The 12 Best Sites Like YesMovies of All Time

Hey there! If you’re a fan of YesMovies, I’ve got some great news for you! I’ve put together a list of 12 awesome websites like YesMovies. Plus, in the last section, I’ve compiled a bunch of YesMovies mirror sites that are guaranteed to work 100%! So, take a closer look at the details and get ready for some amazing streaming options!

If you’re a movie lover, you’ve probably heard of YesMovies, which used to be a really popular movie streaming website. However, it has been blocked on many search engines and regions, which is a real bummer. Luckily, a chain of sites with the YesMovies extension has made a comeback! These sites still have many of the features and movie types that made the original YesMovies so great, so movie enthusiasts are still able to stream movies online on YesMovies sites. But just like many other movie streaming sites, it’s common to see a YesMovies site get temporarily or permanently shut down. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a collection of movie sites like YesMovies in your library, just in case. We’ve handpicked 12 awesome YesMovies alternatives based on reliability, content, practicality, feedback from many movie fans, and our personal experience. So, please scroll down and check them out!

Please note that the websites listed below are intended solely for informational and conversational purposes. It is important to emphasize that we do not condone any illegal activities related to the streaming of copyrighted material.

Updated: The 12 Top Sites Like Yesmovies

1. MoviesJoy

Website Link:

MoviesJoy features a clean & compact interface and large quantities of movies and TV series ranging from the genres of romance, comedy, adventure, action, and animation to fiction, crime, and so forth, and it covers movies in different periods, including the latest ones and classic films from the last century. Unlike other sites similar to YesMovies, MoviesJoy only divides contents into two classifications – Movies and TV series so one can only use its quick search tool to find a needed movie.

MoviesJoy - Sites Like YesMovies

The high spot of MoviesJoy is that it only delivers a few ads on pages that don’t pop up abruptly and are less misleading, giving a relatively clean user experience. You can choose video qualities from 270P to 720P, yet a good network is a recommendation for smooth playback.

2. FlixTor

Website Link:

FlixTor is a big name among free movie streaming sites. If you search for websites like YesMovies, you can find FlixTor is one of the most cited options. Be that as it may, as FlixTor continually changes its domain, there are various FlixTor sites. We have tested dozens of FlixTor sites, and is the most reputable, clean, and full-featured one.

FlixTor to stream

It has a massive catalog of movies and TV series in various genres, released from 1970 to this year and worldwide. Besides watching full HD and 4K movies, this site also lets users download HD videos. FlixTor has few pop-ups and loads extremely fast on both PC and mobile devices. Please give it a spin!

3. 123chill

Website Link:

123chill is another well-known YesMovies alternative. Its interface is similar to Putlocker9, featuring easy navigation to help you locate the desired content. For example, you can use filters provided by 123chill to browse videos sorted by Genre, Country, Movies, TV-Series, Top IMDb, and News and find your favorite movies from its compelling collection.

123chill - Sites Like YesMovies

123chill allows fast movie streaming without signing up while delivering HD and even Full HD video quality. The only nagging thing you have to put up with is the advertisements on every page.

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4. Gomovies

Website Link:

On Gomovies, you can freely view thousands of hot and latest movies and TV series. The site makes it easy for users to enter movie names into the search bar to look for a particular movie or browse movies under classifications of Featured, Top viewed today, Most Favorite, Top Rating, and Top IMDb.


Most movies on this YesMovies alternative site are HD quality and streamed rapidly without repeated buffering or freezing (A good network is certainly the premise). However, you may be irritated by ads on the sites, which will pop up when you direct to every new page or click on an option. You need to close them manually and be careful to avoid any misleading pages.

5. Solar Movies

Website Link:

Here comes an absolutely clean alternative to YesMovies – Solar Movies. As the name implies, Solar Movies is dedicated to offering audiences with good quality movies. The site has a simple and intuitive interface. Everything is before your eyes. Although Solar Movies doesn’t have a massive collection of movies as other sites like Yes!Movies do, all the contents are pleasing.

Websites Like SnagFilms

Meanwhile, on Solar Movies, you will not confront annoying pop-up advertisements or misleading buttons. With a few easy clicks, you’re able to watch HD movies and download them in 720P and 1080P. Solar Movies is an amazing place to enjoy movies at your leisure.

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6. Putlocker9

Website Link:

Putlocker9 is an excellent option for watching online movies for free. It collects a considerable amount of great movies around the world to meet all tastes of movie fanciers. Whether you’re looking for action movies, adventure movies, horror movies, history movies, or musical movies.


So forth, in most instances, Putlocker9 can be the last stop, which not only offers a platform to stream movies free but also has full TV series that you can’t ignore if you are fond of watching television series. Click the play icon on a movie page, and it will quickly stream the movie content. A bunch of HD and Full HD videos are available here. While browsing on Putlocker9 and watching movies, ads rarely interrupt you.

7. Soap2Day

Website Link:

Soap2Day focuses on free movie streaming as one of the best YesMovies alternatives, which allows users to view a large selection of popular free films. Films on this site are thoroughly categorized based on their popularity, genres, years, and countries. Especially the countries’ classification sorts movies based on their languages, and more than 25+ languages are available.

soap2day movies

Therefore, if you want to watch foreign movies in a specific language, you can make use of this filter. Each movie on Soap2Day has more than one mirror for streaming, and some of the movie sources also come with torrent download options. However, I have to mention that this site has relatively many advertisements, yes, a common defect of websites like YesMovies.

8. 5Movies

Website Link:

5Movies offers a way to watch movies from third-party content providers instead of hosting files on its server like torrent sites, and typically, most movie streaming sites run this way. There is a wide selection of high-quality movies in virtually all genres and from many parts of the world. TV series are also a part of 5Movies collection.


Multiple servers are accessible for streaming a movie, and most perform fast. 5Movies have pop-up ads, yet when compared with some sites, on which ads pop up frequently, almost after every single click, of course! The movies are still reasonably clean.

9. Vexmovies

Website Link:

If you cannot access the YesMovies free movies online, the new Vexmovies website is an excellent replacement for Hurawatch com. The contents contained on this website come from unaffiliated third parties. However, you can easily access it through our website, even though it is privately owned and all rights are protected.


This is another excellent YesMovies alternative, which boasts a massive collection of HD movies and television series across many categories.

10. YoMovies

Website Link:

YoMovies, as the name suggests, is another movie site that can replace YesMovies. You can watch HD movies and TV series here. On this site, you can also look for movies by the year they came out. This website is easy to access and doesn’t cost anything.

YoMovies - Sites Like YesMovies Alternatives

It is the best alternative to YesMovies new site because it has fewer ads, and you don’t have to sign up to use watch full-length movies.

YoMovies includes a database system that stores a large number of documentaries and television programs among its many impressive features.

If you need to watch movies online, this is an excellent website that you will like using and will cause you to spend a lot of time streaming at no cost.

11. Movie4me

Website Link:

Movie4me is a good alternative to Yes! Movies. This website has an extensive collection of the most recent movies, TV shows, and TV series in HD quality, much like all other streaming services.


Movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian, Tamil-Telugu, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Bhojpuri, and Gujarati languages can all be found on this website, as well as dubbed versions in Hindi. Hindi TV series is also available on this site.

12. Rainierland

Website Link:

Rainierland is the next website on our list of the best Yes! Movies alternatives. Similarly to the other websites listed, this website has an incredible collection. On the homepage of this website, you can also find the most popular movies and television shows. Searching for a film by its cast members is also possible on this site.

2023 Working YesMovies Mirrors

Despite the efforts to take down YesMovies, many fans still wish to use the Yesmovies Proxy and Mirror Sites to stream their favorite movies online. As assistance to those individuals, we have gathered a collection of verified YesMovies links for their reference.


What is better than Yesmovies?

Note that we do not promote or endorse illegal or pirated streaming services. Yesmovies is an illegal streaming website that violates copyright laws and risks the security of its users’ devices.

There are several legal alternatives to Yesmovies that you can consider for streaming movies and TV shows, such as:

These platforms offer a vast collection of movies and TV shows and provide a safe and legal way to stream content online. While some of these platforms may require a subscription fee, they are a more secure and reliable alternative to illegal streaming websites.

What are websites like Yesmovies at?

There are several alternatives to Yesmovies that you can consider for streaming movies and TV shows, such as YoMovies, Vexmovies, 5Movies, Soap2Day, Solar Movies, Putlocker9, Movie4me, Rainierland, and many others on the list. These platforms offer a vast collection of movies and TV shows and provide a safe and legal way to stream content online. While all these platforms offer free movies, they are also a secure and reliable alternative to OTT streaming websites.

Has Yesmovies been shut down?

Yesmovies, the popular streaming platform, has been shut down. The news shocked fans of the platform, who had enjoyed its wide selection of movies and TV shows for free. It is believed that the platform was taken down due to copyright infringement issues, as the site did not have any agreements in place with the content owners. This means that those who used Yesmovies will now have to find an alternative source for their entertainment. Many are already looking for similar services, but it remains to be seen if they will be able to find something as good as Yesmovies.

To Wrap It Up

Here, we present a compilation of websites similar to YesMovies and a set of functional Yesmovies Proxy/Mirror Sites. We sincerely hope that you derive pleasure from these complimentary movie streaming platforms. If you find this post beneficial, kindly spread the word by sharing it with your acquaintances.

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