Bringing Change to an Industry: How Do You Start a Resume Writing Service?

Today’s employment market is extremely vibrant. Modern people are more prone to make career changes, and new employers emerge every day with fresh opportunities. Naturally, employment processes get more complicated and technologized because of that. Job seekers open the market for career advice experts and resume writing assistance services. Such services help people craft a winning resume to advance their careers and allow for faster professional progress.

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If you see the opportunity in creating one of the resume companies like a professional resume writing service, it will turn out to be a great global business if the approach is right. So, how do you start a resume writing service? Here are the most important tips on starting a writing service for job applications. Keep them in mind while working on your business plan and designing the service.

How Do You Start a Resume Writing Service? Main Tips

Check out the major tips for establishing and developing a successful writing company.

Finding the niche

First, figure out what your exact writing services will be. It can be either a resume-specific writing service or one with a more diversified portfolio. Keep in mind that the narrower your expertise in the business is, the more trustworthy it looks for people who seek help in resume writing. To avoid being all over the place with writing services, focus on career writing and hone your expertise in the niche. If your customers like the service, they will suggest it to their friends, contributing to your reputation.

Studying your competitors

Resume writing services are not new. Today, there are several strong players in this market. However, it is not a reason to stop with your aspirations, as you can win their audiences with better services. Approach your competitors as a research field. Study their strengths and weaknesses. Then, be sure to imply the best practices you see in your own business, perfecting what has already been invented. Awareness of the competitors’ services is a sure way to your company’s improvements.

Getting on top of the news

As employment markets are vibrant, it is extremely important to keep up with the updates in the industry. As an expert resume writing service, you need to know everything about the latest trends in professions, human resources management, headhunting, and job application etiquette. You need to know the pains and the goals of employers and their potential employees.

Also, your service must know what skills are most demanded today to really help your customers push their careers forward. Finally, express your expertise in your services and communication to cultivate trust in your company.

Training the writers

Naturally, if you are to provide resume writing services, you need to be good at writing. Look for a staff that is versatile. Ideally, your writers must sound exactly like the person applying for the wanted job. To keep up with good writing quality, make sure to train and assess your teams regularly.

It is worth creating a motivation system for the writers to perform better and grow professionally just as well. Additionally, ensure the writers you employ have diverse backgrounds, so you can easily find one to complete a bot-beating resume for specific expertise.

Analyzing the customer experience

Keep in mind that resumes themselves are not the only thing that customers care about. To compete in the resume writing business, you must ensure that the whole customer journey is thought out. It must be easy for a user to find your service, place an order, and receive any additional information they may need.

This way, you will show care to your audience, and they will be more willing to pay you again. It requires training your support team as well as working on the user experience design of your service.

Investing in research

As today’s employment processes are deeply technologized, your company has to know how to use them. Many employers, especially in large companies, use applicant tracking systems to select the best resume, so oftentimes, hiring managers do not even read all the applications. Train your writers to write for ATS bots and work on bot-beating resumes.

Keep track of the most important keywords that make the applications shine. At the same time, the resumes still have to look genuine and engage the reader. Thus, a writing company needs to target writing on both bots and people.

Diversifying services

If you go for career writing in your business, your services must not be limited to resumes and CVs only. Another major part of a successful job application is the cover letter. For that reason, your writers must also be able to write convincing motivational stories and elaborate on one’s professional accomplishments appealingly.

Ideally, a resume writing company must provide all the services necessary for future employees to get invited to the interview. This way, your customers will not need assistance from other writing organizations.

Crafting the custom approach

Every resume and job application is a personal story to some extent. Every person seeking your help has their background, aspirations, goals, and professional qualities. In this business, your job is to approach every customer individually and provide them with the services that will improve their life.

For that reason, every order you complete must be custom. Make sure to consider all the details that the customers provide to fit their original requests. In this business, pre-written templates will not work well, so it is important to write every order from scratch.


Resume writing services is a business with huge potential. Even though a number of companies are working in this business, the niche is expanding. It gives space for more competitors and better profit. How do you start a resume writing service from scratch? Use the best practices of the existing organizations to create a service that beats them.

Finally, make sure to place the customer in the center of whatever strategy you go for in your plan. In the writing business, custom services always win. Pay attention to the experiences your clients get at every step of the order’s formation, execution, and delivery.

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