10 Best and Effective Instagram Marketing Tips for Your Startup

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with more than 800 million active users, posting over 60 million photos each day. On these posts, there are close to 1.6 billion likes and comments.

Over time Instagram has grown significantly and has kept on integrating more features that have made it an interesting platform. With such a huge user base, Instagram has drawn the attention of several popular influencers. All these influencers share their daily routines with pictures, short videos, and written posts.

With a bit of an understanding and the right plan execution, you can become an influential brand too. Due to Instagram’s global popularity and usage, it is one of the best and most effective platforms to market your product and services.

You need to create content for your account that aligns with your product line-up and is relevant to your existing followers. This relevance factor is a bit more important because it helps in drawing more attention, which leads to getting more followers.

    Best and Effective Instagram Marketing Tips

    Here are the 10 effective Instagram marketing tips for your startup:

    1. Get Your Business Account

    A personal Instagram account has a few barriers that will stop you from reaching a high audience volume. To tackle this problem, creators have the option of having a business account. This is the initial step that should be taken even before you start planning your marketing strategy.

    Also, there is no hassle to run two accounts from the same device because you can simply switch between them as per your need. Unlike your private account, business accounts have no limits, you get a chance to create and publish ads without using any outside tool. You can get insights that will show you the stats about your account. Once all the perks are unlocked, you can track every activity of your account.

    2. Free Instagram Tools

    Once you have your business account up and running, do not shy away from using the free Instagram tools. Having a business account on Instagram is still a new thing for many users, so it won’t be difficult to adjust and set up if you are one of them. It is majorly a mirror of the Facebook business account. So, you won’t have to bang your head too much to understand it.

    With the account, users also get to enjoy perks such as call-to-action, access to insights, access to impressions, and other useful data along with all the possible contact options. For assistance, you can check videocreek.com.

    3. Initiate Cross-promotion

    There are so many popular social media platforms where you might have a huge fan base, but your Instagram account is just not taking up the pace. In such scenarios, you can simply promote your Instagram account on your other handles.

    There is a huge advantage in doing so because the followers of your other accounts already like your products. So, with the help of cross-promotion, bring them to your Instagram account and increase your brand reach on this platform as well.

    4. Stop Overwhelming Your Audience

    Being a start-up, it would surely urge you to post your products or services online frequently. To a great extent, it is fine and doable, but don’t overwhelm your audience. If your post frequencies are too high, it might annoy the followers, which will force them to unfollow you.

    There is no magic trick in this. You will have to observe the response of your audience to set the right frequency of the posts.

    5. Make Sure To Keep Urging Your Audience

    Another thing to keep in mind is to keep creating teasers that can highly affect your brand promotion. Undoubtedly, Instagram is a very good platform to advertise your products. But, you need to do it in a very subtle way. If you become too pushy, your followers will click the button you don’t want them to click.

    Teasers are one of the best ways to talk about your product without looking too excited. Make sure to keep this in mind.

    6. Interact With Your Followers

    The more you come close to your customers and followers, the easier it becomes for your business to grow. If you see a name in the comments section that pops up too many times, almost in all of your posts, make sure to spend two seconds to thank the person. This will help in sparking growth in your business by getting loyalty from your followers.

    Yes! A thank you is all it takes.

    7. Sponsor Ads Are Also Important

    While you are creating a budget for everything, make sure to do the same for your ads on Instagram. Just set the budget before you take another step forward. Displaying a sponsor ad can serve the purpose as it tends to target the potential and existing audience for a complete day.

    Just follow bigger brands and study how they are using their sponsor ad tool. Promo video makers can help you in creating engaging sponsor ads.

    8. Stories Can Make Things Interesting

    Create stories about your brand and post them on your account. The number of stories has no limit, so make as many stories you want. These stories that you upload on your account have a greater impact on the audience because it is short, crisp and to the point. Make sure to use this space to inform your audience about your product in a more catchy way.

    At the end of the stories, you can put a click button, which when clicked will take the person right where you want them. If you follow this you might get the boost you were wanting for your startup.

    9. Use Hashtags

    Hashtags play a very important role in promoting any brand on social media platforms. So, make use of relevant hashtags to draw more attention to your brand. For every creator who uploads a post on their Instagram business account, they can use a maximum of 30 hashtags with each post. Though many promoters, marketers, and influencers find using these many hashtags as spammy still if you want you can use it.

    Largely, creators use 5-6 relevant and most searched hashtags but top marketers believe that using 11 hashtags gets the best engagement on your post.

    10. Creativity Never Fails

    Be a bit more creative than others to get more users, followers, and probably customers on your account. The more creative you become, the better brand speak you create. You can use various video making and editing software to create a catchy video. Use different eye-arresting colour combinations because vibrant colours make a greater impact on the viewer and remain for a long time in their memory.


    If you are looking for a good video editing software then do check out the best video editing software online to create better and engaging videos. With this, you will be able to draw more customers to your website from your Instagram account.

    If we were to consider a time say about 5-8 years ago, no one would have taken this fact seriously that a person can boost up his startup using social media platforms. But in today’s world, the importance and usefulness of these platforms have gone higher than ever. So, make sure you use these platforms effectively!

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