Using Free VPNs: Are you really protected?

VPNs: Here’s a list of the best free VPNs if you’re looking for a VPN but don’t want to pay for a monthly subscription. TunnelBear, Hotspot Shield,

Often times, you need to open your wallet to access quality online services. The VPN free- you deviate from the rule? Not everyone is willing to pay to use a VPN. Free VPN providers make big promises and can be misleading to unsuspecting internet users.

However, if we remove the price factor from the equation, things get a little more complicated. If there aren’t a lot of free VPN providers out there, it’s not for free. Paid services don’t just use the money you give them to keep themselves happy.

They mostly use it to keep their server network going. VPN providers should use the latest and greatest in encryption techniques, but that’s not all. You also need to have a large number of servers worldwide, ensure lightning-fast connections, and design applications that are easy to use.

To offer a free VPN, the provider has to make sacrifices or compromise on quality and security. Of course, every company makes different decisions, but you need to be wary of free VPN providers: their purpose may not really be to keep you safe.

In fact, the free VPN may just be a bait to extract sensitive data from you and sell it to websites that use it for commercial purposes. In this case, the VPN leaves you vulnerable, which is precisely the opposite of what you are looking for.

Are Free VPN Apps Really Safe?
Giving your confidential information to a company to benefit from a free VPN can seem harmless. However, this can have serious repercussions, mainly if your data is sold to a malicious third party or if your VPN provider does not care enough about security. A data breach occurs.

A recent VPN study shows that many VPN companies are not acting in good faith. Mobile VPN apps can put your security at risk: They can access your geolocation and functions on your smartphone that you don’t need to access. Sometimes they are even used to install malware, which is a real threat.

Researchers who conducted this online VPN study calculated that 35% of the 283 VPN apps available in the Android Store contain malware. They also found that some of these applications do not use data encryption technology, making tablets and smartphones vulnerable to attack.

Free VPN

What is the Best Free VPN?

Does a free VPN really exist? You would be surprised to know that some of these services do exist. However, some do not, and some are quite pricey. So what is the best free VPN service? It depends a lot on what you need the assistance for and how much money you want to spend.

A free VPN is often worth it, especially if you will use it for personal needs. Firstly, they can sometimes come with hidden fees – such as adverts inserted in your browser or, worse still, your internet connection used for other users’ access to the Internet. In this case, if you have one of these service providers, you will probably need to pay more money if you want your surfing experience to be free. However, if you are looking for a VPN service to use for personal use, then a free version is the best option.

Another thing you will need to consider when choosing a VPN service is whether they offer unlimited use or just restricted use. Some of the free VPN for windows are wholly unlimited and allow you to access their servers anywhere you want.

However, these are not the ones that you need for the most private browsing. If you want unlimited access, then you may want to look into paying a monthly subscription fee. These subscriptions usually cost around $50 or so and are generally worth it if you are a heavy user.

Which Free VPNs Can You Trust?

Fortunately, there are several honest free VPN providers out there. First, note that most VPNs offer free trials. Others provide free VPNs on top of their paid subscriptions by limiting the connection speed, the amount of data available, or the number of servers that can be accessed.

Below is a list of reliable and free VPNs for everyone looking for how to get a VPN free-


ProtonVPN has become a household name in the Internet Security world, thanks to its top-quality product line. For many years the company has been able to offer top-notch customer support as well as a secure and anonymous browsing environment. They are dedicated to providing their customers with the best free service available online. Their website is loaded with information about the ProtonVPN free trial and provides instructions on how to install the program. The free trial will allow you to connect to the internet anonymously while you test out the product for yourself.

Free trials are a great way to test a product before you invest your hard-earned money. Most web hosting companies will not allow you to try their products until you have purchased the software and paid a one-time fee. ProtonVPN offers you this type of trial to let you know if their product will meet your needs.

There are hundreds of websites on the Internet where you can sign up for a free trial of Proton VPN and gain access to their private network. Many people like the Proton VPN free trial because it allows them to test out the features, find out for themselves how reliable the service is and also allows them to keep an eye out for any problems that might occur.

When signing up for the free trial, you should always enter your credit card information so that you can get a code to redeem for your free gift. You must make sure that you do this before you actually complete the registration process. This is because once you complete the registration process, you will be required to input your credit card information so that you can use your free gift. If you fail to do this, you will not receive your free gift.


Another popular name among internet users, although you can only use 500MB of data per month. It is possible to increase this limit by tweeting it to promote Tunnelbear. However, it’s better to pay to use your VPN.

Tunnelbear is one of the latest VPN free services that are available for your use. One reason that they have gained popularity is that it is free and easy to use compared to the other ones out there. You can easily set up Tunnelbear in an instant, after which you will be able to access the Internet from anywhere in the world. However, one thing you need to realize is that they do charge you for this, so make sure you know how much to expect from them before you sign up. Here are some essential things you need to look for when signing up for Tunnelbear.

TunnelBear offers an unlimited tier to anyone who would like to try their service, which means just a little taste, and no more. You also have the option to extend an additional 1GB of traffic if you recommend the use to others. For a monthly fee, you can also purchase a TunnelBear router for your home or office to access the Internet. This will allow you to have your private network at home without having to share the public Internet with other people. The Tunnelbear router is very powerful, and you can configure it according to your individual needs. With this router, you can install a Squidoo lens and Facebook profile sharing software. This router has many more features to offer you.

One of the main benefits of Tunnelbear is that you can choose to keep your personal information on the Internet and not have to worry about any of that private information falling into the wrong hands. If you are worried about identity theft, Tunnelbear can help you avoid the embarrassment and problems associated with it. Most VPN companies have to deal with privacy issues, so they do not provide you with as much protection as Tunnelbear. This is because they are based outside of the United States. Tunnelbear is based in Canada. It is very reliable and can be trusted if used with caution. After all, Tunnelbear is not going to be around forever, so you need to make sure that you are covered.

Hotspot Shield Free VPN

Hotspot Shield Free is another great option if you are looking for a free VPN. The interface is clear, fun and easy to use. With more than 3,200 active servers in more than 70 countries, you might expect high-speed speeds from a Hotspot Shield VPN. The only problem is that the majority of VPN providers don’t offer this service. The good news is that there’s a Hotspot Shield Free VPN version that does. This VPN service also provides high-quality security features and good user experience.

Since it works with more than one device, it can be used for multiple users simultaneously. You can expect incredible speeds from the VPN services. However, you also have to take into consideration the reliability of your devices or computers.

With more than 1.3 million active users, the Hotspot Shield Free VPN has been designed by top-notch hackers and developers. This means it’s able to protect your personal information. In addition to that, there are also several different ways to get the service. By merely purchasing a membership, you’ll be able to use the free service and then upgrade to an additional plan. Of course, the membership is still absolutely free.

The catch is that the free subscription is extremely slow compared to paid VPNs. Besides, there are advertisements everywhere… which must be avoided at all costs as they pose security problems.


  • Unblock geo-restricted contents
  • Secure all online activities
  • Unparalleled VPN Performance
  • Largest VPN Coverage
  • No Logs Kept
  • Best Customer Support
  • Trusted by millions
  • Malware and Phishing Protection.

If you’re looking for an excellent free VPN provider, look no further than the Hotspot Shield Free VPN. This VPN is a perfect choice for people who want excellent security while not paying for the high price. Try it out today!

SurfEasy VPN

SurfEasy is one of the most popular and fastest-growing VPN services on the Internet today. An easy-to-use interface, an affordable price tag, and unlimited bandwidth have made it the most sought after solution for VPN users.

SurfEasy plans don’t have monthly bandwidth caps, so you never have to worry about monthly VPN bandwidth usage restrictions. SurfEasy also encrypts your internet traffic at every step, helping to protect your personal and financial information online. When surfing the web, your IP address is recorded by websites and other servers, so that they can track your surfing habits and personal information.

Using SurfEasy’s unlimited VPN service, you can surf the web anonymously while keeping your identity and surfing habits private.

SurfEasy VPN is perfect for your business needs because it is highly-efficient and flexible enough to meet all your VPN needs. SurfEasy provides a wide range of tools and features for you to choose from, including tools to create your customized VPN policies. You can find a comprehensive list of features by typing SurfEasy into any major search engine. You can even compare various SurfEasy packages to find the one that is right for your business.

SurfEasy VPN will not only provide you with the security you need but also provide you with a host of other features such as unlimited bandwidth, high-speed internet access, and an advanced configuration system.

SurfEasy VPN plans provide a simple way to connect with your clients from anywhere in the world securely. You can make use of SurfEasy’s cheap monthly rates to pay for the VPN services and still have your time and money, which is more important than anything else-free. SurfEasy VPN is fast and reliable, making it ideal for all types of businesses. SurfEasy VPN is easy to install, easy to use, and very efficient in securing your data and online transactions.


  • Mask your IP address and geographic location.
  • Appear to be in the US or a dozen other countries.
  • Browse anonymously and avoid being tracked.
  • Access blocked websites from anywhere in the world.
  • Bypass firewalls to browse without limits.
  • Unblock your favorite websites and apps.

With Surfeasy, you can access all servers as long as you do not send or receive more than 500 MB of data per month. However, if you want to use more than 500MB/month, you can go for a premium account. Free VPN is a free VPN that secures WiFi and helps you protect your privacy online. Best part? It’s absolutely free to use and offers up to 2 GB of bandwidth per month. That’s something you can really use. VPN masks your IP address, encrypts your internet traffic, turns public WiFi into a private network, and helps unblock sites and apps on device, so you can access all restricted content securely and anonymously. is an easy to use VPN server with one click to connect.


  • One click to connect.
  • Best server speed & reliability.
  • Unblock geographically restricted websites.
  • Protect your privacy and keep you safe online.


ZoogVPN provides you with the freedom to surf, surf on the internet anywhere in the world with any broadband connection. Surf freely using Zoog VPN to safeguard your privacy and online security at any time of the day and night. Download torrent files with ease and confidence with unlimited, reliable and fast VPN servers available as ‘P2P’ torrents.

ZoogVPN free

Create your free VPN

We strongly recommend internet users familiar with programming to look at open source VPNs. With OpenVPN and SoftEther, you can create a VPN without spending a dime. This solution has one major drawback; It requires solid skills and technical knowledge. You will also need to use a VPN provider to connect or have your server overseas.

Finally, let’s mention the Opera internet browser and Windscribe For Chrome. This alternative to Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome have an excellent free VPN. It only works for browsing, not downloading torrents through VPN, but allows you to browse and access multiple streaming sites in complete privacy.

Windscribe for Chrome is an effective online security and privacy tool for the Google Chrome browser. It protects your private data including passwords, e-mails, instant messengers, and downloaded files while encrypting them with advanced encryption technology.

In addition, it uses advanced fingerprint recognition technology that ensures secure browsing even while on public networks. It also prevents your identity from being stolen. Moreover, you can download the free software that helps you monitor all your online activity and protect yourself against various spyware and adware programs.

This web-browser extension works well with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. To begin using the extension, go to the website and click “Download.” The installation process is easy and you just need to follow the simple steps that are presented. After the installation, just select the extension icon from the main toolbar of the browser you want to use and follow the on-screen instructions. As soon as you start your computer, you will notice that you are connected to the World Wide Web.


Although “free” can sometimes mean “safe and anonymous,” we recommend that you choose a paid VPN. The monthly cost is relatively low and, given the stakes, it is often excellent value for money. Click here for a list of the best-paid VPN providers in France!

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