14 Best Wedding Ring Ideas For Your Someone Special


Let us help you symbolize your love and commitment with our amazing and cheap wedding ring ideas. Nowadays, we have so many options in the market that it becomes really confusing to pick the best and the durable one. Be it, women or men, the vast variety of designs and options makes wedding ring shopping a never-ending task. Pick the best one as your taste from the given wedding ring types:

1.     Diamonds & Gemstones

Diamonds and gemstone rings can be made in different metals like gold, silver, platinum, palladium or tungsten. Therefore, diamonds and gemstone rings can be made economical by choosing the size of the diamond or stone that fits your budget and likewise choose the metal. In this, you can even choose the settings as per your choice like bezel, prong, cluster, channel, bar, illusion, gypsy, and tension.

2.     Solitaire Ring

It is a single stone/diamond ring, the ring is made in such a way that it holds a single piece and enhances the beauty of the precious stone.

3.     Antique Ring

A ring aged over 100 years is an antique ring and can be used on your wedding symbolizing the ‘forever’ bond. If any two are fond of collecting vintage, then antique rings are the best for them to start with their bond of togetherness.

4.     Wedding Bands

These rings are called bands because of their uniformity in width and no obvious top. They look like a band and can be made of any metal as per your choice. You can even get two lookalike bands for the wedding as they are not very gender-specific unless asked to make like that.

5.     Birthstone Ring

Some couples can use their birthstones in their wedding rings as they are associated with your birth month. It adds charm on your hand and shows how well two know each other.

6.     Engraved Ring

These rings are the ones that show your love in ‘words’. On engraved rings, you can get anything you feel like, making it the best option for the wedding ring. ‘I love you’ to the name of your better half or ‘I Do’ anything can be engraved on the ring portraying your love and affection towards each other.

7.     Claddagh Ring

An Irish/Celtic traditional ring showing two hands holding a crowned heart. It represents endless love and loyalty in a relationship.

8.     Cocktail Ring

It is a big sized ring with loud colors and stones made to stand out from the regular jewelry. It is also known as a dinner ring, as it is made for lavish parties. Its top is usually big and dramatic and is made for cocktail parties but can be used as a wedding ring for an extravagant appearance.

9.     Signet

It is called signet as it has your initials or engraved with an alphabet. It can be used as a wedding ring by combining the couple’s initials and binding it together on your ring.

10.  Eternity Ring

They are bands with uniform width and have a channel setting of the identically cut stones. It symbolizes the never-ending love of the couple and it is very comfortable for regular wear.

11.  Couple Ring

Very much in vogue nowadays, two similar kinds of rings or one ring consisting of two rings. Couples love to show their love by wearing something alike. The ring does the talking for the two when they are out in public.

12.  Fashion Ring

Fashion rings are the trendy uneven rings that are a style statement and meant to express your stylish side. Some couples are outgoing and loud so they like picking such rings for their wedding.

13.  Estate Ring

It is usually the ring that has been circulating in the family since the forefather. Estate rings do not necessarily have to be an antique ring but it can also be. It may be from any period of time but it will be an amazing wedding ring for the person who values traditions and believes in ancestral blessings.

14.  Heart-Shaped Ring

Women are usually attracted to heart-shaped ruby rings as they feel it signifies the man is giving away his heart along with the ring.

Wedding rings represent the strong bond of love and togetherness. The reason everyone finds it difficult to choose a ring is only that it is for a lifetime. Everyone has an emotional connection with this small thing called ‘wedding ring’. Even though the market has come up with various options and designs yet the meaning of the tradition stands strong as before.

Wedding rings symbolize not just love but a never-ending commitment and devotion of the two towards each other. A wedding is not just a bond between two but also between their families. The promise to stay together in good or bad and happily accept each other with all the flaws and shortcomings. The price shall never hamper the importance of such a lovely occasion. Therefore, with the wide variety of cheap wedding rings and band options mentioned above, we tried making things easier for you.

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