The best resume type for a social media manager

social media manager

No one knows the need for better and crisp communication than a social media manager. So if you are applying for a social media manager position, remember to put in all your tweet and caption skills to make the best impression.

Since you will be the voice of the company, how you brand yourself is essential. While communication is crucial for any resume you create, it adds more value and is more of a sample piece you send to the company.

To help you craft a job-winning resume, we have drafted a few tips and types of resumes you can work on.

The best resume for social media

There are different formats of resumes you can create. Out of those, you can follow two formats for the social media manager position — chronological or functional. A chronological resume is a type in which you list your professional experience and history straightforwardly. It helps you in showcasing the years of experience and expertise you have.

If you do not have much experience or have not followed a linear path in employee positions, you could choose a functional resume format. This kind of resume focuses mainly on your skills and talents. So even if you had worked on a project or client basis, you could opt for a functional resume. One of the best ways is to follow a hybrid resume type combining both these formats.

Here is a quick comparative run to use your social media skills to draft your resume


The number of words is restricted while conveying a social media message. Similarly, the summary in the resume requires you to craft a two or three-liner that can convince you that you are a perfect fit. So draft a summary as if you are giving an elevator pitch or writing a quirky tweet that captures the audience.

Your resume summary is the pitch that has space for maximum creativity. So when you are writing a summary, mention your skills, talents, and experience creatively so that it immediately grabs the recruiter’s attention.

Using ATS = Using SEO and Hashtags

Most companies use software and ATS (Applicant Tracking System) algorithm to track and filter the candidates. So similar to using wise hashtags to increase your post reach, you will have to use job-related keywords to get through this system successfully.

You have to consciously and wisely choose your words. While these should stand out when read by a recruiter, they should also have keywords that the algorithm accepts as something related to the role. You can easily pass the ATS test if you use keywords from the job description.

It is not a complex formula — the more similar terms between the job description and your resume, the more you can easily pass the ATS test. However, as mentioned earlier, you should use these keywords in well-crafted sentences to attract the recruiters.

You can use numbers in your experience space similar to the numbers you post on social media to make the information clear and engaging. You can use the STAR method to draft the experience. The Situation you were in, the Task you had at hand, the necessary Actions or strategies you used, and the final Result you achieved. It will help you score more points in the resume scanning process.

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