Top Apps For Money Management: Organize Your Personal Finances

Personal finances accompany our daily life and influence almost every decision. Despite we rarely notice it, the way you treat money determines the quality of life in general.

Nevertheless, many people still suffer from a lack of money literacy or simply have no time to organize this sphere. Luckily, modern technologies allow us to delegate some responsibilities to our devices. You may use money management, which tracks and controls your charges, makes savings, and repay debts in a convenient way. Now you can even find profitable 24/7 online payday loans in Canada and make transactions through your phone.

See the best cash management apps for today, and pick your personal assistant.

Top 5 Applications to Take Control Over Your Finances

#1 Empower

App Store: 4,7

Play Market: 4,2

Empower app

Empower gives total control over your finances from budgeting to deposits. Here, you can set the limit for outgoings and prevent yourself from impulsive buying; connect all of your credit cards, and even make a deposit. Empower also offers 250$ of cash advance right after you create an account – such a deposit may become a great help. Moreover, you can find beneficial loans and use lending smartly. The program controls things we are usually too emotional about – make savings, stop wasting cash, and afford to invest.


  • Deposits
  • Spending limit
  • Note the charges
  • Cash advance

Savings: set the percentage of your income and collect it automatically each month.


App Store: 4,8

Play Market: 4,2

ynab app icon

Be aware: YNAB has only a paid subscription, so think twice before using it. However, it is one of the best programs in its sphere since it connects all possible options.

It gathers all of your bank profiles to give a realistic picture of your position now. You can control every dollar with goal setting – decide whether you need to save or spend, and the service will help with smart notifications and tracking. It looks for ways to invest or take loans, and evaluate your opportunities.

Add to this fresh information on financial literacy you can read right in the program.


  • Accounts and cards synchronization
  • Transactions tracking and analysis
  • Goals setting
  • Regular reports on your success
  • Online support

#3 Pocket Guard

App Store: 4,7

Play Market: 4,3

Pocket Guard

Most Americans have credit card debts and worry about their retirement fund – money issues still are a complicated sphere for ordinary people. That is why delegating management to the smart device is so essential.

Pocket Guard is considered to be one of the safest services in the field – developers use the same encryption as banks and other official institutions. It prevents any risks and protects your personal data from third-party persons.

The system is clear: you connect all of the cards and accounts to get a general overview of your spending. In addition to standard opportunities, the program offers subscription management – using your personal information, it offers a list of services you may forget about and suggest to cancel the subscription if you need it.

Grace to such a carrying attitude, you may be sure of full safety and financial health. Manage your loans and find a better option for lending, track the progress, and use additional services right in the app.


  • Cash balance control
  • Loans and subscription management
  • Financial goals
  • Automatic savings

#4 Wallet

Wallet app

The wallet is a handy instrument to connect all of your accounts in one place. Sometimes tracking all cards could be difficult, especially if you have other savings or objects of expenditure. Wallet helps you to get a general vision of how much you have and need. If you are looking for credit for some purpose, or want to take a payday loan, the service can be a useful assistant.

Seeing your budget for the present moment, you understand the needs better. You can also make transactions and limit the operations.

Despite the program having a paid subscription, it gives the most essential options even with a free tariff.


Free Paid Subscriptions
  • The connection between cards, online wallets, and bank accounts;
  • Charges control;
  • Clear reports;
  • All types of payments.
  • Unlimited number of accounts;
  • Graphics and diagrams on your budgeting;
  • Automatic synchronization.

#5 Spendee

App Store: 4,6

Play Market: 3,9

imgbin spendee user interface png

The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.

Bill Gates

Living with a partner, or splitting the bill with neighbors, you met plenty of difficulties. How to split the charges, or combine incomes for a joint budget?

Spendee was made to facilitate technologies and finances, that’s why it attracts so many people. Here, you can customize a joint profile for several users or online wallets and get a general idea of your opportunities. Spendee gives clear analytics on who of you spent more and why helps to control the charges and gives advice on further decisions. It is also famous for its convenient graphic design: you may see the graphics with vivid indicators, switch the night mode on, and customize the labels to different functions.


  • Joint budget keeping
  • Spending control
  • Saving and debt repayment
  • Charges optimization.

The choice of a money management app depends only on you. To pick the variant, orient on several factors: your present goal – debt repayment, taking loans, or making savings; the number of functions, subscription price, and personal data safety.

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