How to use best window monitoring application

best window monitoring application

Computer machines are important for everyone these days even for school going children and as well as for business professionals. Therefore, the rise and rise of digital devices in terms of windows laptops desktop machines forcing parents to monitor the children digital activities and employers have to track the company’s owned windows machines assigned to the employees. Therefore, you need to use windows monitoring software. Parents can use it for digital parenting and employers can use it to protect their business. Let’s discuss how to use OgyMogy computer monitoring app.

Install OgyMogy Windows monitoring app

There are few steps that you need to cover in order use the best computer surveillance app for windows for the sake of digital parenting and to make a check on employees windows devices.

Step1: Use your PC or Phone browser 

Whether you are a parent or an employer you need to use a PC or cell phone browser. Further, visit the official websites of the best PC spy software for windows.

Step2: Subscribe for Windows tracking app

Once you have visited the websites then you need to get a subscription for PC surveillance app for windows laptops. In return, you will receive an email passcode and ID.

Step3: Get Possession of target device

Now you need to get physical access on the target device and once you have got it then simply start the installation process. Once you have ended with the process of installation then you need to activate it on the target device. However, when you are just trying to activate it you will receive a pop –up on the screen that helps you out to hide the identity of the computer monitoring software for windows on the target device to monitor windows PC without your target knowing. In addition, end up with the activation process.

Step4: Use login ID & password to visit web portal 

It is the right time to use the passcode and ID in order to login into your account on the OgyMogy electronic web portal. Once you have got the access into it you can do magic with it in terms of PC tracking activities against windows OS.

Step5: Use windows monitoring software features 

Now you have the access to the online control panel, you just need to visit the features section where you can find out multiple features of the windows tracking software. Let’s discuss all the features and usage.

Best Computer surveillance app for windows features

Computer surveillance app

Block websites

The end user can block websites on the target windows laptop desktop computer machines. You just need to copy the URLs of the particular websites and then paste the copied URLs into the windows spy software filters and that’s it.

User –friendly reports

You can easily get reports of all the activities the target user has to perform on the windows PC. You can reports in terms of logs likewise activity logs, alarm logs, productivity, visited apps, websites, and sent received emails.

On-demand Screenshots

You can remotely capture screenshots of the target device when you need it the most.

Mighty Alarms 

The end user can fix the alarms on particular activities that they really want to keep their eyes on. So, might alarm will give end-user alerts of the activities time –to –time.

Invisible Mode tracking 

The end user can secretly monitor each and every single activity happens on the target windows desktop or laptop computer device secretly within no time without them knowing.

Online Offline tracking 

An end user can perform both online and offline monitoring on target windows PC using windows spying software.


End user can use OgyMogy PC monitoring software for windows in order to monitor children digital activities and to monitor Employees Company’s owned windows devices.

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