Best Online Services for Students to Download Before Spring Comes

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Spring is coming and nobody cares about their classes! But every conscious student remembers the exams that come after. There is still a stereotype that exam preparation and educational success are mistaken for hard work. First-year students often overestimate their responsibilities and try to do literally every college task, which requires much effort and time, and results in having health problems. The remedy to this situation is to have enough information and tips to simplify students’ lives.

To save you from making the same mistake, we created a list of the most helpful apps and services you can find online. Prepare for your exams easily and use your positive spring mood with benefit!

1. Blackboard

 Stay informed and connected with Blackboard. This app includes Blackboard Collaborate – a synchronous web conferencing virtual classes for meetings between students and teachers. If you wait for updates from your instructors, you’ll be easily informed by app notifications.

With the Blackboard app, students can quickly view updates to their courses and content, take assignments and tests, view marks for classes, assignments, and tests, and participate in collaboration sessions on the go.

2. Edmodo

Edmodo is one more great app for engaging students, parents, and teachers in one place. Meet the digital classroom!

Edmodo is a great tool for a teacher to share engaging lessons, keep parents updated, and build a vibrant classroom community. For students, it is a great opportunity to get messages from your parents, teachers, and classmates, so they don’t forget anything important.

3. WriteMyEssayOnline

This online service helps students to prepare for the writing process and create breathtaking essays. Write My Essay Online is a great 24/7 working team that provides assistance and custom essay samples on any discipline.

Get reliable help by contacting your writer and providing all the details of your task for writing. For more useful information, users can visit this Write My Essay Online review page.

4. Manifest

Students are multitasking people; therefore, it is easy for them to forget anything. This app helps students to keep an eye on essential tasks and goals. Use Manifest daily to achieve your desires! Stay organized with goal cards, visualize your dreams, affirm your beliefs, and stay confident that only you are the author of your better reality!

5. PictureThis – Flower & Plant Identification

Students are dynamic personalities, and they often spend their free time on nature. This app is important for those who love flora. With PictureThis, you can easily identify plants both for educational and entertaining purposes.

Find out more about a particular plant or flower. If you are a student or teacher of the biology discipline and you need to know more about flora, this app will bring a lot of fun and will be useful in creating your own garden. After using this app, you might be interested in Picture Insect and Picture Fish apps.

6. Mobile Scanner – Scan to PDF

The name of this app speaks for its functionality. One of the essential features of the Mobile Scanner is transforming your traditional documents to PDF format. This type of document is highly demanded among students, so Mobile Scanner will help them a lot during classes.

Just direct your camera on any text, whether it is a book page or handwritten notes, and Mobile Scanner will generate high-resolution scans to your phone.

7. Simply Piano by JoyTunes

If you are a musician or just a student who wants to relax after classes, download Simply Piano and start to learn piano. This app is suitable both for beginners and advanced players. Learn the basics step by step from reading sheet music to playing with both hands on your keyboard.

Do you not have a keyboard or piano? No bother! A beautiful touch screen piano turns your device into a virtual keyboard. Learn music with fun!

8. Khan Academy: Free Learning App

This app will help you to understand science and math with ease! Build strong skills in pre-algebra, arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, geometry, statistics, linear algebra, calculus, chemistry, biology, economics, and physics. Watch over 10,000 videos with an explanation on every subject.

Keep learning and do your homework, even if you are offline. Start exam preparation with unit tests and quizzes. It is hard to imagine a more helpful app for technical students than Khan Academy.

No one knows how upcoming exams are, but now every student knows for sure that this list of apps and services will help even with the most challenging questions.

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