Blogging Tips For Finance Writers

Blogging: Are you a finance writer or beginner blogger, trying to grow your audience? Perhaps you have dreams of writing but are not sure what kind of content to create? Blogging can be a very enjoyable, rewarding, and even lucrative activity, but only if you know what you’re doing. Here are some tips to get you going!

Do Q&As with experts

A great way to appeal to your audience, reinforce credibility, and provide valuable information is through doing Q&As and interviews with experts. Depending on your niche, you might want to consider approaching lawyers, analysts, accountants, financial advisors, and even other bloggers, to diversify your content. Ask them common questions, get them to bust myths, and ask for some tips relevant to their specific area that your audience will find useful. Using experts will also boost traffic as they will likely share the feature, presenting your platform to all their followers. Don’t be shy in approaching people either- most will be flattered you asked and will be happy to chat with you.

Use Specialist sites for information

If you are blogging about a certain sector, you need to be sure you have all the information before you start writing. For example, if you are writing about buying property, a mortgage comparison site such as Trussle can help you create comprehensive guides. By providing information on mortgages from a range of different vendors, including information like rates, fees, and terms, you can present the full picture to your audience. The same process can be applied to sectors like insurance, savings accounts, and other forms of investments. Evaluate what the market has to offer and give your readers a thorough overview.

Diversify Your MultimediaPodcast

Assuming you create written content, have you considered branching out into other forms of media? Podcasts can be a great way to reach new audiences, as can creating YouTube videos, TikToks, or using platforms like Facebook and Instagram. A basic podcast setup can be achieved for under EUR 100 and you can use free platforms like Anchor, Zoom, and Zencastr to record audio remotely. These platforms allow you to conduct interviews and discussions remotely with multiple participants, or to just record yourself. While written content is great, it’s always nice to have other kinds of content available for your clients to consume.

Find Your niche

The financial blogging world is vast and there are many different topics you can consider. The key to your success is not focussing on all of them, but rather drilling down into one specific niche and becoming an expert in it. It’s better to be extremely knowledgeable in 1-3 different areas, rather than not particularly knowledgeable in many. Narrowing down your topics will also allow you to really get to know your target audience. This in turn means more readers and more traffic to your platforms.

Use Problem-Solving approaches

When it comes to financial blogging, a great way to approach your content topics is by presenting explanations or solutions for existing problems. Based on the research you’ve done into your niche, try to identify the main issues, questions, and problems that your target audience has. Then, through your content, provide information that will help them solve the problem. Changes in regulations, economic conditions, new and existing products- expanding on these topics can help your audience make smarter and more informed decisions.

The road to success and blogging stardom can be a long one but by implementing these tips, you can give yourself a good headstart.

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