Best Packing and Moving Tips: How to Make Long-distance Relocating Less Stressful

If you are reading this article, perhaps you have accepted a job proposal in another state or received a scholarship to the university of your dreams. Now it is time to think about the organization of your cross-country movement. To prevent the stress from this happy moment of your life, you need to properly organize the moving process. If X-Day is coming and you still have no idea how to arrange it, our relocation gurus will share some useful tips and personal experience with you.

How to Foresee Everything?

The first thing that you need to do is to calm down. Then it is time to think if you are going to do it all yourself or delegate to professional movers. Many companies like offer not only transportation services but also packaging and preparing for shipment. You will still have to collect personal belongings, clothes, and books yourself, but at least you will not need to deal with furniture and large household appliances. The carriers also can deliver the boxes and other necessary tools to your new place, so there will be no need to waste time and nerves on it.

The alternative is to involve relatives and friends in the process: this way you will have more time and also receive the required moral support. We also recommend sending children to their relatives so that they will already return to a new home.

How to Purchase Materials?

You will need a variety of packaging to get your belongings safe to their destination. The basic set includes the following materials:

  • boxes of different sizes,
  • scotch tape,
  • scissors,
  • bubble wrap.

If you want to pack furniture and large equipment yourself, you will need corrugated cardboard, stretch film, and foam blocks. For small items and delicate things, you will need some craft paper, for clothes and textiles – vacuum bags. And don’t forget a felt-tip pen to label the boxes!


With this list, you can go to a store. If this is not your option, then online stores and websites of shipping companies will help. It is difficult to calculate the number of boxes without experience, so think how many of them you need and take 20% more.

Basic Packing Tips

There are two approaches to packing things: by room or by type of item. It is better to start with things that are least used and not needed before moving; pack the most necessary things into the last group of boxes, and leave a few boxes for the last day. The first aid kit and your favorite cup will go to the last box.

By the way, moving is the best time to get rid of unnecessary things: the idea that you will not have to pay for the transportation of garbage motivates. Set aside the unnecessary things and organize a garage sale: people will come and pick up what they need.

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