Best Televisions If You Are A Sports Fanatic

Televisions: Sports and their fans are always after the best. Check out our picks below for the best TV to meet and exceed your sports watching needs.

Sports and their fans are always after the best. Whether a team is trying to find a player in the draft or sign a free agent or fans are finding odds on their team at My Top Sportsbooks or grabbing seats for the game – they want the best. However, in current times, it is much harder to enjoy sports anywhere but at home. That is why now is the time to get a TV best suited to maximize your sports watching. Check out our picks below for the best TV to meet and exceed your sports watching needs.

Samsung Q90R QLED Smart 4K UHD
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For That Crystal-Clear Picture – Samsung Q90R QLED Smart 4K UHD

For unparalleled picture quality and home theatre experience, the Samsung Q90R is tough to beat. Ultra viewing angles, quantum HDR 16X8 and processor 4K offer seamless and uninterrupted viewing. The TV also offers Ambient Mode, which offers beautiful imagery (or even pictures of your favourite team) when your TV is not in use. Lastly, with sizes up to 82”, this TV is excellent for any room or any size.

For The Sound Lover – Sony A8F OLED

The crack of the bat on a home run ball. The ding of the puck hitting the crossbar when your team is leading. Roars and chants when your team scores. Some of the most satisfying sounds in the world come from the sporting world. If sound emerges you into the game, but you do not want (or have the setup for) a sound system, check out the Sony A8F. The tv comes with ClearAudio+ and S-Force Front Surround to provide the ultimate sound for the game.

For The Fan Of The Game And Video Game – LG CX OLED

Whether you love to get together with your friends and watch your favourite sport or you love to play the video game version of it, the LG CX OLED is the perfect TV for you. The 120Hz refresh rate and OLED motion technology make this TV ideal for gaming and live sports. For maximum fun, pair it with a next-gen sports game and a PS5 – if you can find one.

For The Sports Fan With Unlimited Space – Samsung 85” Class Q60T Series LED 4K UHD Smart Tizen

Now, we could have put the 88” made by LG here, but with a price difference of $27000, I do not think you can justify buying it for a slightly better picture and an extra three inches. The Samsung Q60T is an excellent purchase if you have space and do not want to break the bank. This TV is designed for bright areas, making it ideal for fans watching daytime sports with a large group.

For The Fan Without Much Space – Samsung UN40MU630D 4K Ultra HD LED TV

Not all of us have the space for a giant TV. Some of us living in a small space and looking for high-quality sports viewing experience should check out the 40” Samsung UN40MUU630 – that is a mouthful of a name. This television offers a frame rate of 120hz, PurColor technology, UND dimming, and Dolby Digital Plus audio to provide the perfect sports television for a smaller space.

For The Sports Fan On A Budget – TCL 5 Series LED QLED 4K

TCL 5 Series LED QLED 4K
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Not everyone can afford or wants to spend a bunch on a brand-new television. For those looking for the best bang-for-you-buck, we recommend the TCL 5 Series. Featuring Dolby Vision – support rarely found at this price – the TCL Series 5 offers surprisingly excellent picture quality, comes with Roku TV built-in, and you can stream sports right in your television. Hard to find much better at $500 for a 55”.

For The Person With No Budget – LG Rollable OLED TV RX

We put this one at the end since it cost about as much as a 2020 Audi A8, $88,000. If you have not seen this television, it is something to marvel at. Why? Well, it rolls up. This stunning 8K TV provides world-class sports watching – with intense colour, perfect black, and infinite contrast – without obstructing your view when you are not using it. This awarding machine is likely out of most of our price ranges, but it does make for the ultimate sports watching experience.

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