How to Boost Website Conversions with Great Car Photos

Marketing for cars can be a lot more complicated than advertising other products or services. Unlike food or clothes, for instance, cars are an expensive purchase that happen only once in a few years. Some may even buy just one or two cars in their life. As a result, some car websites end up hardly getting enough traffic. This auto dealerships need to put in more effort into their digital marketing campaigns to entice prospects to follow through with a purchase.

While 95% of car sales happen at car dealerships, prospective customers begin the buyer’s journey online. On the sales funnel, this counts as the interest stage, where customers go through your website and decide whether they’ll visit your showroom. So you’ll need to impress customers with your website through great car photos right from the get-go.

Drive Conversions with Impressive Car Photos

If your website isn’t bringing you the conversions you need, you might want to work on improving your current photos. Here are some tips on how you can step up your car photography game and boost sales:

Show Cars in Action

How to Boost Website Conversions with Great Car Photos photo

Car websites are the best place to show off your car’s performance in various locations and conditions. Showing your cars in action can appeal to users already on the interest stage on the sales funnel. After all, they’re already considering your brand as a solution to their problem.

Having photos of cars interacting with its surroundings is one way to produce eye-catching visuals. Upload photos of your cars in an urban setting to appeal to customers looking for a car to drive to work, for instance. On a similar vein, use photos of your cars being driven on rugged terrains to attract buyers fond of exciting off-road adventures. You may even want to demonstrate the ability of your high-clearance vehicle to ford through the rain with shots of your four-wheelers conquering flooded roadways.

The goal is to encourage visitors to understand the benefits of purchasing your car and how it can help them address their needs.

Showcase Every Angle

How to Boost Website Conversions with Great Car Photos photo

Another reason people visit car websites is to get a clearer picture of the make and model they’re interested in. Present photos of your vehicles from multiple angles so customers can better visualize if they’ll buy it. After all, seeing what the vehicle looks like can help them make the right decision.

There are five main angles that you should have for the cars in your inventory: front 3/4, rear 3/4, full front, rear, and side. These angles can give customers a better idea of what the car looks like from different angles. If you want to show even more details of your cars, include close-up shots of each vehicle’s unique features. If your car has a sunroof or an iconic grill, for example, showcase them through incredible photos.

Post Appealing Interior Shots

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After a potential customer views the exteriors of a car, they’d naturally want to see what the interiors look like. So it helps to post photos of what the interior looks like as well as other accessories including the dashboard, steering wheel, media console, gear stick, and the like. It pays to give customers a glimpse of your vehicle’s interior because some people pay attention to detail, such as the car seat upholstery, for instance. On a similar vein, you’d want to emphasize your car’s cabin space, especially if it’s spacious.

Include Car Models 

How to Boost Website Conversions with Great Car Photos photo

Adding a human element to your website is crucial if you want to hook your target audience’s emotions. You can do this by uploading photos of models posing with your cars. Photos of families smiling with your vehicle could help customers see you as a dealership that offers child-friendly vehicles at a price they can afford, for instance. You might want to take that further and include photos of children having fun with their pets and you’ve got a family-centric website for prospective car buyers.

Satisfied customers might also want to pose with the cars they brought from you. With their permission, you can use these shots on your website. In turn, it can help your brand look more genuine in the eyes of your target audience.

Show Don’t Tell: The Secret to Higher Sales

Creating a website that translates into higher online sales lies in following the show-don’t-tell technique. In this day and age, striking visuals are what appeal to online browsers, and great images can help keep people on your website for longer. A good site shows potential customers how owning one of your cars would make their life so much better.

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