Top 3 Best gaming Chairs 2022: Reviews and Buying Advice

To enjoy 100% of your favourite video games for hours, nothing like a comfortable gaming chair! But still, it is necessary to choose the right one.

Here is a guide to buying the best gaming chair 2022 according to your budget:

1. Noblechairs EPIC: The best gaming chair on the market?

A gamer aims to equip himself with the necessary equipment to play comfortably and competitively. Among these materials, a gamer chair proves to be indispensable. The Noblechairs EPIC is for gamers, whether amateur or professional, wishing to have a high-end chair, perfectly ergonomic, and allowing multiple settings.

The Strong Points

Ergonomic: If a gamer invests in a gaming chair, it is because he intends to spend several hours in front of his favourite game, and preferably in a situation of optimal comfort. He must have an ergonomic gaming chair, and this is precisely the case of this Noblechairs EPIC. The backrest has been designed so that it perfectly matches the curves of your back. Your spine will then adopt a position that will significantly reduce fatigue, even after several hours of play. You will be able to deliver good performances longer during your competitive games.

Top-quality upholstery: A high-end gamer should have a high-quality coating. It must be pleasant to the touch, participate in the comfort of the chair, and also be resistant enough to withstand frequent friction and more or less critical. The coating covering this gamer seat is premium PU synthetic leather. It perfectly combines comfort and strength: its flexibility provides a chair and a touch, pleasant touch. It is nevertheless robust enough not to give in to the repeated rubbing of our jeans against him.

Design: A gamer usually gives a lot of importance to the aesthetics of his material. It is perfectly reasonable to include design as one of the main characteristics determining the choice of a geek chair. The company Noblechairs particularly cared for this aspect, offering its model Epic the look of the bucket of the race vehicles, with a finish worthy of the most luxurious cars. Here, we focus on aggression, sobriety, and elegance. It will be suitable for a professional and straightforward gamer installation.

Possibility of multiple adjustments: The Noblechairs EPIC can adapt to any user through the ability to adjust and tilt many of its elements. For example, you can tilt the backrest from 90 ° to 135 ° thanks to a sophisticated tilting mechanism. The armrests can also be adjusted on four axes (in 4 dimensions), allowing you to find the ideal position to rest your arms. In terms of height, adjustment can be made via a robust aluminium hydraulic gas lift.

The weak points

No real leather for the upholstery: Compared to an IKEA gamer, this model stands out for its flawless design and the quality of the materials used, which offer both comfort and robustness. If he had to find a little blame, it might be that he did not use real leather for his coating. However, genuine leather could have been a little trickier to maintain in the long run. The 100% vegan PU faux leather used here is just as robust and more comfortable to clean. So we will not hold them to rigor. Check Laptops Consider for more possibilities.

2. Diablo X-One Horn: the best value for money

This Diablo X-One Horn is the gamer that we recommend if you are looking for the model with the best value for money. We will note immediately its diabolically aggressive look, with its horns and its two-tone colour red and black. The ergonomics are optimized thanks to a comfortable seat, the presence of two cushions (one for the lumbar and one for the head), and the ability to adjust the inclination and the position of the armrests.

The strong points

Optimized ergonomics: Diablo X meets the gamers’ most significant need for a gamer chair, namely: to offer maximum comfort. To do this, engineers at Diablo have thought of all the details. Above all, they designed an armchair with a most ergonomic shape. It is equipped with removable cushions at the lumbar and head so that you can enjoy a perfect posture. The fact that your back and neck are perfectly rested not only provides excellent sitting comfort, but it will also limit the tiredness felt after several hours of play.

Adjustable seat: The firm Diablo wishes to bring complete satisfaction to the players demanding in terms of comfort by proposing this gamer chair. This one will be able to suit a maximum of players since it can be adjusted in height. The positions of the armrests can also be adjusted so that they fall right where you need them. Finally, if after a long time you need to lie down a little, you will not even have to leave your chair geek since the back of it can be tilted up to almost 180 °. Finally, the ability of this Diablo X-One Horn to rotate 360 ​​° can be of great convenience in everyday life.

A look of hell: It is the case to say it! This Diablo is aptly named. His sports car tub look is already aggressive at will. But the firm wanted to accentuate its identity by offering two colors that will undoubtedly make its small effect: red and black. But as if that was not enough, the brand took the expression “the devil is in the details” literally, since the cushion meant to accommodate the head is endowed with two red horns. No doubt, this Diablo X-One Horn gamer chair impresses at first sight.

Faux leather upholstery: If the leather is generally loved for a car seat, the imitation leather will do the trick for a gamer. Indeed, this material is much easier to maintain than real leather. To clean it, a damp sponge and a little soap will do the trick. The imitation leather makes the colours come out as well and keeps their shine without difficulty. Finally, the coating used on this Diablo X has a high resistance to friction.

The weak points

Delicate editing: Without going so far as to say that its editing will make you live a hell, the operation would not be a part of the pleasure, according to the statements of some users. The holes where to screw the bolts would sometimes be partially obstructed by the imitation leather, which would make the task a little more delicate. But nothing is impossible in short.

Best gaming Chairs

3. SONGMICS OBG62B: a cheap but reliable gamer chair

SONGMICS offers gamers a much less expensive alternative, but just as comfortable with its OBG62B model. This gamer armchair inherits a sober and elegant design. The comfort of sitting is ensured by an adjustable backrest marrying the curves of the back, and by padding in the sponge of high density. It is thus suitable for people of all sizes, including healthy people.

The strong points

Ergonomically shaped backrest: When there are several hours of sitting in a chair, it is essential to adopt an adequate posture, at the risk of suffering from a long-term disability. The solution proposed by SONGMICS is a folder whose shape follows the curves of your back. By leaning on the backrest, your spine will adopt the ideal position. You will enjoy a comfortable seat and feel less tired. Side supports provide better support, as on the tubs of sports cars.

Solid casters: The SONGMICS OBG62B is equipped with five casters that allow you to move freely in your room or office without having to get up from your seat. These wheels are made of polyurethane (PU), a plastic known for its ability to combine comfort, ergonomics, and robustness. They will be perfect for moving on any floor, be it tile, wood, flooring, PVC flooring, or even carpet. Note finally that their texture will not scratch your beautiful deck and allows the wheels to be less noisy during the trip.

Sober look: A geek seat does not have a very aggressive and extravagant design. Regarding the look of its model OBG62B, SONGMICS preferred to opt for sobriety and efficiency. Here, no flashy colours, no ostentatious decorations. The seat is covered with a black faux leather very sober and with beautiful finishes. Some elements (especially at the armrests) inherit a metallic gray paint. Thanks to this classy, ​​dry, and neutral look, this SONGMICS OBG62B can be installed both in an office and in a gamer room.

Adjustable Armchair: Although this model is not expensive, it offers the same settings options as higher range models. It will allow you to switch the backrest from 90° to 110°. You will also have the possibility to change the seat height by 10 cm. In addition to comfort, the proposed settings also meet more practical aspects: by raising the armrests, you will be able to push your seat under your desk. You will benefit from a significant gain of space.

The weak points

Non-adjustable armrests: The armrests can be raised for storage, but their positions can not be adjusted. It is not possible to change them to enjoy maximum comfort, which is a bit of a con. But considering the other qualities of the product, as well as its very competitive price, we can easily forgive him for this little flaw.

Office armchair or gamer armchair?

You are wondering what type of seat to choose for your gaming installation? Two choices are available: the office chair and the gaming chair. What are the differences? Is one better than the other? Let’s see that more closely.

The office chair

Having proper equipment is a necessity when sitting for extended periods. The choice of your gamer seat will depend mostly on your use. If the time you spend sitting does not exceed 3 hours, then you can consider the purchase of a simple office chair, more fundamental and especially cheaper. However, if you sit more than 8 hours a day, then the use of a more ergonomic chair is more than recommended if you do not want to suffer later pathologies related to poor posture.

The gaming chair

The comfort and seating offered by a gamer chair are much more advanced compared to what an office chair provides. Often with a tub design (racing car seat), the gamer offers options such as an adjustable backrest, adjustable armrests, and better lumbar support. As you can imagine, these models are often more expensive, compared to office chairs. But if you spend more than 5 hours sitting, then the choice of a gamer chair is more advisable.

How to choose a gaming chair?

While wandering on various online sales sites, or in the office furniture sales stores, you will find a wide range of gamers at different prices. To help you make the best choice, we propose to refer you to the main criteria to take into account when buying your gaming chair.

Ergonomic backrest

The purchase of a PS4 or PC gamer chair is very often motivated by the quest for increased sitting comfort for an extended period in front of the screen. This comfort is primarily obtained thanks to the perfect posture of the spine. The shape of the chair backrest plays a significant role.

Some models have a folder with ideally distributed curves, while others use cushions placed at the lumbar and neck. No matter what technology is used, as long as the back is well maintained. By choosing a gamer chair with an ergonomic backrest, you can spend more hours in front of your screen with less risk of back pain.

Different adjustment options

Each gamer has its morphology (size, build, etc.). The engineers of the brands of gamers do not generally offer sizes for their models. In contrast, the newest armchairs provide various settings to adapt to the needs of each player (small size, large size, healthy people, etc.).

Thus, you can find armchairs whose armrests can be adjusted in 4D, that is to say that the adjustment can be made in height, depth (from front to back), in width (armrests are approaching or deviate from the body), and in rotation (right or more or less turned inwards). You can then find the ideal position to rest your arms comfortably. Well-adjusted armrests also help to relieve the neck and shoulders.

The possibility of adjusting the inclination of the folder is not negligible either. Some models will allow tilting up to 180 ° so you can lie down after a long game. Others are content with inclinations ranging from 90° to 135°.

As with office chairs, the possibility of changing the height of the gaming chair is also an asset to consider.

The coating

The gamer chairs on the market are often made of fabric, leatherette, or leather. A gamer armchair fabric is less expensive and is softer to the touch. On the other hand, it is quite sensitive to stains, and its maintenance can be tedious.

The leatherette gamer is probably the most popular model. It is sturdy, easy to maintain, aesthetic, and costs much less than real leather.

Genuine leather is only used by high-end models (much rarer and more expensive). This noble material is extremely robust and offers an elegant touch to your office.

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