Best Niches for Earning Through Social Media in 2020

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Social media emergence, stuff like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and other opened tons of doors. One of them is the possibility to earn money through it. Social media in 2020 is amongst the most lucrative opportunities for up-and-coming businesses. Join in and start earning today. All it takes is not that much. The best niches will be shown to you in order to propel you to prosperity through social media earnings. Here we go.

Anything related to history and/or science

These two subjects have the most curious audiences. History and science lovers tend to soak in tons of information, and there are many of such lovers out there. Sharing and devising content for history and/or science social media posts will tremendously improve your English skills. In addition, while you get followers, you can sell the page or earn through ads over time.


This is the primary source of social media income for female influencers and social media personalities. However, this is not gender-exclusive. New clothes arrive in stores almost every day, so new combos and styles can be arranged with endless possibilities. Since there are close to 1 billion active users on Instagram, imagine the enormous demand for styling and clothing guides.

Every person can be a style guru, to a degree. Just properly advertise and invest in production quality and even with a mediocre fashion sense, you can easily become a fashion blogger. You will learn and get a better understanding over time.

Travel & Tourism

Yet another niche with almost endless possibilities. Everyone loves to see photos from the mountains, the beach, exotic animals or anything else that is at least slightly extraordinary. IGTV helped and IG videos are fast-becoming the best source for advertising travel & tourism blog content.

Buying IG views can help you appear on the ‘Explore’ section and attract new visitors/followers. This niche is very heavily oriented towards visual content so make sure you have an HD 1080p camera, put decent effort into editing, music. In the end, you will find people to follow you just because unique travel content is available.

Cars & Motorbikes

Vehicle enthusiasts are unsparing when it comes to buying accessories or other goods for their prized possession. If you are good with hands or know someone that is (friend, foreign supplier, fellow hobbyist), utilise your connection to manufacture accessories and sell them. Create a Shopify page or any e-shop and a separate car blog simultaneously. Drive the audience from the car blog to the e-shop and profit from both projects.

This is just an example model.

Reviews & Buyer advice

For tech geeks and consumers, buyer advice and reviews are always very attractive. Look at MKBHD, LinusTechTips and other channels. They started out very small but over time became media giants that influence hundreds of thousands, if not millions of tech consumers. Nothing is standing between you and becoming such a success story. Just do, you will learn over time.

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