Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home: 10 Best Ways

You can do so many things to make your dorm room feel like your house. This article discusses 10 useful tips to make this possible.

Many people are usually excited about the idea of going to college. This is not surprising as this is the first time most youths have to be away from their parents. However, this feeling of excitement comes with some anxiety, as well.

This is the anxiety of being away from home. The thought of living alone amidst strangers with nothing familiar could be overwhelming.

Students can make their rooms cozy which will help reduce some anxiety of being far from home. With access to services and amenities you use at home, you can reduce the overwhelming feeling of being in college.

We will explore 10 ideas to create the perfect and ideal dorm room. These dorm room decoration ideas are not costly. You can save money on your essay by telling a speedy paper promo code and using the money to create a safe haven in your dorm.

1. Your Bedding

Considering students will sleep almost 8 hours a day, their beds must be comfortable. This is why you should create a design you really like. This is not about picking a king-size bed. Instead, you want to choose a fluffy bed that doesn’t give your body aches after waking up.

There is also a probability that your bed will be the centerpiece in your dorm. Pick a blanket color that reflects your personality as well.

2. Lighting System

Lighting is another way you can make your dorm room feel comfy. Even with a desk lamp, some corners of your room could be dark. You need a lighting system that defines your style and personality. With this, relaxing after a hard day will be pretty easy.

You need the perfect lightning to do your homework, write an essay, prepare your slides, etc.

3. Add a Comfortable Seat

Your seat should also reflect your personality. It could be a recliner or a futon, etc. This will provide a perfect place to relax after a stressful or rigorous day on campus. In addition, you will not miss those sofas at home.

4. Create a Comfortable Workspace

Without a doubt, you will study a lot. There will be assignments, essays, term papers, and reading. You can either write the essay yourself or check out to read about the experience of users before you outsource your essay.

Your workspace should be comfortable, easy for you to study for hours without feeling fatigued.

5. Personalize Your Walls

Your walls can reflect who you are. You can hang pictures of cool celebrities that you like. You can even have a picture of your mum, dad, or girlfriend right there. For art lovers, there are paintings and artworks you can buy and hang.

There are many ways to save money to make this possible. You can get the best deal on essay writing by using speedy paper promo code.

6. Buy a Rug

Want to have a warm and cozy feeling in your dorm, consider a rug. Consider investing in one as dorm room comes with old carpets or tiles that are cold. With a rug, it adds a touch of personality and makes your room welcoming. Make sure to choose a color that blends with your decoration.

7. Invest in Some Curtains

Many dorm rooms do not have a curtain. There are beautiful curtain designs that will make your dorm classy. Besides, you get some privacy, just like your room at home!

8. Invest in Frames

You can invest in small and portable frames which will stand perfectly on your nightstand. There are many things you can put in the frame like a picture of your favorite pet. You can even hang this behind the door.

9. Be Smart with Painting

As long as it is not against the school regulation, why not to paint your room. There are fantastic designs that will light up your room. You can even copy the design you have at home. The painting, however, should blend with other things in the room, such as the rug.

10. Bring Something from home

Even if your home is kilometers away, you can bring some things you love from home. It could be your favorite coffee machine, some photographs, a pillow, blanket, or your portable CD player. When you have such things you love around, it will bring a warm feeling and will remind you of dear people who are far away from you now.


You will spend plenty of time in your college dorm. As a result, you should try all you can to make it classy.

You can arrange and beautify your dorm room so that it feels classy and remind you of home. These ten ideas will go a long way to help you have nice decorations in your dorm that will feel just like home.

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