Why Do Bihar Board Students Solve Sample Papers?


One of the most significant resources that help students to study well while revising for the board exams is the sample papers. Class 12 and 10 are both critical for students, as these are the years when public exams are held. The academic future of students is also dependent on their passing the board exams of these particular years, especially.

The results that students get in these years will determine their professional career and higher studies. Mastering tough subjects in Class 10 will help the students to score well in the board exams and also do well in higher classes. For this, students can practise the Bihar Board 10th model paper 2020 and get an idea about what to expect in the board exams.

Benefits of Solving Model Papers

The concepts covered for each subject is dependent on the topics, as per the respective syllabus. Hence, solving more and more model or sample papers will help students to score well in the board exams. Meanwhile, in this article, we have also given below some of the significant benefits of solving these sample papers.

  • Solving the sample papers is the best way to judge the preparation level of the students
  • Based on the knowledge gap and the requirement, students can also study for the exams, accordingly  
  • Solving these papers will help students to improve their performance in the board exams 
  • The model papers are created on the same format as the exam question paper and help to reduce exam stress and fear of students 
  • The papers help to get an overview of the exam pattern, marking scheme and so on 
  • Students can also self analyze their performance before the exam
  • Solving the papers help students to identify mistakes and rectify them before exams 
  • These papers are best for quick revision of the respective subjects for the board exams 
  • Practising these sample question papers help to increase the speed and accuracy of students .

Tips To Get the Most of Sample Papers 

From this article, students will get an idea about the importance of sample papers. Hence, if Class 12 students wish to score well, they can solve the Bihar Board 12th model paper 2020. Solving them will help the students to score high marks in the board exams. Meanwhile, here we have also given some tips on how to best solve these papers:

  • Consider them as equal to exam papers 
  • Write the answers very seriously, as if writing for the board exams 
  • Time the questions and finish them off within the stipulated time  
  • With regular practice, students usually reduce the mistakes they make
  • Students can match the answer keys with the sample papers to see where they have gone wrong 
  • Identifying the mistakes ahead of time ensures that there is no repetition of the same 

From the points mentioned in this article, it is possible to judge the significance of the sample papers. The model papers are thus considered as a great tool to judge the difficulty level of an exam paper.

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