Best Bachelor Party Ideas: Planning An Unforgettable Party

Is your bro getting married soon? Even though it might feel like losing a friend at this point, you should be happy for him. He managed to find a woman who doesn’t drive him crazy! What else could you wish for?

Best Bachelor Party Ideas

As his best man, you should throw a bachelor party. The one the groom will never forget! Making a fun stag weekend is just another way to show that you are super happy for your friend who is getting married.

Before the fuss-full wedding, make sure the groom will relax and have lots of fun. To do so, you need to make a decent plan. The most important things are to keep your plan in secret and take care of the groom. It means that you should make sure that no one posts shameful photos on Facebook and that the groom will not end up like the character in the Hangover movie.
Here are some ideas for the groom’s last big woohoo:


Kidnapping is still a thing in the world of bachelor’s parties! The thing is that it is a unique and unforgettable experience. Nonetheless, it’s important to tell a bride about your naughty little plan so that she will not freak out right before the wedding.

Consider asking her to help you with the prank. Some brides will be happy to get rid of their loved ones at least for a couple of days before the wedding. Let’s not forget that ladies also have the right for their own hen night!

Stripper-free policy

Not every groom would like to party with strippers or topless waitresses since it may hurt one special woman – his future wife. That’s why it’s better to ask for the groom’s opinion first.

In case your bro wants to stick to the no-stripper policy during the bachelor party, you can still buy cheap sex dolls and make a prank! You can even rent a doll equipped with artificial intelligence – the one that can hold a basic conversation. If a bride asks ‘Were there any women at the party?,’ the groom will not even have to lie.

Pub crawl

If a groom feels like having a couple of drinks in the bar, you can take him to another city on a bar tour. Traveling somewhere else just to get drunk is actually a good idea. That’s how you can make sure that the groom will not meet his ex-girlfriends! Partying hard in the city where you live is pretty risky, especially before the wedding.

In case it sounds like a lot of fun to you, make sure to write a list of bars you want to visit in one night. Once you are in the bar, let everyone have fun without rushing.

As a best man, you have to keep an eye on your bro so that he won’t get into trouble. Yes, it means that you might be the one who will drink less than the others. There should be at least one ‘driver’ at every bachelor party.

Sailing tour

You can always plan something truly fancy, like a sailing tour. What can be better than getting some food and drinks, and exploring the sea with your buddies? The main challenge here is to find a boat and the captain (unless one of you has a sailing license).

Road trip

Another great way to spend the weekend with your friends before the wedding is to go on a road trip! It’s an excellent option in case a groom is not really into loud parties. If your friend likes spending time in nature, fishing, and camping, you know what to do! Consider renting a motorhome so that your pack of friends can travel with comfort. The meaningful conversation next to a bonfire can help a groom to relax from the hustle and bustle of wedding planning. Aside the road trip as one of the party ideas, party bus in Corpus Christi is another way of making the party experience more remarkable!

Poker night

In case you want to have a party on a budget, consider a poker night! You will definitely need to get a poker set, beers and pretzels. Also, try to find a round table. Let’s make it classy! Besides playing poker, you can also taste cigars and whiskey.


If a groom is up for a real adventure, invite a couple of friends and go to play paintball. It can guarantee a lot of fun and adrenaline rush! If you want to get some drinks, make sure to do so right after the game. Drinking before playing paintball might not be a good idea.

The bottom line

Throwing a bachelor party is not as difficult as you think. It’s all about planning and being creative. Remember that the whole thing should be made for the groom in the first place. Your bro is getting married, so he deserves to go to a party of a lifetime!

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