Who Is The Best Doctor For IVF In Delhi NCR?



When we talk about the Top IVF Treatment Doctor in Delhi NCR, the name of DR Rita Bakshi is in the heart of all. The doctor is wholly dedicated to providing the desired treatment to the thousands of patients.

She has provided happiness to thousands of people who were unable to conceive. The doctor has been working for 25 years now. She has a notch on solving even the most complicated cases without any effect on the final results.

More About The Top IVF Doctor In Delhi NCR:

The doctor has provided the solution to all the people who have the known and unknown causes of sterility. She has initiated her IVF centre in India and has got all the facilities available in the treatment centre.

It is one of the Best Infertility Centre in India called the International Fertility Centre. Despite having the vast medical support team in the hospital, she deals with all the cases personally.

Right from the diagnosis, to counselling to assisting and preparing the patients for treatment, everything is handled by her. The first step for all the patients who undergo IVF is diagnosis.

Every patient who visits the patient is first counselled, and then if they are mentally and physically prepared, the doctor starts with the tests. Tests are performed on both the partners, to endure the right procedure for IVF.

No two conditions are identical, and hence there cannot be a standard procedure for the treatment. So, after the prognosis, the process is decided for the patient. If you have already undergone treatment earlier, and have the failed IVF cycles, do not panic. The hope is not yet over.

When the doctors in most of the treatment centers give up after two to three cycles, Dr Rita Bakshi does not.

Her experience and the research say that over 60% of the patients receive a positive response from the treatment in between fifth to eighth IVF cycle. However, you have to remain mentally and financially stable for the same.

 It might not be possible to hold the burden of finances for multiple IVF cycles in other countries, but the cost of treatment in India can help you to go for the same. The price for a single IVF cycle in most of the countries starts at USD 28,000, which is five to six times higher.

The cost of IVF in India is only 4,000 US dollars per cycle. So, one can easily afford it and undergo multiple cycles of IVF, as and when required.

In a Nutshell:

You must select your IVF doctor, and hospital very precisely. Take time to decide, but land up at a reputed place. Check the records and results of the doctor before finalizing.

The higher the practical exposure, the higher is their experience and knowledge on how to conduct the treatment for a particular case.

There can be multiple approaches to deal with an infertile situation, but the experienced doctor decides on a way to get the results within minimum possible cycles.

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