The Top 9 Best Disney Princess Movies of All Time

Best Disney Princess: There have been plenty of Disney Princess Movies list, Disney princess movies in Hindi, but which one is the best out of all of them? We take a look at the IMDb ratings to find out!

With the summer season in full swing, you would certainly need some good animated movies to binge watch during your summer vacations. For several decades, Disney has earned a notable name in the production of some of the famous animated Disney princess movies. Despite your age or gender, these movies have become a global phenomenon that almost every adult and child adores.

Disney might be one of the pioneers in boosting the popularity of animated movies. Now animations have become so popular that animation types such as an animated explainer video or a whiteboard animation have become part of the digital marketing realm.

If you cannot decide on what to watch this summer, here are some renowned Disney princess movies you can check out today.

The Top 9 Disney Princess Movies of All Time!

1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

First on the list of top 9 Disney Princess Movies is “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is probably the oldest animated movie Disney has ever made and with time, it turned into a global phenomenon in the domain of animated movies. The story features a young girl named Snow White since she is white as new but an evil witch out of jealousy makes her eat a red apple that results in Snow White becoming a victim of an unbroken curse.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

2. The Princess and the Frog

Another Disney princess movie but with more focus on people of color. Tiana, a young girl, kisses a frog that is actually a prince but has been cursed to turn into a frog. The frog itself provokes Tiana to kiss him since only a princess’ kiss can break the curse but Tiana was not a real princess. As a result, both Tiana and the prince turn into a frog and the story carries on further towards a happy ending.

The princess and the frog

3. Aladdin

Another best disney movies to those who have read the book Arabian Nights, the story of Aladdin might not be new but Disney perfectly adapted the story into a children-friendly movie that became a global success. The movie follows a young guy named Aladdin who is tricked by Jaffer to enter a magical cave and he falls victim to his deceitful acts.

Aladdin - disney princess movies list

4. The Little Mermaid

While the actual Little Mermaid story is a bit on the depressing side, Disney’s adaptation has made it a lot more bubbly and fun to the imagination. Ariel, a young mermaid princess, hopes to roam about the earth as a human but she cannot since she would not survive on land. Ursula takes advantage of Ariel’s wish and grants her human feet but as a price, she takes her voice away. This movie might be the most unique animations Disney has ever made.

The little mermaid best disney princess movies

5. Beauty and the Beast

Just as the name suggests, the movie is a lot similar to its title. Belle is not a princess herself but she becomes trapped into an abandoned mansion that is filled with inanimate objects that, to her surprise, can speak and move. The house owner is a hideous beast that has been cursed to stay in such a form due to his bad deeds. His only hope is to kiss the love of his life to regain his human form.

Beauty and the beast disney princess movies in hindi

6. Cinderella

This was one of the best Disney princess movies that kickstarted them all, Cinderella is probably the favorite movie of almost every 90s kid. With the exquisite lifestyles of the kings to the magical glass slipper, Cinderella has almost everything that encompasses the imagination of a young child. The popularity of Cinderella might not be unmatched as even after so many years, no other Disney princess movie has been able to take its spot.


7. Frozen

The aforementioned animated movies were either of the early 20s or the 90s but after several years, Disney came up with an entirely original creation called Frozen. The story does not revolve around a single princess instead; it is about the bond of two sisters who help each other break through the stigmas of power and curses.

Frozen - disney princess list

8. Mulan

Another best Disney Princess Movies based on the IMDb ratings is “Mulan“. A young Chinese girl brought up in ancient China under the stereotype that women cannot be as powerful as men prove them otherwise. Mulan does not seem like an animation from the 90s since it focused on stigmatic topics that were not usually shown in animated movies especially those that were about princesses.

Mulan animated movie

9. Tangled

“Tangled” is the NEXT on our list of all time best Disney Princess Movies, In 2010 the movie Tangled shook the animation realm not only with its quality and crisp 3D animation but also because of how carefully and smartly the story of Rapunzel was executed. The story itself is not a bright one but Disney’s version took out all the depressing bits and turned Tangled into a memorable musical animation classic.


Wrapping Up

Disney has numerous other movies currently under production and avid Disney fans have raised their hopes high for a new princess movie. Maybe Disney has a blockbuster up its sleeve but we just do not know yet so just wait it out for a while.

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