Best Activities On The Internet To Spend Your Free Time

As human person our most important resource is time. If we manage our time correctly we can achieve wonderful things. But if we just waste our time by just watching a whole season from a series then we pretty much wasted a whole day.


If you look at the time schedule of a famous person; they barely have any free time. They’ve learned that if you want to achieve something in this life you have to put the effort and invest in yourself.

It’s only a myth that in order to spend your time effectively and be the best version of yourself you have to go to a library or a gym. With the evolution of technology, you can find everything you need on your phone or PC. There are plenty of activities that can make you productive by just being in your living room. Here are some examples:

Listen to a podcast

Listening to a podcast is like talking to someone without actually talking to someone. If you’re an introvert type you can enjoy more listening to another person rather than talking to someone else. But these podcasts are just as good activities for extroverted people as well who always want to be next to other people.

In podcasts, you can listen to some funny stuff that you can use next time you’re in a cafe with your friends. Or if you want to be more professional you can listen to people who work in your domain, like in marketing, videography, architecture, etc. and this way you can become better in what you’re doing. I’m sure you will find the one podcast which fits your style the most.

Visit art museums online

I’m not gonna lie to you, you won’t get the same feeling by looking at your screen rather than to watch these works of arts in real life. But sometimes you don’t have other options. It’s way easier to visit museums online than to fly across Europe and wait hours in a line. So online or virtual museums are way more accessible and you can become just as inspired and cultured as if you were there IRL.

Play online casino

If you find these activities “boring” and you need something more active then don’t close this tab yet. We got something for you as well. When we say online games we didn’t mean something that you’ve played years before with some silly animations. Nowadays grown-up games like online poker, blackjack or slots are just one click away from you. With such online casino games, time will pass incredibly fast. Also, if you play online casinos live with others you can sharpen your social skills as well, by learning about human interactions.

Read Comics or Ebooks

Maybe you want to read a good book but you don’t feel like leaving the house. Don’t worry, we got you. There are plenty of sites that provide youebooks, and you don’t even need a separate ebook reader, you just need an app or program on your device and you can access your favorite books anywhere anytime. Or if you’re not so much into reading but you still love some action (like myself) you can read some comics as well. It doesn’t have to be something superhuman related. When it comes to comic books, there are plenty of topics and if you do a bit of research you will surely find the one you will need.

Start a blog

You may think that this section is nonsense because you won’t become a famous blogger or anything. But that’s not even the point. By writing a 500-600 word long blog post daily you can learn a lot about yourself. You can find some areas in your life that you have to improve. For example, if after 2-3 days you find out that you don’t have any experience to write about then maybe you have to live a more exciting life than that. Your welcome.

Wrap up

The key phrase in this article is: just do something. You don’t have to go outside to be a better person or to fight against boredom.  Find areas in your life where you have to improve and be the best version of yourself. Learn from others, from the world, and from your own experiences.

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