20 Best Sites like Vumoo

In this article, I will reveal to you some of the best movie streaming sites like Vumoo to watch free movies and TV shows online without registration (sign up) in 2023.

If you love to watch movies and TV series online and looking for Vumoo alternatives, you will love below free movies websites. What is Vumoo?

Let’s get started…!

20 Sites like Vumoo for 2023

There are plenty of movies and TV series streaming websites available and but only a few offer what they claim. After analyzing 50+ movie streaming websites, I prepared this list.

1. CineBox

Website: https://cinebox.cc/


CineBox is a clean movie streaming website. Yes, there are no popups. It is packed with HD movies and TV series.

But it is less organized as compared to CineBox. It is not that much similar to Vumoo.to but defiantly a great place to watch movies and TV series online without creating an account.

To watch a particular movie, you can type the movie name into the search box and hit enter, it will display revenant results.

It doesn’t offer you any search filters. It has two streaming server options for every movie and TV series.

Like other movie sites on the list, it also offers some necessary details about movies.

2. GenVideos

Website: https://genvideos.co/

genvideos co

GenVideos is one of the best sites like Vumoo to watch free movies and TV series online without signing up. Here you have several options to find your interest movie. It has several countries’ movies in its movie database.

GenVideos’ video quality is HD CAM, HD TS, HD 720, HD RIP, SD, etc. Here you can watch from popular movies, classic movies to the latest movies.

When you hit the play button 1/2 popups will open in a new window, close them and enjoy your favorite movie with fast streaming.

Other features are similar to Vumoo. I am sure you are going to love GenVideos.

3. GDrivePlayer

Website: http://database.gdriveplayer.us/


GDrivePlayer is an in-one streaming platform. Here you can watch from Hollywood and Bollywood to Indian regional language movies. It contains fewer ads and popups, you have to close them to enjoy your favorite movie.

GDrivePlayer keeps updating its movie database with the latest released movies. In the early days, new movie quality is not good. But after some time, you can watch them in HD quality.

Signup is optional here. You can stream movies or TV series online anytime.

It also lists Top IMDB movies, trending movies, and Top movies on the home page.

In one line, I will say GDrivePlayer is a good alternative to Vumoo to watch full-length movies and TV shows free online in HD quality.

4. DopeBox

Website: https://dopebox.to/

DopeBox Net Watch Movies Online Free

DopeBox to Watch Movies Online Free

DopeBox allows you to watch TV series and movies from several countries online for free in HD quality with no registration. DopeBox features Suggestions, the latest movies, the latest TV series, and requested movies on the home page.

You can easily search any movie using search boxes and filters like Genre, Country, Top IMDB, and more. You can watch trailers and know information about movies like IMDB ratings, actors, directors,s and short info about movies. Movies collection is very large so you will defiantly find your choice of the movie here.

5. AZMovies

Website: https://azm.to/

AZMovies - azm.to

AZMovies – azm.to

AZMovies is another good movie streaming website like Vumoo. It offers you a large collection of free HD movies and TV series online which you can watch online without registration.

It has different countries’ movies like South Korea, China, France, Russia, India, Japan, and more.

Under every genre, it has a wide selection of free movies and TV shows.

It is full of ads and popups. When you click a t play button to watch a movie, lots of popups will open and will send you to a new window. I will recommend you use an adblocker extension in your browser to enjoy movies without any hindrance.

If we talk about the movie database, it is vast. You can find your choice of movies here easily with the help of filters and a search bar.

6. Putlocker

Website: https://w5.putlocker.to/

putlocker alternatives

Putlocker is quite different from the above-mentioned movie websites like Vumoo. It brings all in one place for you like anime, cartoons, movies, TV series, and ASIAN dramas. You can stream full movies online without creating an account.

Putlocker interface is neat and organized. It supports 21+ countries, 27 genres, and multiple streaming server links.

The newly released movie quality is okay. To watch the latest movies in HD, you need to wait for some time.

7. MovieKids

Website: https://www.moviekids.tv/


MovieKids is another true Vumoo alternative. I personally used this website to watch movies online for free many times due to its amazing streaming and HD quality. It has fewer ads as compared to other movie websites.

Like MovieKids and MovieWatcher, MovieKids also allows you to watch TV shows and movies without registration. You can sort movies according to IMDB rating, Genres, Release Year, and most viewed.

8. TinyZone TV

Website: https://tinyzonetv.to/

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Another choice amongst the top sites like Vumoo is TinyZoneTV. Although less heard Sockshare is a completely reliable and legal source of watching unlimited movies, TV shows, anime, and much more for absolutely free. The site has an excellent interface that showcases recently added media on the home page itself.

Everything is arranged in such an organized way that you do not even need to move to other pages or navigate through one or the other pages for the desired media file.

TinyZone is also free of ads and the quality of the movies and shows uploaded is also quite impressive. Sockshare is quite an impressive option for sites similar to Vumoo which has so much to offer that you will probably get tired of watching it all.

If you are not able to find your desired movie then you can search for it in the search bar or you have the option to check various options too. There is categorization done like recently added, movie genres, countries, years, etc. which further helps the user to filter out their results.

9. TV88

Website: https://tv88.to/

TVShows88 Alternatives

TVShows88 Alternatives

TV88.to is a completely different website from TV88, so make sure that you do not get confused between the two. However, talking about their database then they are quite similar and of course, updated timely too.

TV88 is a simple, straightforward approach to providing media streaming options to viewers. It has every single feature which makes it the right pick for the category of sites like Vumoo.

TV88 also offers the option to register on the site which is completely optional. However, being a member of the site brings you the option to request for your favorite movies or TV show to be uploaded on the site. Talking about the content then you can access all the popular and recently released movies and TV series on the site.

You also have the option to filter out them through options like years, genres, country, IMDb ratings, and much more. However, the only annoying thing about this website is the ads and pop-ups on it which can be pretty irritating at times.

10. WawaCity

Website: https://www.wawacity.tech/


WawaCity is the type of option amongst sites like Vumoo which can be termed the undisputed king of huge databases. WawaCity has been around for a really long time but as the site keeps on going down, people have to come up with new domains and the recent one is WawaCity tv.

WawaCity has a huge variety of databases to offer where you can access TV shows and old series, movies, anime, manga, other Asian dramas, and even cartoons too.

Sites like WawaCity are such a blessing for die-hard movie lovers as you can access everything for absolutely free here. Moreover, the site also does not trouble you with the sign-up process as there is no formality of getting yourself registered on the website.

The ads in between might annoy you but the clean interface compensates well for it. Filters like genres, year, and country help you in finding the desired movies and media. You can also search for your favorite movie or TV show through the search bar too.

11. Mkvking


mkvking me alternatives

This can be a bit discouraging for you to know that the next inclusion in the list of sites like Vumoo is all about Mkv movies only. Yes, you heard me right! Mkvking.com is a website that offers a vast collection of movies only but no TV shows or series at all.

I found the layout and interface quite minimalist and they have kept the theme and visuals simple too which makes way for easy navigation for the users.

However, I think there are plenty of loopholes on the website, especially regarding the filters available. You can find out movies on the basis of their popularity, latest release, and IMDb ratings only. Mkvking does not support filtering out on the basis of genres at all.

In order to make it simpler a bit, they have provided a list of trending movies on the right side of the site which keeps on getting updated with the release of new movies. You can also search for a movie directly through a search bar or just keep on scrolling down to check out the list.

12. 0123movie

Website: https://ww7.0123movie.net/

123Movies - lookmovie2 alternatives

0123movie is an online cinema on its own which is quite similar to sites like 123watch, Putlocker, Yes!Movie, and other recognized sites. Thankfully, with this option, we are back on such kind of websites that features both movies as well as TV series on their platform.

Most of the aspects and features of 0123movie remain similar to other sites like Vumoo except for one section which I really liked about it.

The site features a section of Coming Soon movies that are yet to be released or to be uploaded on the server which keeps the viewers updated with the site’s ongoing situation. Apart from it, you have plenty of filters to bifurcate movies and TV shows like genres, years, popularity, new release, and much more.

All the movies and TV shows are uploaded along with their IMDb ratings which makes it easier for the viewers to watch new content freely. With no issues with the sign-up process and simple search bar, I think the site is perfect to watch movies and TV shows of your choice.

13. CB01

Website: https://cb01.recipes/


If you are a fan of old movies, especially the classic ones, then I think Vidics is the best choice for you. Unlike other sites like Vumoo, the priority of CB01 is not on recently released movies but on the old and classic ones only.

Apart from movies, you can find a generous amount of collection of TV shows and news on CB01 too which can be further classified through various filters.

You would be glad to know that CB01 also offer a TV streaming option on their platform too whose schedule is also uploaded on the site only and is updated on regular basis. You can also watch celebrity news and hot news related to movies and TV on this platform too.

CB01 also offers a sign-up option on its website but it is totally optional. Other than that you have a search bar option to find out about the desired movie or TV show. You can also use various filters like genres, top 100 lists, popular, etc. to bifurcate the media.

14. Allmoviesforyou

Website: https://allmoviesforyou.net/

allmoviesforyou net

One thing which is absolutely amazing about Allmoviesforyou is their idea of filtering the entire database into easily accessible content which is as great as sites like BeMovies. I was also surprised to know that the site is completely free of ads and pop-ups despite the fact that their database is absolutely free to access.

Allmoviesforyou also offers a sign-up option which is totally optional but it is mandatory to become a member of the site if you want to request your favorite movies on it.

The quality of the media uploaded is pretty good but I found a striking factor about the website. Whereas the database of movies is completely updated, I found that it was not the case with TV shows. So, if you are a fan of the latest shows then you should better refer to other sites like Vumoo mentioned here.

Talking about the movies, then you have various sections to browse the content from like Trending Now, latest movies, greatest movies of all time, and a lot more.

15. Ask4Movie

Website: https://ask4movie.mx/

Ask4Movies - sites like putlocker sites

In order to watch full movies online, now you have the option to access Ask4Movie. This one is a popular platform but you might have to use a VPN service in order to access it. The major reason for choosing this site for the category of sites like Vumoo is because they provide all the media files in HD quality.

Ask4Movie works for both movies as well as TV series and keeps its database updated regularly. In fact, you can easily find recently released episodes of shows as well as recently released movies on this platform easily.

In order to request movies on their server, you would have to sign up on their website but this process is quite optional. Apart from all, there are various filter options like genres, IMDb ratings, country, etc. on whose basis you can classify the movies.

And finally, in case of going completely blank, you can always rely on their search function through which you can directly look for your favorite movies or TV shows.

16. DosMovies

Website: https://dosmovies.com/


DosMovies makes an example of sites like Solarmovie because of the ultimate popularity that it has attained over the years. I really like the fact regarding this website that you can watch old classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s to brand new movies like Black Panther here.

Not to be forgotten that the site uploads only quality content on their platform which means you will be able to watch all the movies and TV shows in great quality only.

If you want then you can create an account on DosMovies too which is a completely free process. Apart from the web-based version, you can access DosMovies as a mobile app, the Xbox channel, and on plenty of other platforms too.

Anyway, DosMovies.com is a very popular inclusion amongst the rest of the sites like Vumoo which has a variety of content to offer which is also updated on regular basis. However, ads can annoy you a bit on the site as they are the only medium of revenue for it.

17. AsianFlix

Website: https://asianflix.co/

In order to watch your favorite movies online, you really need some reliable options and I think this last inclusion in the list of sites like Vumoo will turn out to be perfect for you. However, this site is home to the latest movies only and does not cater for any TV shows on their platform.

All the video files are derived from third-party sources but they make sure that all the movies are available in HD quality only.

AsianFlix.co is also a collaboration with other popular platforms which gives you the liberty to access all sorts of content. There is one big advantage you get when you are accessing AsianFlix which is that apart from streaming content online, you can also download them that too in great quality.

To ease the process of finding your favorite movies, you can further classify them through genres, IMDb ratings, or just directly search for them.

18. F2movies

Website: https://f2movies.ru/

Sites Like F2Movies Alternatives

F2movies is the most popular and oldest website in the category of sites like Vumoo. It is very well-designed and easy to use. They made everything easy for users from watching and searching for movies. The best thing about F2movies, here you can know the movie’s IMDB rating, year, and short description just by hovering.

Watching any movie here is just a few-step process. Finding, clicking on a search result,s and playing. The movie collection is very vast, once you knew about F2movies, you don’t need to look for any other alternative to Vumoo.

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19. 6Movies

Website: https://www3.6movies.net/


6Movies is a new name but it is taking lead in the streaming world. Since it offers an amazing streaming experience to movie lovers for free. It allows you to watch from newly released movies to popular movies. It is not similar to Vumoo but offers similar features like popular filter genres, year, video quality, and many more.

The advanced search bar lets you search movies on the basis of genre, release year, video quality, and more.

It showcases all information about movies like IMDB ratings, movie plot, country, genre, and more. You can watch the movie trailer also here.

6Movies interface is free from ads and popups but it has two misleading buttons Watch Now and Download, avoid clicking on them to enjoy your favorite movie.

20. MyWatchSeries

Website: https://www5.mywatchseries.stream/

mywatchseries streams

If you are not satisfied with the above movie sites like Vumoo and still looking for the best Vumoo alternative, you got MyWatchSeries here.

MyWatchSeries is another popular name that comes into my mind after CB01, WawaCity, and AZMovies when we talk about an ads-free organized movie streaming site.

Without registration, you can watch the latest TV series and movies free online here. It has a huge collection of movies in all genres like comedy, horror, romance, and more.

These were the movie streaming sites like Vumoo to watch full-length movies, TV show episodes, and TV series online for free and without registration. Now, I have done my assignment. it is your time to check out the list and enjoy movies streaming online.

Final Thoughts

So these are some of the alternatives to Vumoo movies and TV shows that you can use to watch movies online in high quality. Of course, there’re many others as well, but these are the best options based on users’ reviews and quality rankings. Try each of them and comment on which one you like the most so we can know more about your choices!

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