Dubai is one of the top cities in the world. Generally, Dubai is regarded as the main center of commerce in the Middle East due to the thousands of businesses and investments that roll up in the city daily. Furthermore, Dubai is home to more than 70 shopping centers with the biggest shopping center in the world; the Dubai Mall standing out above the rest. Also, the tallest building in the world; Burg Khalifa and some of the best hotels and resorts in the world are located in the city. These amazing infrastructures located across the city have attracted millions of tourists every year to the beautiful city. Truly, Dubai is a top destination for tourism.

Renting a car in Dubai has become a popular activity in the city. Nowadays, thousands of residents and tourists rent a car in Dubai as an alternative to owning a car because Car Rental Dubai offers rental cars at affordable rates than the public transportation system. Car rental services offer rental cars that provide more comfort, convenience and reliability than the public transportation system. Furthermore, car rental services offer the opportunity for an individual to enjoy a different variety of cars at affordable rates. As a resident or tourist in Dubai, Rent a Car Dubai is the best option for your trips.

There have been arguments about the best times in the year to rent a car in Dubai. Some residents and tourists even believe that there is actually no best time to rent a car in Dubai. However, this article will provide you with a guide on the best times in the year to rent a car in Dubai.

1. When the prices are competitive

When you use the car rental reservation service to book a car three to six month before your trip, most car rental companies offer prices for cars that are competitive and low. So to get a good price for a rental car, always ensure you book your car early because the prices of renting a car are always competitive by then and are also low too. Thereafter, compare the prices and choose the car rental that offers the best deal for your choice of car.

2. Rent a car in the winter

Car Rental Dubai services are available during the winter and summer. However, during the winter most summer holiday destinations are normally not in business, therefore car rental companies normally have lots of cars available during this time. Due to low demand, to ensure they make profit and stay in the business, car rentals offer most of these cars at incredible discount rates. The winter is one of the best times to rent a car in Dubai.

3. Right after a major holiday

After a major holiday period, the demand for rental cars is always low because most people tend to return rental cars that may have been rented at incredibly high rates at a holiday. Due to the low demand after the major holiday, Car Rental Dubai offers cars with special bonuses and high discount rates. Also, for an individual that wants to rent a car, you will have a high bargaining power and a great variety of choices to make. Renting a car immediately after a major holiday will help you to save more money.

4. On a Friday morning

Rent a Car Dubai offers you with the opportunity to rent a car of your choice at any time during the day. Car rental services are always in high demand on Monday, because lots of business men and corporate workers need a vehicle for the working days. By Wednesday, most car rentals are always out of cars and get stocked with cars again on Thursday night when most of the rental cars have been returned. If you go to the car rental on a Thursday night to rent a car, you will have to wait for the car to be cleaned up and most of the cars may not be returned when you arrive. However, on a Friday morning, car rentals have a lot, full of cars and in desperation to get most of the cars out for the weekend, provide some special weekend offers to attract more customers. Using Budget Rent a car service on a Friday morning is one of the best times to rent a car in Dubai.

5. After a local or international events

Local and international events affect the availability of vehicles because these events attract a large number of visitors and tourists to the city. Most people going for these events normally rent cars within the city. However, immediately after the event, most people return their cars to the car rental. To remain in business, car rentals offer cars at incredible discount rates to attract more customers. Renting a car after a local or international event is also one of the best times to rent a car in Dubai.


Rent a Car Dubai is the best way to exploit the city of Dubai either as a resident or tourist. To rent a car, you must be up to 21 years and must have a valid driving license in addition to other requirements. Most people prefer to rent a car at certain times because they believe it is the best time to rent a car. However, this article provides a guide for all, on the best times to rent a car in Dubai.

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