The Best 15 Sites Like DixMax Com to Enjoy Movies Online 2022

Review of Top 15 Sites Like DixMax com – Ever wondered if the DixMax website is still working? Like many other streaming services not called DixMax, Putlocker, Popcornflix, TVBAnywhere+, or Levidia ch, or the dixmax apk seem like a scam. Has DixMax been shut down? It certainly not! Here we’ll discuss what the DixMax site is all about, what sites like DixMax are out there, and some DixMax alternative options you should consider if you’re just not sold on DixMax apk.

What is DixMax or DixMax Apk?


We can tell you this right away, DixMax is a popular online video streaming site where you can watch movies and TV shows for free. It offers a wide catalog of films and series in different genres. DixMax provides a list of the most recently released free movies, offers a full review of each movie, and ranks them according to popularity and quality.

DixMax website officially launched as a repository of high definition films from major film studios. The films available on DixMax should never have been there. Pirated content is meant for paid services like Netflix, not free distribution. The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) complained about DixMax apk hosting pirated contents.

Has DixMax Been Shut Down?

Yes, but their applications will remain operational as always 100% without any problem. However, there are now several clones of DixMax website that have taken the name DixMax for the purpose of attracting clicks. The official DixMax site is no longer available.

DixMax official message to all users:

Hello DixMax users and uploaders. Due to the recent closures of platforms similar to DixMax due to the modification of the intellectual property (copyright) law in the European Union that comes into force in 2021 we announce our website closure to avoid any blockage or unnecessary legal problems. This decision has not been taken lightly, it is for the security and privacy of all DixMax users and developers. We remember that the use of DixMax has always been, is and will be 100% safe and free.

DixMax is available for almost every operating systems (Android, MacOS, Windows, iOS, etc).


What’s the new site URL of DixMax?

Due to the recent closure of platforms similar to DixMax due to the amendment to the intellectual property (copyright) law in the European Union, which will come into force in 2021, DixMax had changed domain from and the new site URL is

Is DixMax a Safe Site?

Yes! DixMax is 100% safe to watch movies online. According to the official statement “We remember that the use of DixMax has always been, is and will be 100% safe and free.”

But even if it’s as that, we will advise everyone to use a VPN to access it to protect you from government investigation as the website seems to be illegal in some countries.

Is It Legal to Use DixMax, or The DixMax Apk?

You may be wondering “Is using DixMax illegal?” or “Is DixMax Apk legal?” The answer is complicated. Since this is pirated content, the legality of using sites like DixMax is unclear.

CAUTION!!! You are risking legal action by streaming pirated content from the site. It’s best to avoid this type of activity altogether, especially with so many excellent legal streaming services available.

The Best Free DixMax Alternatives in 2022

As mentioned earlier, DixMax is a popular website mainly used for streaming free entertainment media, TV series, especially movies and other streaming content.

Now the only way to get access to DixMax blockbusters is to download DixMax Apk and if that’s won’t be comfortable for you then below is a list of sites we consider to be the best alternatives to DixMax for interrupted entertainment.

Note that not all streaming services are created equal. Most have unique, original content that you can only find on these platforms, and some are tied to studios or production companies and have exclusive rights to stream older shows and films.

1. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a sleekly designed platform in the world of online on-demand video sharing platforms that enables global users to access their desired content with simple clicks.

It deals with the entertaining services of movies, TV shows, seasons and various other interesting programs from thousands of hours.

Popcornflix is a video on demand platform whose online services can be accessed from almost all digital devices and operating systems that support internet connections.

The Popcornflix application allows its viewers to enjoy Popcornflix’s online streaming services from its official website, smartphones, PCs / laptops, smart TVs and tablets.

2. Crackle

As a source of multi-platform entertainment, Crackle is the leading entertainment platform dedicated to streaming movies online. Crackle is home to a finest collection of thousands of top hits and highest rated award-winning movies and TV shows. That is accessible from all digital media devices and operating systems.

Crackle is one of the top streaming sites with all the top features, smart interface that makes it all the more attractive. With the help of this, you can stream any movie including Anime, Hollywood, Bollywood and many more, in many languages.

3. Moviewatcher

Moviewatcher is one of the most popular alternatives to DixMax. The site lists movies and TV shows of all kinds and its well-designed interface makes it extremely easy to discover new and popular content.

Moviewatcher has everything from the latest movies to little-known TV shows. You can search for content by name or use the website’s extensive search filter.

4. Popcorn Time

PopcornTime is an online platform for watching movies and TV shows directly from your mobile phones and tablets. PopcornTime is one of the leading Hollywood movie delivery platforms that are always delivered raw and uncut. You can enjoy full-length movies and TV shows without any further interruption and most of the things available here are free.

Besides high-quality content and the availability of full-length movies, the ease of use of this platform makes the Popcorn Time app the best of them all including the DixMax apk.

You can use the app to get information about the films that are currently running in the theater. In addition to streaming the movies, PopcornTime also supports movie downloading and making the list of favorite movies to watch later.

5. Moviebox

Moviebox Tv is a great entertainment app that has more than 10,000 titles and thousands of movies from the biggest name such as NBC, CBS, Paramount and Warner Brothers etc.

The application also allows you to enjoy exclusive channels such as Anime All Day, Pro Wrestling, and dozens of others. You do not need any subscription, credit card or charge, so you can enjoy this utility for free.

The Moviebox application has a comprehensible interface, where you can get many options to choose and enjoy your favorite things directly from mobile phones.

6. Pluto Tv

Pluto Tv is a mobile application that gives you free access to all entertainmening resources. The movies and TV shows are regularly updated so you don’t miss anything. It works on a variety of devices including Android, iOS devices and you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Just like the official DixMax apk, the Pluto Tv application also has many categories such as New, Trending, Most Watch, TV Shows and more.

7. is the only source for YTS YIFY movies otherwise known as the official home of Yiffi Torrent, which lets you download high definition movies in the smallest file size.

The ensures that you can get the best stuff and all the latest videos. It’s a fairly simple and easy-to-understand interface that attracts a wider audience.

Most of the latest releases come in content types like 720p, 1080p, and even Blue-ray. Like all popular torrent sites, it also has a request system which allows you to submit requests when they are not available. The only thing that might contradict that is that the site doesn’t contain any links or seasons and only focuses on movies, but come to think of it, makes it more authentic compared to other platforms like DixMax mentioned here.

8. Cyberflix

Cyberflix is a great source of movies. It is one of the most popular platforms that allows you to download videos in different languages and high quality. The site has more than fifty thousand movies consisting of multiple categories. Each category has the movie that you can easily find and download without restriction.

Like most of the top movie download sites, Cyberflix is regularly updated with new movies and offers you all the popular movie options.

There is also an opportunity to explore and stream video without the hassle of ads. Cyberflix is completely free to use and no registration is required. But if you want to write comments or ask to upload a new movie, you must register.

9. Putlocker

Putlocker is a free online movie download and download site that allows you to stream movies in HD format. This website features a wide range of films across a number of categories; each category has a movie to stream.

Putlocker has more than 20,000 movies and is regularly updated with lots of new titles to deliver the latest content. The site is an alternative to DixMax and has a similar interface that lets you get the latest and most rated titles.

10. OpenloadFreeTv

OpenloadFreeTv is an online movie and TV series streaming site like DixMax that allows users to watch high quality content via mobile phones anytime. The platform offers a large collection of films and shows.

The unique thing about OpenloadFreeTv is that none of the content is pirated. The platform has a variety of filter options that will help users find the movie they want more efficiently.

11. Viewster

Viewster is a heavily used entertainment service for users looking for a video-on-demand platform to enjoy the seamless video streaming services. With the Viewster new website, you’ll find the best fun things to do right in the palm of your hand.

The website has a wide variety of content ranging from movies to TV shows, web series, anime, etc. It includes almost all of the movie search features that were available in the DixMax alternatives mentioned above.

12. BoxTV

Box TV may be the next alternative to DixMax.

With many movies and TV series content, BoxTV can offer you a complete entertainment experience. Easy to use and one of the best places for streaming HD movies free.

BoxTV also offers hd Hollywood movies too, but most of the movies you can find here are Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Oriya, Kannada, Punjabi and many more. This is always where you can find the blockbuster films and those that do well through the box office.

BoxTV is a great alternative to DixMax for people who can’t stop watching TV. Its design is modern and intuitive and all episodes are often mirrored for guaranteed availability.

13. VUDU

VUDU is a huge provider of online entertainment featuring an excellent collection of movies and TV shows that are recognized as the top and highest rated worldwide. The best thing about the VUDU app is that it is the only provider of full-length movies and programs.

14. Cinema Time

Cyberflix is a movie and TV show viewing application that provides an extensive catalog of movies and TV series episodes. The platform offers its users movies and TV shows in HD quality, which they can watch with a single click. The exciting thing about this platform is that it provides subtitles in more than two hundred languages.

15. Cinema HD

CinemaHD is another great resource like DixMax for watching documentaries and original films from any part of the world without limitation of time and area etc. The entertainment available here can be accessed from all operating systems and devices that use an internet connection.

The app also brings all of the famous TV series so you can enjoy everything you want right from your phone.

So, Which One Is The Best DixMax com Alternative?

Popcornflix is definitely my pick for the best DixMax alternative after using all these websites. It has the best user interface and apart from similar features like, it gives an extra touch.

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