5 Best Practices For SEO PLAN

SEO Plan

Online marketing can be confusing. With numerous components and endless considerations, planning your digital strategy can take time and effort. Marketing experts, however, agree that it all starts with SEO. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a comprehensive term for all strategies that are used to promote a website organically on search engines. You are basically trying to optimize your website with various strategies, so that the site appears on the top, or at least on the first page, of Yahoo, Bing and Google. In this post, we are discussing more on creating the right SEO plan and things that matter for good results.

Top 5 SEO Best Practices To Follow 2020

Find the right company

Selecting the right SEO Company in Singapore for your brand is the foremost aspect that matters. SEO is always outsourced, even by companies and enterprises that can afford to have an in-house team of marketing experts. SEO agencies bring the necessary experience and expertise to the table, and they are capable of managing the needs of your brand in the most practical way. More importantly, you only pay a fixed part of your marketing budget on SEO. Find a company that has worked in your niche, has clients in different industries and will be willing to do a website audit for free.

Focus on content

Keyword research may be the most important task in SEO, but you need content. We are talking of relevant, unique content that your audience wants to read. Keep in mind that just having a blog and posting regular content on your website is not enough. The contents will only make sense when they have some relevance and importance to the reader. You have to identify the language that your audience speaks and create content that they would read.

Social media counts

SEO and social media are closely related, and unfortunately, brands don’t often recognize how these two online marketing components are dependent on one another. Social media mentions and shares can boost your SEO results considerably, because Google does take brand value on that. Companies that are being talked about on social media may benefit in terms of search results, and this, in turn, gets more traffic to your website. You have to create an SEO plan that comprehensive of social media in the first place.

Fix your website first

On-page SEO may not seem very important, but unless you have a website that can retain and engage visitors, all SEO and marketing efforts hardly make sense. Ensure that your SEO plan includes review of the website, at least once in few days. From the speed of the website to some of the smaller aspects as descriptions, images and SEO components, everything has to be checked and should be on-point. You may also want to get the design done from scratch. Even the most promising websites need to be redesigned after a point, because the theme has to be in sync with the trends.

Link building

SEO should be comprehensive, so focus on core aspects like link building and guest posting. If you have hired an agency, ask them how they approach the process of link building, because Google is very particular about this aspect. You cannot really manage with paid links or low-quality links anymore. It has to be in sync with the actual guidelines and the content used has to be stellar.

In conclusion

If you can focus on these basic aspects, creating a SEO plan doesn’t have to be complicated, at all. It is also necessary to review the entire plan at least a few times, before the final steps are taken. Check online for SEO companies now!

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