Best Variety Of Cakes To Relish

The sweetest word that the English language has given to the world is a “ Cake.” It is because it is baked with sweet and sugary ingredients, and make every celebratory moment more joyous. Therefore, we have a birthday cake, anniversary cake, baby shower cake, Christmas cake, and so on forth.

More often or not, at parties, or otherwise, we are treated with a spongy cake with layers covered in moist cream in different flavours and topped with edible decorations. And, no wonder, we are all in love with it because it’s super tasty. However, in addition to the cream cake, several cakes are worth a try. The difference lies in the ingredients used, method of preparation, flavouring, batter prepared, etc. Together, all these bring variety to cake.

Below is a list of comprehensive and by no means an exhaustive list of different types of cake that you should relish.

1. Butter Cake:

Marble cake, chocolate cake prepared with cream butter, sugar, and eggs are the members of the butter cake family. Butter cake is lighter and fluffier in texture. It is considered one of the essential cakes in American baking.

2. Pound Cake:

It is known as a relative of butter cake and is prepared using equal amounts of ingredients like butter, sugar, flour. Some bakers beat the eggs separately and also use baking soda or baking powder. Generally, pound cakes are lightly flavoured and are served with glazing or water icing.

3. Fruit Cake:

If you search for fruit cake online, you will come across varieties as dry fruit cake, creamy cake with fresh fruits, and upside-down pineapple cake. All fruit cakes are enriched with fresh and juicy seasonal fruits.

4. Biscuit Cake:

Biscuit cakes are super easy to bake. It is another type of sponge cake which tastes delicious. For baking this cake, you can use a packet of cream biscuits, chocolate biscuits for a chocolate-flavoured cake, etc.

5. Red Velvet Cake:

This red sponge cake is mostly baked with oil instead of butter. And, a distinct red velvet flavour is used instead of cocoa. Originally, red velvet flavour was obtained as a reaction between buttermilk and raw cocoa, resulting in red-hued crumbs.

6. Fondant Cake:

Fondant cake are designer cakes. Fondant is a sugary play dough that can be draped over a cake or can be sculpted into diverse shapes and designs. It is kneaded silky and malleable to give a cake a seamless finish.

7. Carrot Cake:

The batter of a carrot cake is prepared using a vegetable or canola oil. Carrot shreds can also be used between the layering of the cakes. It is a sweet-healthy cake recipe that health-conscious people will love.

Now, when you have a list of different types of cake, why only relish a buttercream cake every time.Visit Floweraura and explore these yummy varieties, and you shall find one more favourite cake of yours.

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