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Best Bull Market Trading Strategies

To the shock of just about everyone, even some of the greatest analysts and investors in the world, there is a raging bull market going on all across finance. The initial onset of the pandemic in 2020 sent a shockwave of panic and fear through markets.

However, since then, monetary policymakers have been pumping the global money supply full of stimulus funds, the stock market has been raging, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have been even more bullish.

Everyone looks like a genius in a bull market, but only the brightest know how to maximize their gains with the most effective bull market trading strategies. For example, utilizing cryptocurrency margin trading can help you achieve higher profits compared to spot trading with no margin. Also, knowing the right strategies in a bull market to tell when a trend has changed is vital to preventing losing precious unrealized gains.

Bull Market Trading

Here’s a deep dive into the best bull market trading strategies.

The Bull Market Is Back In Crypto, Stocks, Commodities, And More

The talk about a V-shaped recovery was true. All major stock indices have since set new all-time highs over the records set prior to the Black Thursday market collapse.

The bounce caused a bull market of epic proportions, with individual stock prices surging, short squeezes of all kinds, and much more. It has also encouraged several high-profile IPOs ranging from DoorDash to Coinbase.

Commodities like steel, lumber, and copper are up significantly due to inflation fears and a major supply shock due to COVID lockdowns. Metals have taken a pause due to how bullish equities and crypto have been, but even they are poised to turn around and continue in the money-making madness.

Look For What’s Next To Rally

In fact, metals are an excellent place to look for what’s ready to rally next. For example, gold has paused its bull market, but silver never even had one. The same goes for digital silver, the nickname for Litecoin.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have set a new all-time high over their former peaks and have continued on much higher. However, coins like EOS, Ripple, and Litecoin still have yet to do so. That could make their trading pairs against BTC particularly profitable, as well as an expected surge in USD value when these altcoins begin to catch up to Bitcoin.

Long Each Dip With Leverage

During bull markets, investors are told to “buy the dip” or add more to their spot position during any corrections. For derivatives traders, however, there’s so much more money to be made via long positions.

Unlike spot trading that only allows for buy and sell orders, forcing investors to either take a loss or sell their assets during downtrends, derivatives like futures and CFDs let traders long or short markets.

Long and short positions let traders maximize profit potential by profiting from uptrends and downtrends and adding something called leverage to positions.

Leverage involves much larger positions than what capital would generally allow for by amplifying the power of any margin applied to the position. This makes for much more profits when trades are successful, yet more risk if they’re wrong.

Thankfully, most margin trading platforms offer a variety of tools that can assist in mitigating loss, such as stop-loss orders.

Watch Technical Indicators Closely

Built-in charting tools can also help traders to stay more successful during bull markets. For example, if the RSI reached highly overbought conditions, it could be a time to take some profit.

Buying or longing support at key moving averages or at Ichimoku cloud support can increase chances for success.

The Parabolic SAR indicator can help traders know how to move their trailing stop losses up and to where, and the MACD can be a signal that the bull market is over if there’s a high timeframe bearish crossover.

Be Ready For When The Market Turns

If and when the bull market comes to its final conclusion, that doesn’t mean the profits have to end too.

Margin trading platforms like PrimeXBT provide traders with tools to long and short assets and profit no matter which direction the trend is headed. By utilizing PrimeXBT, traders can long Bitcoin and other bullish assets now but also be ready for when things once again turn bearish.

Markets are cyclical, and things can turn when you least expect them. Are you ready to get the most out of this bull market, and are you prepared for when the bear market comes back?

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