored lunches are just a few of them.
  • The HR policies are crisp and clear. A lot of big corporate firms in addition to the fixed leaves also allow day offs on special occasions in the life of an employee, for example – employees birthday or anniversary.
  • When talking of leave policies, maternal/paternal leaves are of utmost importance. While maternal leaves range between 3 months to 6 months in most companies, paternal leaves expectedly are of lesser duration (3 to 15 days) and may vary from company to company. 
  • More resources at disposal and inter-departmental transfers make it easy to pull in qualified staff to make any project a success in a time crunch situation.
  • Since big companies have their branches across the length and breadth of the country and even abroad, there are extensive opportunities to network. 
  • Special talent programmes for high potential (hi-pot) employees is a boon.
  • Most corporate firms also celebrate festivals and organize annual days and family days where employees get to showcase their talents and families get to visit the workplace and spend a day; all at the companies expense.
  • “Pay for performance” calls for a healthy competitive work culture; it motivates the employees to outperform their peers and earn handsome bonuses over and above a fixed increment based on the ratings. Rewarding the employee’s contribution to the company by giving out “Employee of the Month” or “Best Performer” awards is another motivational tactic that most big firms adopt.
  • Platforms are given to the employees to express their ideas and opinions. Best and feasible ideas (related to process improvements or otherwise) are felicitated with non-monetary rewards.
  • Employee engagement surveys are conducted to get the pulse of how the employees feel about the company; this helps the company to formulate better employee retention strategies. 
  • The CSR wing of big corporations indulges in some great philanthropic activities; this helps ingrain a sense of responsibility within employees towards the society and societal causes.

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