6 Best Linen Collection Brands In Pakistan

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The unstitched fashion linen collections are an essential part of every male and females winter wardrobe. The fabric is warm, comfortable and retains the warmth of the body making it ideal for cold weather of Pakistan. It drapes well on the body and can easily be dyed to perfection because of its smooth texture.

The popular fashion houses of the country are releasing spring, summer, fall and winter collections around the year. The designs for winter are usually in linen, khaddar and dyed yarn blends that are manufactured locally by high-quality textile factories.

Linen collections will have the same key elements from lawn collections but with a warmer color palette and prints. The 5 best linen collection fashion brands Pakistan are:

1. Maria B

The unstitched linen collection has the Maria B classic floral embroideries on heavy linen fabric in three-piece suits. The designs have threadwork and Swarovski crystals that are one of the best embellishments available in the market. The iconic style of Maria B’s lawn collection is carried into her winter collections as well with the running thread embroideries on base colours of ink blue and dark red tones for her winter ensembles.

2. Rang Rasiya 

Rang Rasiya has developed streams of seasonal collections that cover both formal evening wear to casual everyday suits. Their heavy linen designs are heavily embellished for the contemporary women looking for high-quality fabric and embroidered suit for formal wear on budget. Ideal for weddings, dholkis, engagements and other festive occasions, these designs are rich in colour with intricate threadwork embroideries.

 3. So Kamal

The fashion retail store has Zara Shahjehan leading their designs and aesthetic. She is the Creative Designer for the pret wear and understands what the modern woman in Pakistan wants to wear designs clothes for various price point collections.  Don’t forget to check out the collection at shopsy.

4. Motifz 

Motifz brings out the best results by combing machine and artisanship. The quality of the linen is the utmost priority along with high-quality stitching and processing machines. They have modern and in-demand linen collections with over 30 designs for women. Motifz has a budget to mid-range linen collection with light to heavy embroideries.

5. Nishat Linen 

Nishat Linen has redefined the textile industry with its keen attention to design, quality and affordability. Their intuitive and adaptive fashion retail store sells unstitched linen suits in both prepackaged 3-piece suits and also gives the option of buying per meter of loose fabric or “khula kapra” as termed in Pakistan.

6. Bareeze 

Bareeze is a Pakistani fashion house that has traditional embroidery and embellished cloth for sale at a range of price points. They have modern and contemporary linen designs in their winter collection that cater to a wide demographic of women. You can check price and collection in Pakistan through shopsy.pk

Bareeze’s designs embody a timeless eastern grace inspired by the cultural and ethnic aesthetic. Its roots are firmly anchored into Pakistani trends and fashion sensibilities of women who prefer to wear printed linen shalwar kameez tailored from unstitched cloth.

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