30+ Best Putlocker Alternative Sites for 2024 [Top Picks]

If you want to watch all of the latest movies that have been released but don’t want to pay to do so, you’ll need to find free movie streaming sites like Putlocker. But it is not a simple task. There are many free movie websites on the internet, but not all of them are good. As a result, finding the rare pearls in the middle of the lot is challenging.

Putlocker websites are some of the many streaming sites that allow you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies for free, all from the comfort of your home. Using putlocker sites, you’ll be able to watch and download a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and other entertainment content.

Continue reading this post if you want to understand more about the Putlocker websites, Putlocker movies, and best Putlocker alternatives websites.

What Is Putlocker?

Putlocker is a website where you can watch movies and TV shows online for free. There is no need to sign up or create an account, and you can start watching immediately. Putlocker has a large selection of movies and TV shows, and new content is added regularly.

The site is easy to use, and you can search for specific titles or browse by genre. If you watch a lot of movies, you may have heard of Putlocker.

How Does Putlocker Work?

You need not be concerned about the Putlocker site’s operation. It’s quite simple to use. You may quickly find intriguing movies to watch after you arrive at the site’s home page. On the home page, you’ll find a wide variety of films, television shows, and other content from which you can choose. If you’re stumped as to what to watch, this is an excellent fallback.

But, if you only have a general concept of what you want to watch, you may also search by genre or type of content. In this way, you can pick and select from a wide range of genres, such as comedies, romances, documentaries, thrillers, and even horror, to find the perfect movie to watch right now.

Finally, if you know exactly what you want to watch, you can use the search bar. You’ll be able to find all the movies you want, even the most recent ones. In fact, the most recent episodes of your favorite shows and films are available for you to watch whenever you choose on the platform.

Putlocker Working Proxy & Mirror Sites in 2024

This online streaming site is popular among movie fans who like to watch movies on free online streaming sites. Here you can find a lot of different kinds of movies from all over the world. This free online streaming site is a great place to find great movies, but you can also download movies, and TV shows in HD free.

Putlocker has a huge collection of movies, but they don’t own any of them. They only give visitors links to movies that lead to the servers where the entertainment shows are stored.

By doing this, we can say that this website is technically legal, even though we all know it encourages copying without permission. Before you use one of these proxies, it’s best to use a VPN to protect your IP address and avoid getting in trouble with the government.

Here is a list of VPN Putlocker proxy servers and mirror sites that works, and you too, can give them a try:

  • 123Putlocker
  • ww2.putlocker.fan
  • putlockers9.live
  • putlocker-is.org
  • putlocker.quest
  • putlockertv.one
  • putlocker in
  • Putlocker9.vpn

Despite all the Putlocker websites, mirrors, and proxies available today, there are still a lot of streaming sites where you can watch and download free movies online, TV shows, and series in HD. These sites are easy to use and don’t cost anything.

If you are looking for some best Putlocker alternatives to stream free movies online, there are a number of free movie websites that offer similar services to Putlocker that are of a good quality to warrant consideration; we have made a list of the best sites like Putlocker where you can watch movies free online.

You can easily access them from anywhere to watch the movies and shows you want, and the best part is that you don’t even have to sign up or register. Let’s look at the best free alternatives to Putlocker that work right now…!

30 Putlocker Alternatives to Watch Movies Free Online

There are a number of great Putlocker alternative sites that offer a similar service. Many of these sites offer a wide range of movies and TV shows to choose from, as well as a variety of other content. If you’re looking for a great alternative to Putlocker, be sure to check out one of these sites:

1. 123Movies

to123Movies site

As a Putlocker fan who’s been missing out since the site went offline, 123Movies is probably your best bet! It’s possible to watch and download movies from 123Movies, in addition to streaming them.

As a result, this is the first Putlocker alternative on our list. 123Movies is one of the most well-known online destinations for streaming movies, with tens of millions of regular visitors. 123Movies is regarded as the greatest alternative to Putlocker when it comes to watching free full-length movies online without having to sign up or create an account.

One of the most user-friendly free movie websites on the internet. This site does an excellent job of categorizing its content, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Working URL: https://ww1.123moviesfree.net/

2. Hdpopcorn


Putlocker fans who can’t access the Putlocker website might give Hdpopcorn a shot as a Putlocker replacement. It’s one of the best places to watch free movies online, and I can attest to that.

Hdpopcorn’s movie collection is so extensive that you could easily lose hours of your life browsing through it. Movies like Attack of the Unknown, Mulan 2022, Cranston Academy Monster Zone, and Ip Man 4 The Finale are all available in high definition on Hdpopcorn.live.

The design of Hdpopcorn’s website is incredibly eye-catching. It’s a piece of cake to find and watch practically every episode of a movie on HD Popcorn. For obvious reasons, Hdpopcorn is a well-known name in the film industry.

All of the movies and TV shows on Hdpopcorn.live are completely free to watch or download. In addition, HD popcorn’s video quality is a benefit. In HD quality, you may view and download a huge variety of ongoing movie series.

Additional subcategories include Action, Adventure, Comedy, and Animated Horror films.

Working URL: https://hdpopcorn.live/

3. SolarMovie

SolarMovie CineBloom Alternatives

SolarMovie is another good Putlocker alternative that employs BitTorrent streaming video technology to allow people from all over the world to view their favorite movies online for free.

You don’t have to rely on the Putlockers website to watch movie series online if you have SolarMovie.

SolarMovie is a legal website where you can view thousands of movies and TV series for free online.

SolarMovie is a unique yet very useful feature that distinguishes it from other movie streaming websites, in addition to all of the fundamental capabilities found in other Putlocker alternatives.

When you hover your mouse over a movie series thumbnail on the home page, it will flip to reveal information about the show. Such include overall user ratings, country, and genres.

Woking URL: https://wwv.solarmovie.one/

4. PrimeWire

PrimeWire - Another Site Like PutLocker

Is Putlocker unavailable in your country? There are no issues. PrimeWire still allows you to watch your favorite movie.

For numerous reasons, PrimeWire is regarded as a genuine Putlocker alternative. To begin with, both movie steamers are free to use and include a large selection of movie content such as TV series, movies, and videos.

The new PrimeWire site’s interface, on the other hand, is a little cluttered. When you visit PrimeWire, you will see adverts all over the site, making navigation a little difficult. However, the service is sufficient for all types of movie fans to view new release movies online free without signing up.

PrimeWire not only streams movies online but also allows you to download them for later viewing. The PrimeWire movie series is subbed and dubbed, so you don’t have to be a native of a certain language to watch your favorite movies and TV episodes.

Overall, Primewire has everything that qualifies it as a respectable Putlocker alternative.

Working URL: https://primewire.mx/

5. BMovies

Putlocker Alternatives

BMovies is another site where you may view free movies. BMovies, like Putlockers, contain a vast library of movie series. As a result, it is regarded as a suitable alternative.

The movies on BMovies are both subbed and dubbed, making them accessible to a wide range of people. BMovies is a frequently updated movie website. Thanks to the development team, it is frequently updated with new episodes of television shows!

Furthermore, the interface of BMovies is really tidy. It is simple to find your favorite movies by browsing the categories, such as newly added, and ongoing series, and watching movies online free full movies no sign up. There is also a complete list of all accessible TV shows on the website.

The best part is that you can use BMovies for free. Overall, we give this Putlocker alternative full marks for providing a big choice of high-quality movies!

Working URL: https://bmovies.co/

6. Cmovies

Cmovies is without a doubt one of the most popular online streaming sites today. The website has a wide library of popular movies available for viewing. This website provides visitors with access to movies from all over the world. The majority of these films are available for free.

Cmovies is another alternative to Putlocker. Cmovies contains a list of NEW RELEASES, popular movies, TV SERIES, and other titles.

On the site of Cmovies, you can find the most recent movies as well as newly added movie collections. Cmovies HD claims to be the largest movie streaming website in the world. The video quality ranges from 480P to 1080P HD.

The CMovies website is especially useful for seeing the latest Hollywood films for free without fear of being held accountable. It’s the only website where you may watch movies for free whenever you want.

On this website, you may watch movies in practically any genre you can think of. There are thousands of movies available to stream for free, ranging from action to comedy and everything in between.

To view your favorite TV episodes or movies, you do not need to register an account. Streaming is effortless. It contains minimal advertisements but no bothersome popups. The website is well-organized, but it appears to be full of adverts, despite the fact that it claims to be the finest place to watch movies online for free full movie no sign up.

Working URL: https://cmovies.vc/

7. LunchFlix

LunchFlix is the next movie website I’d suggest if you’re still seeking Putlocker alternatives and are dissatisfied with the ones I’ve already listed. You may watch high-definition movies for free on our website. Breaking Bad Complete Series and other top-rated films of the year can be seen here.

LunchFlix, like the other streaming services described here, does not host any content. LunchFlix relies on third-party content providers for all of its material, allowing it to operate within the bounds of the law in some respects.

Additional subcategories include Action, Adventure, Comedy, and Animated Horror films.

Working URL: https://www.lunchflix.xyz/

8. Watchseries TV

Another excellent Putlocker site alternative is Watchseries-TV. It is one of the top putlocker replacements with a quick and nice user interface and an exclusive library of movies and television shows.

Binge-watchers will love Watchseries-TV, which is perfect for those who can’t seem to get enough of a show once they start.

Working URL: https://watchseriestv.bz/

9. Moviewatcher

It’s safe to say that Moviewatcher is one of the best Putlocker alternatives because it doesn’t change anything. This is a movie lover’s dream come true when it comes to their favorite online movie streaming service.

Using Moviewatcher, anyone can watch movies and TV shows online for free without having to create an account. Moviewatcher’s database is updated daily, and you can only stream HD videos in 720p or 1080p resolutions.

Openload.co, Vidzi.tv, Vid.to, Vidup.me, Thevideo.me, and a slew of additional streaming services are included in the site’s indexing of external video-sharing sites.

Working URL: https://moviewatcher.is

10. OpenloadMovies

Openload Alternatives

OpenloadMovies is next in our ranking of the best sites like Putlocker for free streaming of the most recent releases in film and TV series. OpenloadMov.com is a well-known free movie website that offers a vast collection of high-definition television shows and movies.

OpenloadMov lets you watch thousands of free movies in high definition without having to register or spend a dime.

Moreover, the site allows you to download a number of movies on your smartphone or laptop so that you never run out of things to watch.

The OpenloadMovies website has a standard user interface. All of the usual categories, such as genre, alphabetical, the latest release, and so on, are available on the site.

Working URL: https://www.openloadmovies.ro/

11. FMovies

FMovies Attacker TV Alternatives

If you want to watch high-quality movies from a free online streaming website, FMovies can be the ideal alternative for you. You can go if you are tired and wish to watch a movie for amusement.

The FMovies website can be accessed using the domain name fmovies.to. FMovies not only supplies its visitors with a plethora of outstanding movies, but it also has a big database of various fantastic and popular TV programs.

The amazing part about this website is that it constantly updates fresh movies for its visitors. As a result, its guests will never run out of TV shows and movies to watch. The homepage is also user-friendly for newcomers.

All of the videos are categorized into several catalogs to make it easier for visitors to find their preferred genres.

To watch the movies, you do not need to form an account. Simply go to the website, type in the title of the movie, and watch it for free.

Working URL: https://fmovies.to/

12. GenVideos

Even though this online streaming website is not widely known among moviegoers, GenVideos is one of the greatest alternatives to Putlocker for watching movies for free on the internet. This internet streaming website’s database has a large number of movie titles.

They can provide you with movies of many genres; not only can you watch free movies, but you can also enjoy watching numerous TV shows on this website.

You can access the GenVideos website at genvideos.co and view a variety of movies and TV shows there. GenVideos will display a lot of succeeding links to annoy you by clicking the broken link.

Although less popular than Putlocker sites, GenVideos is still one of the top options for streaming online movies.

Working URL: https://genvideos.co/

13. Ask4Movie

Ask4Movies - sites like putlocker sites

You might not know much about this website for online streaming. Still, it has a lot of high-quality videos for you to watch.

Like Other sites on the list, this Putlocker alternative is one of the best places to watch videos online. It has a lot of the same features as the Putlocker websites. So, this website might be worth a shot.
You can choose from different types of video quality on this site, depending on what you like. The sweep interface makes the interface itself very easy to use. You can easily choose from the categories, which are based on things like new movies, what’s popular, etc.

Working URL: https://ask4movie.me/

14. 123Watch

It’s another site that can compete with Putlocker in terms of quality content. 123Watch has a huge number of movies and TV shows that just came out. On the site’s homepage, you can find IMDb ratings, top releases, user requests, and other things. You can also save your favorite videos so you can watch them later.

Most of the videos on 123Watch are HD quality, and the quality is automatically adjusted based on how fast your Internet is. You’ll also get a backward skip, playback, a quick menu for switching servers, and a lot more. This great website for streaming videos also lets you add subtitles.

Working URL: https://123watch.to/

15. AfDah

The AfDah website is a good alternative to Putlocker sites if you want to watch movies online. People like it because it has a lot of different kinds of TV shows, series, and movies. Users can also look for videos based on when they came out and what category they fall into.

It’s easy to use because the tabs and backgrounds are dark. You will also get information about the movies and shows you watched on AfDah. Also, you can watch a short summary of the content to help you decide. The only bad thing about the site is that you can’t automatically change the video quality because it always plays in HD. Watch shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings full movie

Working URL: https://afdah.me/

16. DooMovies

This is yet another movie website with high-quality content such as movies and TV shows. Unlike other sites, DooMovies obtains all of its video files from unaffiliated third-party servers. It offers a unique search function that works well when looking for your favorite material.

The service also allows you to send requests for desired shows to uploaders, who will upload and notify you if they are accessible. It also includes a powerful media player that automatically selects servers. However, the player does not offer many playback controls.

Working URL: https://doomovies.ga/

17. 6Movies.

It is not a mistake to refer to 6Movies as a site like Putlocker because this online streaming website offers a large number of movies while following a similar structure to Putlocker.

You may watch the movies you wish to watch without first registering or creating an account.

6Movies is backed by the 5movies network that emerged after government agents shut down 5movies’ original domain. The proprietor made an effort to keep this chain going.

However, 6Movies’s official website is now unavailable. However, its data can be accessed via mirror and proxy sites. Overall, it is another decent Putlocker alternative for streaming free movies online.

Working URL: https://www3.6movies.net/

18. Attacker.tv

Attacker TV is a good choice if you want a free site to stream videos with few pop-up ads. The site brings together a lot of high-quality movies and TV shows from different genres. It also has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to move around.

With its custom search bar, Attacker.TV makes it easy to find content based on quality, country, language, IMDb rating, etc. Also, all of the shows have subtitles in different languages, so you can watch foreign movies with their original scripts. Millions of people use it to watch their favorite shows, so they know they can trust it.

Working URL: https://www1.attacker.tv/

19. AZMovies

AZMovies is a site where you can watch free movies without seeing any ads. It had over 10,000 movies and TV shows that you could watch online without having to sign up or pay. You can also download full movies from AZMovies (azms.to) and watch them later if you want to.

Working URL: https://azms.to/

20. LookMovie2

We can say that LookMovie2 is one of the best sites like Fmovies because it has a lot of great content for people from all over the world. Here, you can watch any kind of entertainment show for free and without any limits. This website lets you stream great content that you can watch whenever and wherever you want.

Here in Rainierland, you can watch a wide range of popular movies, and TV shows that will make your day more enjoyable. Just go to the website and click on the name of the movie you want to watch. You don’t need to sign up for an account.

Working URL: https://lookmovie2.to/

21. FBOX

fbox to

FBOX is another streaming site that lets you watch TV shows and free movies online in 720p and 1080p prints. It has a very good media player with shortcuts like buttons to go back and forth, upload SRT for subtitles, change the resolution, and a lot more.

The website has more than one server, so you can switch to a different server if the first one stops working. This makes sure that you can always stream videos without any problems. It also has a well-organized home page where you can find movies and TV shows that are popular right now.

Working URL: https://www4.fbox.to/

22. eMovies

eMovies is a lot like Putlocker websites in that it lets you stream movies, TV shows, Anime series, and other things. Videos from all over the world can be found on eMovies. And the most important thing is that it is a legal website that shows you content from sites like Dailymotion, Zshare, etc.

On the homepage, there is a search bar that you can use to find the content you want by using the filters. For example, the search results give you a list of servers where you can watch your favorite movies. But ads and pop-ups may bother you, as they do on many other free websites.

Working URL: https://emovies.si/home.html

23. Movies7

Movies7 Action Movies, TV Shows

The next site on our list is Movies7, which lets people from all over the world watch their favorite movies and TV shows online. Movies7 is free to use and has a huge collection of movies that you can watch online. It also has a beautiful interface that makes it look hip.

The site has media from sources other than the site itself. And you can find almost every show on PrimeWire, from old movies to new ones. You will also get filters that will make it easy to get around.

Working URL: https://www2.movies7.to/

24. DopeBox

DopeBox Net Watch Movies Online Free

DopeBox Net Watch Movies Online Free

You can try it if you want to watch high-quality live streams. It has a huge amount of movie information that you can use to stream your favorite movies with few gaps. It looks modern and simple, and you wouldn’t have any trouble finding the content you like.

It has a search bar for easy and quick navigation, as well as a way to search by genre and by TV Shows. The has movies of many different types, such as action, adventure, animation, documentary, mystery, thriller, war, and more.

With DopeBox, you can quickly get to the page where you can stream movies. But when you get to the page where you can stream, it shows 5–10 pop-up ads that can be opened by clicking anywhere on the screen. From the user’s point of view, this is annoying, but it is common among free movie websites.

Working URL: https://dopebox.to/

25. KinoX.to

Kinox Alternatives

Last but not least, KinoX is one of those sites that doesn’t need to be explained. People who stream content online use the site a lot. It gets millions of new visitors every month and a lot of repeat visitors as well.

Like Putlocker movies, KinoX has been around for a long time and has always had high-quality content that you can stream online for free. When we say “KinoX,” we don’t mean just one site. Instead, “KinoX” is a group of many different sites.

Most of the links and videos on these sites are for movies and TV shows, which users can then watch online. It has a lot of ways to filter your movie search based on how it looks and how it is made. On the home page, there is already a section for each type of movie, so users can find something they like. KinoX has the most complete list of movies and series that are only available in high quality.

Working URL: https://www13.kinos.to/

26. Vumoo

Vumoo VIP

With a massive library of movies and TV shows, Vumoo is a great option for those looking for an alternative to Putlocker.

27. HollyMovieHD

Another excellent option, Hollymoviehd offers a great selection of movies and TV shows.

Working URL: https://hollymoviehd.cc/home/

28. DosMovies

A popular option, DosMovies offers a huge selection of movies and TV shows.

Working URL: https://dosmovies.com/main

29. YesMovies


YesMovies is a great option for those looking for an alternative to Putlocker, with a massive library of movies and TV shows.

Working URL: https://yesmovies.ag/

30. HuraWatch

HuraWatch is another excellent option, with a huge selection of movies and TV shows.

Working URL: https://hurawatch.at/

Wrapping Up

Watching movies online is extremely fun. The craze for quality movies can only be understood by those who love to watch movies online without downloading them.

One of the most popular free movie websites offering to watch movies online is Putlocker, and we do not deny this fact.

However, Putlockers websites can be down at times. Scenarios like this make us find more Putlocker alternatives to watch new release movies online for free without signing up.

There are many great alternatives to Putlocker out there. We have compiled a list of the best ones for you to check out. All of these sites offer a great selection of movies and TV shows to watch. So, if you are looking for a new place to watch your favorite movies and TV shows, be sure to check out one of these great alternatives to Putlocker.

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