Best Sport Streaming Service In South Africa

Sport is a sweet sensation all over the world but a sweeter sensation for South Africans who would discover the best sport streaming service. If you are in South Africa, there are so many ways you can stream sports live without having to go through a DStv subscription or visit friends and viewing centres that display sporting games. The best sport streaming service in South Africa displays a variety of games from football which entails the Premier League, UEFA Champions, Europa Leagues, Serie A, F A cup, La Liga to Sports like rugby, car racing(Formula 1), tennis, swimming, horse racing, running, netball, boxing, long jump and high jump, NBA, NBL badminton, etc.

Watch live sports without DStv

Like I pointed out earlier, sports are loved everywhere in the world. It helps participants to keep fit and make money, investors to make profits, and fans to make money too. Fans make money by making bets. As a sporting fan, direct access to be able to stream your favourite sports live would be to greater advantage. You don’t really have to wait to have a DStv subscription to be able to see live games. There are a variety of ways you can see live sports which ranges from free streaming on free sites, web browsers, betting sites, and paid premium services on Showmax Pro.

Free Streaming Sites Availbe In South Africa

So many websites allow free live sports streaming. Most of these sites do not require you to sign up before being able to see a live game. Although some of the sites might require an upgrade for a better viewing experience. Streaming sites are often limited to certain countries and can only be accessed through the use of a VPN. The free streaming sites listed below are currently some of the best streaming services for sports which can be accessed in South Africa. Most of these sites are illegal and you should only stream at your own discretion. The major problem with free streaming sites that you might find uncomfortable is the pop-ups for advertisement.

Some of the free streaming sites available for South Africans are:

  • 123TVNow
  • FootyBite
  • Live Soccer TV
  • Facebook watch
  • Sportrar.TV
  • Reddit
  • Hulu
  • YouTube TV
  • AirtelXstream
  • BossCast
  • OK Live TV

Free live streaming at betting sites

Your favourite betting sites offer free live streaming for your pleasure. You get the best soccer live streaming directly from the betting sites for free. It is actually better to stream on betting sites so it can be easier for your predictions i.e as you are streaming the game, you would be able to tell and predict by how the players are playing and make adjustments to your bettings if need be. You’d also be sure about winning or losing while streaming directly. You get the best experience which goes for free. Betting sites don’t just allow you to stake and earn. In case you’ve been missing your chances of streaming free, now you know betting sites offer just the right view for you. Free live streaming at betting sites is the best deal you can ever get.

Stream in a web browser or on smartphones

You can stream directly using your web browser or on your smartphones. Whenever a game is on, you can search your web browser for options of seeing the live game. It depends on your web browser though but most comes updated with features that allow you to watch live matches and other sports. You get to see live scores too in case your web browser does not allow for live streaming. It is not always efficient to rely on your smartphone or your web browser to stream live sports. It is just one of the ways in case you have limited access to better options.

Stream using Showmax Pro

The Showmax Pro is a paid service that is surprisingly free for DStv premium users. This service goes for a token of R99 pm. It’s a new service development for South Africans. Showmax Pro affords you the luxury of listening to your favourite music, news, and streaming a variety of sporting games. You can stream any kind of sports live using Showmax Pro from the comfort of your room using your preferred gadgets. Showmax Pro just launched in South Africa which allows news users a free 14 days to use the application. If you cancel before your 14 days free trial elapse, you won’t get charged. A 50% discount is also available for users. Using a mobile phone to subscribe and stream on Showmax Pro is cheaper than the standard price of R99 pm.

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