Best Time To Buy A Lawn Mower


There is always the best time to buy things. You get extra discounts on swimwear in January and September is the best month to purchase gas grills. The situation is similar for lawnmowers as well. If you are buying a mower at the right hours, you will save some bucks while getting all the benefits you desire. Let us have a look at some of the best times to purchase a lawnmower.

Why Wait For The Right Time?

If the lawn grasses are growing and you do not have any solution, then go ahead and purchase a lawnmower according to the preferences because mowing at the end of the season will be hard. On the other hand, if you can use the old lawnmower for a little longer or borrow it from one of your close neighbors, then you can make significant savings. Two main factors decide the right time to purchase a lawnmower; season end sales and launch of new product lines. Once new products are launched, the existing top orders will automatically loose on the price tag. How to manage these two? Let’s discuss the same here.


Late spring and early summers see the maximum sales of lawnmowers. So, June might not be a good month to invest in a lawnmower. However, due to high demand, most of the online shops offer excellent deals and discounts on lawn maintenance machines. For example, you will see many deal preceding Father’s day because a lawnmower is one of the best gifts for dads. Most of the brands and resellers would like to enjoy some extra profits during this period, so they attract the buyers by giving additional discounts or free accessories.

Late August

By August end, there will be new lawnmowers in line to be released. So, the online shops will try to sell the available models. It’s the reason they generally offer some discounts that might not be very high. Still, you will be able to save a considerable amount.


If you want the best discounts, then fall is the best time of a year to purchase mowers. In autumn, the season begins to change, and mowing season ends. So, you will notice that the price of these machines is lowest between September and December. Online retailers are desperate to sell the old range of mower because of Christmas and winters. Moreover, they would not want to store lawnmowers for the next season.

Other Ways To Save On Lawnmower Purchase

Look For Discounted Models

When a brand launch new products, they lower down the price of existing series. There is nothing wrong with them. The prices are lowered down to keep the buyers interested. Of course, the newer products have minor updates, but a lawnmower can live without them comfortably. There are always new models available every season, so look for the previous version. We are sure you will find something at a considerable discount.

Holiday Discounts

Summer months mean holidays, especially in the schools. Healthy families want their kids to spend some time in the lawn, garden, or yard. It’s the reason lawnmowers are available at the sliced prices than often. Also, Labor day and time around it are the best to purchase lawnmowers.

Don’t Be Fooled By Extra Discounts

We always talk about a cut, but you don’t have to fall for a model only because there is a considerable saving. Do proper research and know your requirements before you invest in a lawnmower. Price is a significant factor, but it’s not the only decision-maker to select a mower.


Irrelevant of the product and time you purchase, there are verities of options available for everything. So, it’s great to compare the prices among the models and different online shops. You will be surprised to see the differences between the price if you will browse more than one.


We hope you get great discounts on your next lawnmower purchase. After reading this article, you know the right months and days to shop around for a new grass cutting machine. Remember the rule; price rises with the demand. So, always wait for the end of season sales, holiday discounts, and specific offers ran by different online shops.
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