The Best 17 and 10 Worst Business you can Start in 2019


How can I earn? Here are 17 promising industries, promising millions, and ten industries in which it is useless to launch startups.

Some ideas look quite promising but do not implement into a successful business. Men of enterprise around the world year after year beat their heads against the wall, trying to solve at least one of the business puzzles. Who thinks faster than others, will earn millions.

1. Search Engines

If you are not Google, not Bing, then, as the authors of the article assure you, creating a new competitive search business is almost hopeless. Any attempts to press down the heavyweights of the search industry end in ruin or a modest place on the outskirts of the Internet. Cuil, Wolfram Alpha, and Powerset make good examples.

2. Offline advisory services

The idea looks beautiful. Some people share their tastes and preferences, while others choose only the best products or services based on the recommendations received. Hunch, Get Glue, they are trying to make money on proposals, but it is difficult to call these breakthrough businesses.

3. Local news sites

Of course, you can gather some community around your news portal, and even attract advertising budgets of local companies, but such a startup is unlikely to grow into a big business.

4. Micropayments

Many are trying to sell online content for symbolic amounts, but so far micropayments of expectations do not justify.

5. Attempts to “kill” e-mail

You can try to improve the postal service, but you can hardly kill an e-mail. Even Google Wave did not have enough brawn to bury a familiar email.

6. New car company

World experience suggests that creating a new brand is quite realistic, but to sell a sufficient number of cars is much more difficult. The same Tesla for seven years of its existence sold only 2 thousand electric vehicles.

7. Musical startup

The Internet mercilessly walked through the record industry. Except for iTunes sells music online successfully. Even Amazon earns quite a modest amount of money off music.

8. Attempts to cross the Internet and TV

It is not so easy to combine two entertainment formats into one. Otherwise, the guys from Apple would have long been selling such a product. Boxee, Roku, and even Google are trying to solve this puzzle, but the gap between the Internet and TV is so big that there is no chance to make friends with these formats. By the way, Steve Jobs is sure that the reason for the failures lies in the unwillingness of people to clutter up the place near the TV with another box in the form of a receiver.

9. RSS feeds

RSS is slowly but surely dying. And of the dead say nothing but what is right. In the case of RSS, it is better to keep silent.

10. Products for children and start-ups to relieve parental troubles

Often, entrepreneurs try to create a similar business when they acquire their first children. While caring for a child, they discover thousands of ways to make life easier for young parents, and they are already drawing business plans in their head when it suddenly turns out that the market is quite small and targeted.

That is about the bad, now about the good. Inc publishes a list of the best industries to launch a startup:

1. Recruitment agencies
2. Training of technical specialists
3. Beauty Industry
4. Healthy Snacks
5. Language Schools
6. Car dealers
7. PR agencies
8. Tourism to historical places
9. Clothing and accessories stores
10. Investment and financial consulting
11. Online dating
12. Interactive navigation maps for smartphones and tablets
13. Physiotherapy
14. Environmental consulting
15. Equipment rental for outdoor activities
16. Real estate valuation
17. Eco-friendly toys.

All that is left to do is to choose what is closer to your heart.

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Melisa Marzett is a former journalist and a columnist who is currently working as a writer for cover letter edit services – freelancing for about ten years now. She likes gaining experience in all kinds of matters. She is a curious person who enjoys simple things and is always up for anything.

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