Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Italy

Italy is one of the most appealing places to buy real estate. It is not just a case that many Americans, Australians, French and European investors choose the Bel Paese as a location for investing in a second property.

For a variety of reasons, people desire to relocate in Italy or purchase a holiday home to earn a return on their investment: here you can find amazing food, a mild climate throughout the year, easy travel access, and an affordable cost of living.

Real Estate in Italy

Needless to say, there are wonderful locations for which there is a high demand for houses: here is a list of the best place where you can buy a real estate in Italy.

Tuscany, a Perfect Place for Investment or to Relocate

If you want to buy a magnificent villa in a stunning setting where you can find charming art cities, and outstanding UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as interesting food and wine, then you have to choose Tuscany.

Real estate for sale in Tuscany is appealing to potential international buyers, particularly those looking to make a long-term investment. Actually, this type of property is perfect for starting hotels, agritourism, and other similar activities.

But given the breathtaking beauty of this area, which includes mountains, hills, and the seaside, buying a property here can be a fantastic decision even if you are searching for a spot to enjoy time with family and friends or if you are a remote worker who wants to relocate.

Sicily, Real Estate on a Beautiful Island

It is hard to resist the incredible beauty of an island like Sicily. The largest Italian island is a wonderful mix of beaches, volcanoes, and cities with impressive baroque architecture. Sicily is the land where you can find the largest Greek archaeological site in all of Europe, which attracts visitors from all over the world every year.

Moreover, here the summer lasts a very long time, so you can enjoy the 1,000 kilometers of coastline until the start of autumn. In addition, at every moment of the year, you can taste a delectable cuisine, the result of the fusion of other cultures.

Abruzzo and Molise, Two Undiscovered Regions

Abruzzo and Molise are two amazing places with so much to offer and tremendous potential, despite not being as well known as Tuscany, Sardinia, or other lovely Italian islands. Additionally, the cost of homes is lower here than in other areas, making it possible to find excellent deals.

In this place, characterized by uncontaminated charm and untainted by mass tourism, you can find antique stone farmhouses, charming flats in the boroughs, and beach villas too in this slice of paradise.

Here, traditions, customs, and ancient trades still exist today. It is also a strong attraction for tourists seeking accommodation that communicates the uniqueness of this place.

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