Best GotoTub Alternative Proxies / Mirrors Sites 2024

GotoTub is one of the best sites to watch and download free movies, but accessing the official GotoTub website will only be possible in some regions. Because of that, we’ve listed some of the best and most working GotoTub alternative proxies and mirror sites you can use. However, if you like trying other options, we’ve also listed some of the best GotoTub alternatives in 2023.

It is popularly known as and is one of the top movie sites that allows users to stream and download popular movies and television episodes for free. GotoTub has all the best movies and TV series available readily online for download.

Why is the GotoTub website more popular than others? Because of the extensive collection of Trailers, Cinema Films, and better-downloading speed compared to other sites such as YTS, Mydownloadtube, UHD movies, etc.

GotoTub shut down entirely in 2019. Because of that, we’ve listed some GotoTub alternatives and working GotoTub mirror proxy sites that will come in handy. Along with other reliable sites like GotoTub, we also uncover the best 4k movie download websites, which are always advised to use for high-quality downloading or streaming.

Is GotoTub Down Right Now?

The official GotoTub website is offline, as rechecked on February 21, 2023.

Though this will not be the first time a popular movie site has shut down, it usually happens for various reasons; however, having backups is always a good idea.

GotoTub Proxy Sites Working in 2024

It’s common among movie streaming websites like GotoTub to have mirror sites that serve as a backup when something strange happens.

Disclaimer: GotoTub mirrors may contain pop-up ads or redirect you to malicious domains. Use a VPN while browsing these clone sites to protect yourself against malware.

Here are some GotoTub Proxy/mirror sites:

GotoTub Alternatives for Downloading Movies and TV Series

The growth in the internet is resulting in better and more streaming sites that emerge each day. However, whether movie platforms like GotoTub will continue running for years is still being determined. For this, we’ve listed a few GotoTub alternatives that are still running:

1. 123movieshub

123movies alternatives

123movieshub is a mature entry in our list of sites similar to GotoTub. Despite facing numerous legal challenges, it’s running again with the same domain name:

2. M4UHD


As the second option on our GotoTub alternatives list, M4UHD is an excellent choice. As it’s regularly updated with new releases, so safe to say it’s very active. There are several mirrors for M4UHD that you can use, such as, if the primary domain is offline.

3. Watch2Movies

20 Best Movies2Watch Alternatives

movies2watch tv

Watch2Movies provides TV series and movie direct download links for its visitors. This website has an extensive list of new and old movies. It also has an option where users can request movies if uploaded to the server later, but creating an account is optional here. This will serve you well as one of the GotoTub alternatives.

4. 9movies


9movies used to be a fantastic free movie website and would have made an excellent GotoTub alternative had it not been voluntarily terminated a few years back. There are, however, a couple of 9movies proxy websites floating around, is the latest one for 2023, and it’s up and running as of now.

5. Moviexk

moviexk biz comfortskillz

Moviexk is again a viral movie search engine, but like many other free movie sites, it was eventually shut down. Many Moviexk proxy websites that you can use as GotoTub alternatives are still running. The current domain is now

6. Ask4movie

Ask4Movies - sites like putlocker sites

Ask4movie is one of the newest movie search engines. After battling a legal conflict, it’s running again. However, you may see less activity now due to users flocking to alternative websites. Nevertheless, keep this GotoTub series alternative as a second choice.

7. MoviesFlix

The Moviesflix Pro Website

Movies Flix is another excellent addition to this list of GotoTub alternatives. You will find the latest movies, as many users use this HD movie search engine to get all titles they want to stream or download. The current working domain is

8. 123movies4u

123movies4u movie search engine will let you look up torrents and magnet files you usually would have through GotoTub movies, and currently has over 50k movie titles indexed.

9. Series9

Series9 - Sites like LookMovie2

Series9 is the most popular website to watch and download all movies online for free. You can also download TOP IMDb, TV shows, and full HD movies. is an excellent choice for watching movies online and downloading TV-Series for mobile and PC.

10. Movieorca

Movieorca Alternatives

Movieorca is just another kind of GotoTub alternative you need. The movie search engine combs the internet looking for streaming links for you. It’s straightforward and convenient to use.


Is GotoTub Safe?

It is tried and tested by many. So yes, the GotoTub series is safe. However, for further assurance, we checked the website through Google Transparency, and the results confirmed that GotoTub is safe to use as no such unsafe content was found.

The only thing is that it does not guarantee privacy from ISP or any other third party tracking your activity. However, if you download too much from torrents, your ISP may limit your bandwidth, also known as bandwidth throttling.

To be safe, it recommends users connect to a VPN before streaming or downloading to avoid copyright issues later and get freedom and privacy with the best VPN service.

What are the top 7 best GotoTub alternatives in 2023?

  • 123movieshub
  • 9movies
  • Watch2Movies
  • Moviexk
  • MoviesFlix
  • M4UHD
  • Series9
  • Gototub app

Is GotoTub illegal to use?

No, GotoTub is not legal, along with many other streaming platforms. It had been shut down due to stolen and copyright content violations. So you can use other GotoTub alternatives at your own will – check their legalities before accessing them.

What Is GotoTub?

GotoTub is a free Movie streaming site with minimal ads. It lets people watch movies online without having to register or paying, with over 25000 movies and TV series all in HD and even 4K contents.

Is GotoTub Blocked?

The official GotoTub is still blocked, and what you often see might be some of its mirror websites. Movie platforms like GotoTub repeatedly infringe copyright laws, which your ISP has a right to block access to. If GotoTub is available, ensure you’re connected to a VPN for online protection.

GotoTub Official Domains

The following are GOTOTUB’s Official Domains; you can choose the fastest one to visit the main page.

GotoTub Official Domains

Final Words – GotoTub Alternatives

The first thing to remember about sites like GotoTub is to avoid downloading copyrighted content. VPN services do not condone downloading series, movies, and TV shows illegally. Do not also forget to have an antivirus active at all times, as torrents can contain malware, such as crypto miners.

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