5 Best Tips for Overcoming Various Injuries

As humans, we’re bound to experience mishaps that might be big or small. However, you don’t necessarily have to indulge in vigorous activities such as hiking, weight training, or biking to get hurt. An injury can be of different forms and can happen anywhere.

Though you might get exposed to an injury at any time of the day, you should be aware of how to overcome it.

Curious to know how to react to an injury?

These tips will help you out.

1. Sports Injuries

Sports injuries

Contact sports such as cricket and football; and recreational activities such as snowboarding, mountaineering, and even yoga can cause injuries.

Having poor gear or lack of training practice might cause sprains and fractures in the head, neck, wrist, and ankle. That’s why you should use a helmet and knee support to avoid such injuries.

Sports injuries can be painful and cause swelling. Besides taking rest, the best way to deal with these symptoms is to apply a warm or cold compress to reduce pain and swelling. But if the symptoms persist, it’s worthwhile to visit a sports medicine doctor Lake Oswego offers.

2. Work-Related Injuries

Sitting in an office chair can cause back and neck pain as it puts a continuous pressure to the neck, spine, and back muscles. To avoid this, use an adjustable chair, sit straight with your feet flat on the ground, and take breaks to walk and stretch. But if you do get a work-related injury, you can use a warm compress on the affected area for at least twenty minutes to relieve the pain.

Falling, slipping, and tripping at work is also possible. If you get a cut, wash it with mild soap and warm water. Use an antiseptic cream and cover it with a band-aid. For bumps and bruises, applying a cold compress can reduce swelling.

In case of burns, soak it with cold water to soothe and relieve pain. Later, you should cover the area with a dry bandage to avoid infection. Also, make sure to never use ice, lotion, or ointment on a burn.

3. Running Injuries

There are many types of running injuries and their basic treatments include taking rest, wearing safety guards, and stretching.

Did you know that forty percent of running injuries are knee injuries? It’s an injury in which the cartilage under the knee gets damaged. Taking rest between laps, wearing a knee brace, and exercising to strengthen the glutes and hamstrings can save you from a knee injury.

Runners can also get Achilles Tendinitis in which the calf and heel muscles get inflamed. It can be easily dealt with icing, stretching, and resting plentifully.

Shin Splints cause the shin muscles to get irritated and cause stabbing pain. Training on softer surfaces, wearing shoes that fit well, and stretching can help reduce the pain.

Everyday Injuries

Everyday injuries

If you ever got injured while cooking, gardening, cleaning, or carrying out any other everyday activities, you’re not alone. It’s not uncommon to experience everyday injuries including minor cuts, sprains, burns, and spider bites. However, there are many natural remedies to overcome such injuries.

Cuts and scrapes should be immediately washed with warm water and covered with a bandage after applying an antibacterial ointment.

If you trip over something and fall, you’re most likely to get a bruise or sprain. Apply a cold pack such as a pack of frozen peas over the affected area to ease the discomfort.

Workout Injuries

We all love to stay fit and healthy. But pushing yourself harder might often cause workout injuries if even the slightest exercise goes wrong.

Some workout injuries include sprains of the wrist and ankle, tendinitis, knee, shoulder, and muscular injuries. The best way to avoid getting injured during a workout is to make sure you add a proper warm-up, cool down, and stretching routine to your workout. Plus, avoid putting too much exertion and pressure on your muscles and exercise only as much as your body can handle.

The Takeaway

Now that you know how to overcome an injury, it’s still important to find out the severity of your injury. You’ll need immediate medical attention if you experience any swelling, bleeding, or persistent pain. Besides following the above-mentioned tips, you should always remember to seek your doctor’s help.

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