Best Ways to Promote Online Gambling in USA to Get Organic and Paid Traffic

Very often, novice gambling entrepreneurs try to delegate the promotion of online gambling websites in USA, by giving such a task to web administrator or to manage promotion tools in person. After attending several training events and looking on a tiny pixelated charts of US gambling traffic, it becomes clear that you cannot do it without a professional help.

The next wrong step that a short-sighted online gambling website owner can take is to employ one or two specialists in all areas of advertising: SEO, SMO, SEM, email marketing and contextual advertising.

The main thing to understand is that promotion of the best online gambling sites in USA begins at the stage of website development, selection of content and purchase of gaming licenses. A good product as the end result is already an excellent independent element of promotion. Next, you have to decide how to promote online gambling websites to gain US traffic.

Gambling websites

There are 5 main ways to improve organic and paid digital traffic: Website optimization for search engine queries + link building. Display Network Promotion on social networks. Partnership programs. Web analytics.

If everything is done correctly, an interested audience will visit your site and you will receive targeted traffic. Google AdWords and the Google Display Network have a convenient system of payment for actions: PPC – cost per click. This method is useful to those who want to receive traffic; CPM – cost per 1000 impressions. This method is only available on the Google Display Network (but it’s not useful for US, since gambling advertising is prohibited in most of the US states); CPC (cost per conversion) is a conversion rate. Suitable for those who need conversion in the first place.

SMM Promotion of the online gambling resource in US

The choice of web network depends on the region you are targeting. In some countries, security services may prohibit a particular social network or monitor citizens with it. In this case, many use instant messengers. For example, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook Messenger now performs similar functions. The user receives advertising in the very heart of the smartphone and loyally perceives it. If you have a team of specialists, or a specialized company is involved in the promotion of a casino, you can order this service for a small fee.

The main strength of SMM, in addition to paid advertising, lies in the content. High-quality, unconventional, original content will interest new players to your online gambling project.

Talk about casinos, games and winnings, give gifts to your subscribers. In the future, you can even turn off paid advertising, because the organic reach of the target audience (TA) will be so great that it makes no sense to pay for traffic through AdWords or similar service. But we have to work hard on this. SMM begins with positioning the casino and identifying the insights (secret needs) of the TA.

If you have already created a public or group in social networks for your casino and publish something in it, for example, links or pictures with an appeal to play games – this is not SMM. Such maintaining the page can only harm the site. Better entrust this task to SMM-specialists who know how to promote a casino in social network environment.

Casino analytics & web analytics

The most important part of advertising is large interactive reports with vivid diagrams and metrics. With analytics, you will at least learn more about your target audience in order to adjust your targeting in subsequent advertising campaigns. But it’s also important to know which communication channel works and what factors have an efficient impact. For example, you see in the report that GDN and affiliate networks provide traffic and high conversion, while social networks also provide traffic, but there is no conversion.

Then you analyze your activities in social networks, compare user behavior on the site from different sources. Such an investigation will help you understand why a particular channel does not give a conversion, and in general, whether it is worth spending an advertising budget on it.

Of course you may try to work alone on the whole project, but it may cost you your business. We highly recommend you to contact the experts in the promotion of the casino. This is a very competitive field where the most advantageous position is professionalism.

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